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The Fallen © • versus • The Oriental Sisters w/Bess • versus • The Bloodline

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Posted 3 weeks ago


WXW Tag Team Championships

Triple Jeopardy Tag Team Match

The Fallen © • versus • The Oriental Sisters w/Bess • versus • The Bloodline

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Posted 2 weeks ago

It,s a few days  after last Best of three. Bess is medical clearned but for training not competing. So is ok that will be on ringside.


We were picked up from a location. The windows of the van were dark but we feld was not long drive. We arrived without our stuff at a white house.

No we got all we need hired we think looked used haha. Were were we a house from a family member of Suzuki sisters.


There will been security but we didn,t seen them. Or had be the ladies in white eyening us from balcony ?

Rena Suzuki would talk to us we were brought to call living room.  She let us put up our stuff poor in the tea.


Rena. Before start to talk about wrestling related topics this. Yes mum was with us two in Japan finding our background.

Yes there was a confrontation with some goons. But I don,t wanna talk about it.


Rena. Bess was attacked and Brainna from whoever. Yes we had a talk with managment bloodline nor we had hire anybody to interfere.

Bloodline you lost  we go agiangst the Fallen. You will get your title shot down the road.


We looked around let,s say who live here ain,t super rich nor very poor. Ok back to Rena our tea was cold..

Leila just arrived sat in a chair but said no word.


Rena. Yes under-way from arena  to here did watched tapes of the fallen. And yes we seen enough to know has get more hours   weightlifting or whatever.

But sure enough extra hours getting coached how to get the fallen down on the mat. Yes ladies you two are good but we ain,t bad neither.


Leila came to us and sat next to her sister took it over.


Leila, First we have met the Fallen  when we came in WXW. Miss Dread and the white witch Kane weren,t welcoming us. No problem we know who you are. And be sure you two will seen us in action too.

But sorry sis when we can beat japanese goons with knives. I think we make a chance to let the fallen feel who we are.


A alarm was going ladies in white came took us to van we drove away. We heard guns were the Oriental Sisters in danger ?

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Posted A week ago

The following announcement has been paid for by the women behind the steal curtain and there isn’t anything the WXW can do to stop it!

In the basement of the Boneyard arena, Rena Williams is being surrounded by four masked women dressed in all black.

Rena Williams- This is Rena Williams reporting live from the basement of the Boneyard. I’ve been requested to read a statement from the ladies standing besides me.

The four masked women nod in a agreement while Rena places a piece of paper in her vision as one of them grabs the microphone from her and places the mic in front of her face.

Rena Williams- Hello world. We hope to find all of you in good spirits because we are doing splendidly. Over the last couple weeks we have gone to various WXW events and have introduced ourselves. We hope we’ve made an impression since you have all made an impression on us. Now, we have yet to congratulate the new WXW World Champion. Congratulations, sweetie. We might be seeing you real soon. That is if you dare to show up and actually compete in an WXW ring instead of just being handed things. That must be real nice. Necra not you, your little partner Elena or anyone else in this company will be safe from us. We will complete our mission in the WXW no matter who we have to roll over and trust me we will roll over anyone and everyone who dares to get in our way as well as a few who don’t get in our way. You pathetic bitches in the WXW cannot hold a candle to us in any way. We are the class athletes and women in this world.

As Rena finishes the statement the four ladies in the masks walk away as Rena looks on with a confused look on her face.

The proceeding announcement has been paid for by the women behind the steal curtain. #That just happened WXW. #Your move! #That’s if you can keep up.
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Posted A week ago

