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Angel Rose Fuerte

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Posted 25 January 2020 - 04:11 PM

wrestlername. Angel Rosa Fuerte.

 Nickname. The Bad Angel,La Caliente  Piemento.

Height. 5.11

weight. 200 

Born in Mexico City lives now in Los Angeles. is 45 born.6 may 1978

Making her debut. 11-5-1985.

Aligment. a rudo yes rulebreaker.  Yes she will cheat to win.


Motivation. passion, financial gain ,platform.

Gimmick. A masked bad woman  bend the rules when needed.

Pic base. prinsesa Sugey style. lucha libre.

Ring attire. Black boots,bodysuit,black mask.


Entrancetheme. Gypsy Rhythm of Rauel Orella (7inch)

Description. Music start not loud a masked woman run off ramp. Music get louder she jump on apron. Go in ring music stop when stand in a corner.


Bio. Who she is a veteran very good trained. Come out retirement for second time. Yes work at playbox inc office speak 3 languages  but which ?


Moves set


Corkscrew 630 senton off ropes.

Corkscrew body block.

Corscrew plancha

One legged Boston crab.

handspring enzuigiri.

Monkey flip .

Handspring reversed hurricarana.

gaint swing

Hooking arm drag.

Springboard cross body.

Springboard back elbow

Springboard headscissor takedown.

Back slide.

Bow &Arrow submission.

Moonsault. off ropes.

Sunset flip .off the ropes.

suicide dive.

octopus lock.

basement dropkick.

jumping clothesline.

swanton powerbomb.




finishers. Tornado ddt/hammerlock small package/tiger suplex.


Yes looked and looked find these moves used from latino wrestlers or luchadores.

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