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We've noticed people using the text versions of the profiles, so unfortunately they aren't going to return to the website.


Things you must remember:

  1. Please fill your profile(s) out completely as best you can, if your stuck think on it in a couple of days.
  2. Please try to be descriptive where such needs to be written about the character. If your profile is incomplete you will be rejected.
  3. When completed put your profile into the join sub-forum and it will be reviewed before moving it onto the roster.
  4. Picture Bases: WXW DOES NOT want a war brewing for picture bases. Therefore, for the remainder of 2020; no one will be allowed to change their current picture bases.
  5. No Hate Policy: WXW DOES NOT condone putting offensive rhetoric or hate material into profiles, anyone who does not abide by this rule will be banned.

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