After Flashpoint.......Briana Scott & Piper Scott &  "The Bombshell" Victoria Scott of The Bloodline are seen exiting the trainers office after being look at by WXW Chief of Medical Dr.Ashley Moore & WXW Head Trainer Dr. Rebekah Stanton and they sees WXW Co-Owner Michael Maddox in the hallway as the trio walk over to them 
Briana Scott:Hey Boss man...We need to talk now 
Piper Scott:What the fuck was that bullshit?? Are you kidding me??
Michael Maddox? Wasn't my doing
Mike sighs
Michael Maddox: However I do agree wtih you
Briana Scott:We got attacked by a bunch of masked freaks as did Bess and The International sisters....
Piper Scott:And they get announced as the winners?? Are you kidding me....Last time i checked..that should have been a no contest
"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:If you are the decent man that Mike says you are then you would add my sisters into this match
Briana Scott:If you agree with what happened then you should be able to make that call...I mean you are 50 % owner...Right
Piper Scott:Are you going to let your co-owner make all the decisions ??
Michael Maddox: I cannot change the outcome of the match because it was the referees decision after all but I can allow you to have the next title opportunity if that is what you wish or a rematch against your prievious opponents
Briana Scott and Piper Scott look at each other then look back at their boss Michael Maddox
Briana Scott:What you could do is the smart thing and that's make the match a triple threat match
Piper Scott:To be honest...WE never even got the rematch for the titles after we lost in the first place..so i think we are owed
Briana Scott:I'm beginning to think Mike was wrong about you
Michael Maddox: Wrong about me? Point is you have plenty of of opportunity don't come to me and start bad mothing me  Why would I give you something if you don't have anything to offer me?  A little truth dont insult the person you need to help ya.
"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott backs Briana Scott and Piper Scott up
"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Mike..I'm sorry about Briana...She's kind of a hot head and doesn't really let her brain do her talking for her....All my sisters are asking for is what they earned...They didn't win or lose that match just like you agreed ...That finish screwed my sisters and all they are asking for is to be in the Tag Team Championship match
Michael Maddox: All I want is one thing from you ladies. Nah it ain't what you probably are thinking what i am going to ask.  But  I want you to improve and hone your skills in ring. Try harder and then thing  better things will come for you and your sisters.  So if you can agree to that  then I will add you into  the tag team match. Is that a deal?
Mike smiles
MIchael Maddox: You are beautiful and young and have a bright future ahead of you
Piper Scott and Briana Scott smirk at Michael Maddox
Piper Scott:That's all we do...24/7/365...We train our asses off...Night and day...we are always training...In Phiily,In Boston,In Las Vegas and anywhere we can ...
Briana Scott:Piper and I aren't former tag team champions by fluke and we held them pretty long too 
Michael Maddox: Then are work my work here is done now if you gals  would just do  a nice spin for me and exit you are in that tag team match for the tag titles good luck.  I have work In which I must attend.
Briana Scott:First...May i say something to you
Michael Maddox Of course
Briana Scott:I'm Sorry i snapped on you...Just the getting screwed over and getting attacked...my mind was still in rage mode
Michael Maddox: It is alright no big deal
Briana Scott extends her hand out to Michael Maddox
Maddox Extends his hand out to Briana 
Briana Scott shakes his hand
Briana Scott:Thank you
Michael Maddox: Your welcome
Briana Scott,Piper Scott &  "The Bombshell" Victoria Scott of The Bloodline walk away as they walk down the hallway and walk into the locker room
Scene Fades 
Scene 2
Briana Scott,Piper Scott &  "The Bombshell" Victoria Scott of The Bloodline walk into The Pit as they walk around and they look at the match card and see that they Michael Maddox has added them to the Tag team Championship Match then they see Patricia Clarke walking over to them as she looks confused to why they are there 
Patricia Clark:I am standing here with The Scotts who were just added to the tag team title match by Michael Maddox earlier in the evening. Now Ladies. What did you do to get into this title match? You didn’t just ask Maddox and he gave it to you? Maddox has been known to be a man whore did he try anything with you?
Briana Scott:Yes...We asked to be included because that last match was a screw up by an idiot ref who made disqualifed us when we were also attacked byup call and Michael Maddox agreed to it and he added us into the match because we deserved it
Piper Scott:We're not whores...We don't give up our bodies for a championship match
Patricia Clark:Reina Williams instilled herself into the match with an unknown assailant? You have any doubts about taking the tag team gold home with this new team being added to the match as well as you?
Briana Scott:Who is that?? oh you mean the twisted bitch who has been having four masked bitches attack us for whatever reason...We have no idea but we are going to handle them the way we knows best and that's in the ring
Piper Scott:Let me tell little miss Reina something....
Piper Scott turns and looks into the camera and snatch the microphone from Patricia Clarke
Piper Scott:You 5 bitches have been getting into our god damn business for too god damn long and soon enough you will get yours
Patricia Clark:Do You think you have what it takes against the reigning defending Tag Team Champs The Fallen? 
Briana Scott:Really...That's your question.....We are former tag team champions....We beat a hell of a team for them and just like this show...it looks like we are going to have to beat three teams
Piper Scott:See what we are going 
Patricia Clark :Any last words for your opponents?
Briana Scott:It's going to be great to get our championships back
Piper Scott:See what we are going to beat all of their asses then we will become the first ever two time tag team champions 
Briana Scott and Piper Scott W/"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott walk away 
Scene Fades

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Posted A week ago

The following announcement has been paid for by the women behind the steal curtain and there isn’t anything the WXW can do to stop it!




The phone inside Piper Scott's home and it goes to voicemail. A woman's voice starts to leave a message. The caller is using something to make her voice unrecognizable.



Woman:Hello Ms. Scott. Even though you don't know who I am I know who you are. You mistakenly said in an interview Patricia Clark that her colleague Rena Williams was one of us. You clueless bitch! Did Rena state that she was with us? Did she confront you for your wrong doings? Ms. Williams was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and she got rewarded with reading our message to the masses. Do yourself a favor and do some actual homework before you open your mouth and show people your ignorance. 



