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Necra's Entrance

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The  house lights go down, and a gold and blue lights go over the crowd. "Castratikon" by Dethklok begins to play over the loud speakers. The tron over the stage comes to life with scenes of what appears to be a summoning circle in the middle of a vast field. Flames run around the circle as the scene changes to a temple where followers lay on the floor and we see Necra standing in the middle of them. She looks up at the camera as her eyes flash red before switching to scenes of her matches, her wins and title wins. On the stage flames run down either side of the ramp way, as the sound of a motorcycle is heard. On the stage we see Necra on the back on Ex's bike, with her hands wrapped around his waist. He rides down the ramp way with the flames roaring on either side of them. He goes around the ring and soon comes to a stop at the edge of the ramp way. Necra climbs off of the back of the bike, and removes the black leather jacket she wore and tosses it to Ex before she walks up the stairs, and stands in the middle of the ring, She raises her arms, and and lighting hits each of the ring posts and they erupt into flames as she walks to the corner and waits for the match to begin.


(character: Necra Octavian Kane) x1


(character: Necra Octavian Kane) x1


(character: Necra Octavian Kane) x1

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