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Bess past.

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#1 Stella Major

Stella Major

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Posted 03 October 2019 - 04:18 PM

Let,s talk about Bess past or history. Why we saw her fight and the attack had result on possible re-match clause. Sorry just hear Ain,t one !


Ok we saw a big woman 5.9 170 but has she always be so or do bess been before WXW doing differt things ? We have searched and found out Bess ain,t new in business second generation.


Let,s put record straight she ain,t coming out super rich family and that lost her dad 16 years ago had nothing do with too.


Bess been a bikini model  yes was then skinner and put plain uglier then now. Yes she did only the magazine,s in Los Angeles arena.

No shoots in say Texas or Vermont only in sunny Los Angeles arena. But there is more can tell you..


Being a Thomas she knew would be a possible victim so took martial arts classes. Yes she ain,t sure do know enough to defend herself in a situation a 100% mma fighter will she never be.

It did help her getting rowdy guys off her or learn a photograph she ain,t a prey ot slut who is willing.



Some saw her as a mountain lion protecting herself and others who needed it. Yes when she was ready did stop with modeling and join the rest on wrestling school.. Don,t think was easy to be daughter off or niece of Tum Tum.


Yeh we know now that Bess ain,t a kitten to scratch under the chin haha. She is maybe a show-off but earn her stripes.

#2 Stella Major

Stella Major

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Posted 11 December 2019 - 08:17 AM

Bess do know she is better outside the ring. The times other wimen came to her ask for advice.

Yes advice how to show there assets but sure also when were somewhere how to behave. What is difficult in this biz.


The fans buy the tickets but when are shopping with your friend/husband what muar do ?

Most off time Bess knew a answer growing up with fans . Or trainers were told you what to wear.


Bess had tough a moment after reading christiana tiger story but life go further.

Do it mean don,t feld sadness sure she was sad but has go further.


Yeh we saw the wrestler Bess enough time but  there is the bit funny bess too.

Like time she went to waffle house and crew was after it so full that skipped meals.


The fans most male wanna see bess private but playbox inc pr section has told us  no way.

No wrestlers at pool  or in  nightwear we forbid our clients do pose in public.


We think who lead playbox inc pr section lives in 60,s see enough females in bikini?

Bess can be sure will not pose in bikini has done in past enough.

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