Woman:Touche on begging your way to a tag team title chance. I suppose it is better than spending time on your back to get another shot at the titles. Just remember Bloodline: All eyes will be on you as you get this chance to become two time World Tag team Champions. We might just be watching from a very close proximity. You might even interact with us in the locker room before Flashpoint. You just never know.



There is then a click on the line and a dial tone.



The proceeding announcement has been paid for by the women behind the steal curtain. #That just happened WXW. #Your move! #That’s if you can keep up.

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Posted A week ago

We gonna talk with Bess not the Oriential Sisters. Why there is reason for. Who rememer our run from last meeting ? Yes gun fire we were escorted to our van.

Lucky enough the Oriental Sisters did run to there rented four wheel driven truck and gone. Were are the O Sisters on safe place ? Bess is waiting on safe place outside the arena.


Bess. I,m here to talk that WXW security is here ok. Yes the park is nice but is cold so walk. Yes O Sisters wanted be here but managment forbid it them.


Bess. The Fallen be sure they will be there. I will be on ringside for aid when get out of hand. The O sisters need face two teams.

But can get a brawl when masked team put there nose in our business.


Yes it is a fact most can,t understand the Bloodline forced themself in the title match. Bess had say something about it listen.


Bess.Yes it did pissed us off. That Scott sisters don,t accept a no. Do we see a problem yes.

Elena&Necra you were happy during contract signing don,t think not now. You were ready to take Oriental Sisters to vampire city.

But like all could see the Bloodline forced them self in the match you will feel it 123 .


Bess wanted away she didn,t feld safe so we ended our meeting. Was good  a bomb later exploded were we were walking.

The masked group mated clear nobody was safe that is true or a bold statement.

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Posted A week ago

Act 1: A Champion Twice Over


"I've finally got what I wanted... But why does it feel so shallow? I know I wanted it, and I got it... But then again... I do have what I want... And that's all that matters."



The scene opens on the beautiful city of New York. The city itself was full of life, and the traffic moved quickly through the streets, while people crowded the sidewalks. The smells from the local restaurants mingled together, only to mix with the smell of the harbor. The lights of the city were dulled by the bright afternoon sun,  while the sound of birds that sat in the trees that lined the side streets, mixed with the sound of the traffic, and sirens that echoed through the city. The camera moves along the streets and soon comes to a stop on a tall high rise. The camera moves up the building and soon comes to a stop on the penthouse. The camera moves to the interior of the the penthouse where we see the sandstone walls with the hieroglyphics telling the story of the Goddess that lived within the walls. The bright colors seemed to almost shimmer and life like as the camera pans over them. The black marble floors shimmered in the late afternoon sun that streamed through the tall windows that lined one side of the wall. The sound of voices could be heard coming from another room, down a long hallway and into a massive black floored kitchen, with silver colored appliances.  The walls were done in white with flecks of black splattered through it. We see Necra, dressed in a purple tye dyed shirt with the words, "I'M MORE THAN A QUEEN" on the front, and on the back "I'M A GODDESS!" A pair of tight pants that showed off her butt perfectly. Her long raven hair draped down her back, and her eyes seemed to sparkle in the bright light as she leaned against the counter.  Johnny and Ex sat on the tall black stools that sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen, both drinking a beer and relaxing after a long flight from Scotland.


Johnny: It's good to be back in the good ol' US of A.


Ex: I hear ya.


Necra: I have to admit it is good to be home.


Johnny: How does it feel to be a double champ?


Necra: It feels like I'm on cloud nine. I mean I've worked my way to the top and yet I'm still being accused of just being handed the title.


Ex: It is kind of strange, but then again... Hey two titles are better than one.


Necra smiles.


Necra: True. I have to say I'm happy, and I'm not going to let either one go for as long as I can.


Johnny: Damn right.


Necra sighs, and looks around the kitchen.


Necra: It's October and I'm not even ready for Halloween...


Johnny: Isn't that like everyday for you two?


Ex: Well yeah, but we usually have wherever we are decorated. This is her holiday.


Johnny: Well hell if you want a pumpkin, I know a place we can go. We'll have to fly to Virginia, but it's worth it.


Necra: Alright lets go.


Johnny: Hell yeah!


Voice: Where are we going?


Necra walks out of the room, smiling all the while, as the scene fades to black.





