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Jennifer Enigma (Updated)


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Posted 26 April 2018 - 06:54 PM

Character Name
"Your Dark Mistress The Demon Witch" Jennifer Enigma
Transylvania Romania
Entrance Music
Favored Weapon
A Barbed Wire Staff names "Stitches"
Picture Base
AJ Lee/AJ Lee with Demonic Face Paint
Played By
Finishers (Up to three, please include base move name as well)
Finisher 1:The Black Dahlia(AJ Lee's Black Widow Submission Hold)
Finisher 2:Danse Macabre(Cyclone Unprettier)
Finisher 3:The Mistress Comes Crashing Down or MCCD(Flying Top Rop Headbutt)
Signature Moves (Up to five)
Signature 1:Black Out(Spinning Round House Kick)
Signature 2:Dahlia Dust(Enigma spits a red liquid into the eyes of her opponent and then nails thunderous neck breaker on her opponent)
Signature 3:My Mistress(Running Spinning Headscissors Float over Tornado DDT)
Signature 4:The Demon Buster(Bronco Buster)
Signature 5:Demonic Plague(Suicide Dive or Diving Cross body to outside opponent)
Moveset (Minimum 20, Maximum 30)
Move 1:Snap Suplex
Move 2:DDT
Move 3:Bitch Slap
Move 4:Low Blow
Move 5:Trapping Headbutt's
Move 6:Scoop Slam
Move 7:Standing Dropkick
Move 8:Head Scissor Taketown
Move 9:Hurricarana
Move 10:Frankensteiner
Move 11:Superplex
Move 12:Dragon Sleeper
Move 13:Fujiware Armbar
Move 14:Germam Suplex
Move 15:Chops
Move 16:Running Clothesline
Move 17:STO
Move 18:Eye Rake
Move 19:Running Bulldog
Move 20:Diving Leg Drop
Move 21:Double Footstomp
Move 22:Double Knee's to Stomach Cornered Opponent
Move 23:Moonsault from Third Rope to Outside
Move 24:Pendulum Backbreaker
Move 25:Buzzsaw Kick to back of Opponents Head on knee's
Move 26:Misslile Drop Kick
Move 27:Side Effect
Move 28:Tarantula
Move 29:Pile Driver
Move 30:Mounted Position Punching.
Description of Entrance
 A Demon's Fate by  Within Temptation blasts over the PA Systems as the crowd boos and Jennifer comes out on stage with her barbed wire staff and then looks at the fans and then takes her time going down the ramp as the crowd boos loudly she then makes her way to the ring and starts prancing around the ring and then smiles sadistically at the crowd as she sits on the ropes and awaits the start of the match.

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