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Serenity Hunter • versus • The Black Widow

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Singles Match

Serenity Hunter • versus • The Black Widow

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The first scene is seen taking place inside of the New York City, New York apartment of the woman who is known in the Women ExTreme Wrestling federation as "Lady Huntress" Serenity Hunter. She has signed at the wrestling federation ready to show the entire roster what she is made of. She is a hard worker as always. She was seen waking up and making herself a cup of coffee to drink. She looked up at the ceiling and said to herself while not only sipping from her coffee cup but also wearing her light blue pajamas since it was getting somewhat cooler in weather.

"Lady Huntress" Serenity Hunter: Devilyn, my brother. I really do miss you all so much! You would have been so very much proud of me following in the family wrestling footsteps. You wrestled, then my older sister, Destiny, who is still a wrestler. Now little me! I will make you all so very much proud of me. I'm getting ready to go to my brand new show, Flashpoint's arena to go check out the new card. Wish me all of the luck in universe.

She was seen going to her bedroom and get her bags packed. She decided to change into a warmer pair of black jeans, a Bad Wolves shirt and black tennis shoes. She also was seen wearing a pair of black socks to keep her feet warm. Before she left her apartment, she decided to go onto the WXW website to see where she needed to go to. She called Delta Airlines and booked her flight to take her to Sin City itself: Las Vegas, Nevada. She left her apartment and got into a taxi to take her to LaGuardia International Airport so that she will not be late for her debut at WXW. She was seen boarding her airline carrier and got buckled in her seat. The first scene was seen ending as her flight was seen leaving and up in the air.

About a good three and a half hours later, she was seen arriving at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. She got out of the Delta Airlines carrier and go to baggage claim to get her bags. After she did just that, she decided to go straight to her brand new show arena which was called The Boneyard formerly known as The Pit. She was getting somewhat nervous but at the same time, she was also seen getting so very much excited to be making her debut. She got inside of the Lyft and went to the arena. When she got to the arena, she thanked the driver and was seen getting out of the Lyft and get her bags. She walked right up to where the superstars go to. She showed the head of security her worker id and her backstage pass to let them know who she was. The security guard let her in and wished her luck in her debut. She thanked them and walked right inside of the arena. She stopped by and looked at the card to notice that she will going to be shown in the Mid card section meaning that she will be able to be seen on TV a lot more. That made her so very much happy. She seen that her debut opponent was a woman who is known as The Black Widow. She said to herself as she was seen walking into her locker room.

"Lady Huntress" Serenity Hunter: WXW, my name is Serenity Hunter and I am so very much thrilled to show you all who I am. My late brother, Devilyn wrestled in many arenas. After that, my older sister, Destiny decided to get into wrestling and she still is wrestling still to this day. Now, it's my turn to show you all who I am and what I am very much capable of doing. To my opponent, The Black Widow. I am very not afraid of you. Fear is never in my vocabulary at all. I am fearless. You will not trap me in your wicked web. My name is not Charlotte at all! I'm Serenity Hunter and I can't wait to hunt you down. You claim to be a psycho? Well, I really don't mind getting a little crazy myself. That is one of the things that keeps me very much alive. You "kisses" may be dark but you will not " get your yucky lips" on me. You also may try to " kill" me with your venom? You are sure as hell are not Poison Ivy! Hunting season is going to be in full swing and you are in my sights. Time for me to capture you in my special web. I see you later. Ta! Ta!

She was seen evily smiling and laughing at the same time. She was seen finishing getting dressed in her ring attaire which was a pair of black shorts, a Godsmack shirt and black shoes. She put on light purple lipstick and wore a black/white bandana to keep her hair in place. She heard her theme song, I Bring The Darkness (End of Days) by Tommy Vext blasting throughout the PA system. She said a prayer and was seen going to the place where the superstars was seen leaving the backstage area and go to the ring. She is ready to show WXW why she is a hard worker.

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