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Bess • versus • Victoria ScottThe winner joins the Main Event for the vacated World Title briefcase

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Posted 3 weeks ago


Singles Match

Bess • versus • Victoria Scott

The winner will join the Main Event for the vacated WXW World Championship briefcase.

#2 Stella Major

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Yes we wanted a first reaction of Bess after the match.But were stopped from security Why no clue ? So we went back yeh got a sms message from Bess later. I,m in the hotel are too upset to talk emotions going through my head. Do she got mood swings we asked ourself ?


Ok we were invited drink a cup coffee  the next morning with bess. She sat on the table we could not put stuff up. So is done with a smartphone sorry.




 Men grab a chair. yes coffee is coming. Sorry for yesterday but was too emotional to talk face to face.

Do I know who victoria scott is sure was earlier this season with her in the ring. She likes to trash talk girl do what want.

You can talk and when want do the walking. You are a snake in the grass a girl who will do anything to win.

Yes I do know the spitulation off the match hope she do too?


The coffee came we start drinking. Yes bess had cold her coat stay on or was differt reason ?She stay a mysterie who she is now ?

Yeh we know former model a mma background, second generation wrestler need know more ?




Men when coffee is up we go. Yes did keep my coat on. We go to the gym for a reason.

I need do some weight lifting. Yes right need lift victoria up and need strenght. Are strong but miss scott ain,t a lightweight haha !

Yeh during training in playbox inc gym we do fitmess. When was a model learning self defence never hit the weights.


Yes we arrived after 15 minutes at a gym we looked around. Meanwhile bess went in dressingroom to put her gym outfit on.

When we looked she has tight ass she was lifting weights. Better then ask one of us to get lifted haha.

She stopped when was enough grab a towel. She was sweating.  she got air enough to talk. Blur a bit her female forms were too see.





I wanna say this about the match ! Do I win ok did proven I,m better. Do I lose get a re-match with Christianna Tiger.

A match I think miss tiger want to proof my winn was luck? I wanna win but do I lose get a match we both wanted deep in our heart.


Bess signal over grab a dieet coke and  hit shower. We went away had edit and look what we could use? In coffeeshop was only light from outside.

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Posted A week ago

"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott of The Bloodline is seen sitting outside on her front steps of her home 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:You know i'm really sick and damn tired of being told over and over...You need to be better...you need to show more effort 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Now the fact that i have up to two matches at the pay per view don't phase me but it pisses me off that i'm not allowed to talk about both of them at the same time 


 "The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Management wants to tell me how i should do my own job but the last time i checked...They were not me


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Last time i checked...Their names weren't "The Bombshell" Victoria Scott


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Let's talk about my change in atittude and it's because of you fans and our management team that consists of Charlie Feigel,Michael Maddox and WXW's newest authority figure The Enforcer 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Now they want to up and screw not only me but the rest of The Bloodline 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:I know you idiots are probably going how are they doing that??


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:First off they are screwing me by making face Bess to earn a shot at the world title briefcase 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Second if i lose then i have to face some little bitch named Christianna Tiger 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott chuckles 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:But on the flip side when i win.....i get to face Rachel Storm,Ms,McJames and Justice Orton and that will be for the Vacated WXW World Championship Briefcase


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Here in lies the problems i have with this match....#1 none of those pieces of shit earned it and #2 No one cares about those three 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:But i will get on to that situation later because right now i am here to talk about Bess 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:See WXW Management thinks that i get shit handed to me when i am out here day in and day out training and busting my ass while i get shafted each and every card just like this one...See i have to go through you then i have to go through three other bitches to win what i deserve


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott pauses 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:They think The Bloodline faction gets handed stuff but in reality its other people who get handed stuff...


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott pauses 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:You want to talk about someone being handed something....Let's look at Lindsey Calaway,Val Valour and Jennifer Enigma....They got handed the faction championships and they didn't earn them...They didn't win a match or a tournament to win them...They were handed the championships because they were the last team to hold them before management decided "oh WXW has too many championships" so what did they do...They dropped the championships from the fed then then decided to bring the titles under a new name and management just hands Freaks and Geeks the faction titles


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Another reason why we changed our attitude is because we got tired of getting treated like a fucking welcome mat and not as a force in this company like they used to treat us 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Another thing that made us change out tune is the royal screwing management has decided that Aliyah and Gabrielle will go against all three members of The Russo Dynasty 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:They also have banned all members of The Bloodline in the goddess championship match which i might add is a open invitational and that baffles the shit out of me...How can you actually ban someone from an open invitational challenge match?? last time i looked it up....An open Invitational match means its open to anyone who wishes 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Let's not forget a certain boss actually threatened to fire whoever showed up from The Bloodline 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott stands and and walks over to her car and she looks at the camera 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Bess....Prepare for the death of your fucking career...You have the bosses to thank for me killing your career 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Bess....It's nothing personal 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott looks away from the camera and she looks down at the ground then she smiles evilly then she looks back into the camera 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Bess....actually It is personal because you are standing in the way of me winning the world title briefcase 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Bess you are going to be in a world of hurt when i get done whooping your ass 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Bess see you at Hell Has Frozen over 


"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott turns the camera off 


Scene Fades 

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Posted A week ago

Yes it ain,t  your tv we had blur a few moments we are men who don,t care be seen just out bed.

What was case we mated a skybe link with the bedroom off Bess ok. Only forgot how late was really? Yes bess we mated awake and she was in her nightwear no maup up. Let,s say political correct saw much of Bess.


We took some minuts Bess put something on and quick brushing off her hair. We came back and Bess stated talking.




Men do know anything about sleeping habits off a woman no. But I am here awake and will talk.

Yes I was a model and shown my body in ads. But never without showing to much or without maup.

You ask yourself what,s problem? simple this is a private moment not a planned moment. So I couldn,t be 100% the bess the fans know.


We shown her the clip off her opponent she put on some glasses to see better. Yes she reacted can we say.




Victoria you talk the talk do feel pity with you No. Let,s keep it clean meaning no foul langue.

You don,t care for me what,s ok. You promise kick my ass would say come on girl. Do I lose I welcome the chance face  christianna tiger. She is maybe new but shown more respect then you ever did. Let,s say I would win I face three other ladies win or lose would do my best. That ain,t something you think need do seeing your rambeling !


We were really suprised Bess stay calm not using any dirty f off s words. Yes she took few moments to change in a jeans and tight blouse.


Bess. Yes I feld a bit like street walker to use a nice word for it. Do I care win or lose Yes. Do I care when my opponent get too rowdy and has correct her why not ? This is a important wrestling match not a brawl breaking out in kindergarden. Yes before became a model wanted be a kindergarden teacher. But I couldn,t smack these kids around like still in 2020 happen in kindergarden.


We said goodbye to Bess got feeling the conversation was going wrong way Bye.

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