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Isabella Winters-Bliss

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Isabella Winters


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Posted 4 weeks ago

Picture Base/CAW Description:Mickie James 



Ring Name:Isabella Winters 

Nicknames (If Applicable):"The Snow Queen" 

Real Name:Isabella Crystal Winters-Bliss

Birthday: March 25, 1997


Debut Date:TBD 




Hometown/Billed From: London, England, Now Resides in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Alignment/Disposition (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):

- [x] Babyface
- [x] Ruthless Heel

Tendency to Cheat (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):

- [x] Sometimes
- [x] Rarely

Motivation to Compete (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):
- [x] Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat.
- [x] Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best.
- [x] Punishment; they fight as a way to unleash their frustrations. They just want to hurt people.
- [x] Platform; they want fame and believe using fighting as a stepping stone is the way to go.

Personality: Tough but yet flirty. 


Fighting Style: all arounder

Wrestler similar to:Mickie James 


Signature Match: cage match

Favorite Weapons: Chairs, kindo stick
•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•
[ • R I N G S I D E . I N F O R M A T I O N • ]
•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•

Entrance Music: Be My Lover by La Bouche

Entrance Description:  Be My Lover  hits the speakers as Tia Love appears on stage. She walks down the ramp with a serious determined look on her face. She climbs up the steps to the ring and steps between the top and middle rope.  She walks to the closest turnbuckle and climbs it as she raises both hands in the air. She then gets down off of that turnbuckle and walks over to the turnbuckle that is diagonally across from the one she just came down from. Once again Tia climbs up the turn buckle and raises her hands about her head as she screams. 

Ring Attire:  different styles of wrestling tights like Mickie James 

•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•
[ • I N . R I N G . I N F O R M A T I O N • ]
•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•

Signature Move(s):running clothesline and bulldog

Primary Finisher: Falling Snow-Attitude Adjustment-

Secondary Finisher(s): Heartstopper. Knees to chest with opponent upside down in turnbuckle

Special Finisher: Frozen Cross( Crossface)

•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
[ • C O M P E T I T O R ' S . B I O G R A P H Y • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•

Biography: Isabella grew up as the youngest of five children. She went to high school with fellow WXW wrestler Summer Bliss. Both ladies talked about going into wrestling but after high school they lost contact with each other. Just recently they reconnected and Summer found out that she did train to become a wrestler and had come interview with WXW.  Before reconnecting with Summer Isabella had a rough time. She lost her mother to a senseless crime. She was in and out of abusive relationships where she learned to hone her skills to defend herself. She moved to Myrtle Beach South Carolina to get a fresh start on life. To have a new beginning and to try and forget all the abuse she has taken. She is lovely to look at her and she can be a great friend but once you cross her the wrong way then forget it as you will have woken her dark side.  



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