Layman Family Farms

Montvale Virginia




The scene opens on the beautiful Virginia countryside. The vast fields stretched out as far as the eye could see. The bright blue sky seemed to frame the scene beautifully almost like it was a painting that could be found in a museum. The sound of a car is soon heard moving a long stretch of empty road, and soon we see a rather large farm at the end of a dirt road. This Layman Family Farms, and they were in the midst of holding their annual Fall Festival. The car soon stops and out steps Necra, Ex, Johnny, and Sothren. She looks around and smiles taking a deep breath as they head for the entrance. They pass through the entrance and soon they see a vast field, that stretched out before them. The smell of diesel from the tractors that pulled the little kids train drifted on the air, mixing with the smell of of kettle corn popping, and funnel cakes being made. Necra looks around with wide eyes as she spots a sign for the corn maze.


Ex: I haven't been in a corn maze in a long time.


Soth: That's for sure. I haven't been to anything like this in forever!


Johnny: Let's go then.


Necra nods, following behind them. They reach the maze and soon head to the entrance.







They start making their way through the maze and soon come to a fork in the maze.


Necra: Which way?


Johnny: I say left.


Ex: I do too...


Soth: I say right...


Johnny: Of course you would.


Ex: What about you Necra?


Ex: He looks around and sees that she's gone. He shrugs, and the three of the stand at the fork. Somewhere in the maze Necra makes her way through. She hears whispers from somewhere beyond the tall stalks, but tries to ignore them as she goes.


Necra: Well, well, well... Instead of facing off against one team for our tag titles we will be facing off against two loser teams. First off, the Oriental Sisters? Really? What do you really think you can do against us. You haven't had any real matches in WXW, let alone have any chance of standing against Elena and I. When we took these titles we said we would not let them go without a fight, and you two are not even a true threat, let alone a fight. You think you're ninjas or something, and I really don't see it. Who in their right mind would even consider you a contender for the tag titles? Have you even won a match? Who have you faced? Maybe they just felt sorry for you and thought you could stand to get your hopes up and think you could win. I mean that's what I would do.


She laughs as she rounds the corner, and hits a dead end.


Necra: Whoops! Wrong turn. I guess I got distracted. As for the Bloodline, you had to go to Maddox and kiss his ass so you wouldn't be left out. Pathetic. You could have waited but then again you don't seem like the patient kind. Didn't we already beat your asses already? Or was that someone else? I mean all of you little wannabes start to look alike after a while anyway. I'm not sure why I should even be addressing you, because like the Oriental Sisters you really don't deserve to even face us. You are nothing compared to the likes of me and Elena! You had to whine to get into this match, and that just made it all that much more underhanded and pitiful. Did you promise to suck off Maddox to get a spot? I mean hell he would probably jump at that chance wouldn't he?


She smiles as she comes to another crossroad and looks both ways before turning to the right, and continuing along the pathway. She catches movement out of the corner of her eye and sighs but continues until she comes across a staircase leading up onto a platform that over looks the corn maze.


Necra: Where did those three get to?


She scans the maze and sees them heading toward where she is. She leans against the railing and smirks.


Necra: I love this time of year. The weather starts to get colder, Halloween is just a few weeks, and the veil is starting to thin. I know people like you don't believe in such things, but I've experienced it first hand and do every day of my life. Ladies you see I am superior in every way, and when this match is all over you will know why. Not only am I one half of the WXW tag team champions, but now I am the WXW World Champion. I've proven that I am the best of the best, and you really think you can stop me now? Hardly! If the four of you really think you have what it takes to stop Elena and I then bring it on. I'm not afraid of any of you. But you should be very afraid of me.


Her eyes flash red before they go back to their normal color.


Necra: As for the four bitches in black... I don't know where you came from, or why you are even interested in this match. Or what hair you have up your ass about me having the World Title, but consider it plucked. I have it and that's all that matters. The one time that I was going to face off against the former Champion, her injuries wouldn't allow her. They should have handed me the title that night but they didn't. Management figured she would be back but she hasn't... So its mine. If any of you want to face me then stand up and do it. Don't hide behind the black outfits... They make you look fat.


She starts walking down from the platform, as she spots Ex, Sothren, and Johnny coming toward her.


Ex: Where did you go?


Necra: I thought I saw something in the maze...


Johnny: We've been trying to find you for the last hour.


Necra: Sorry... I'm ready to get out of here and find some pumpkins.


Soth: That sounds like a good idea. This maze is creepy.


Necra sighs and they start to head for the exit.


Necra: (Voice Over) I don't really think I have anything left to say to any of you. I'll be ready for our match on the 15th. I hope you will be... But then again... No I don't.  I know you're going to try and take us out, but its not going to be enough. It will NEVER be enough. I am the Queen of the Dead, The Goddess of Death, The Lady in Black, The Angel of Death, The Creeping Death, The Child of Heaven and Hell! Fear me! For when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon ladies and good luck, you're going to need it!


She smiles as they soon reach the exit of the maze.


Soth: Did anyone else hear voices in there?


Necra: No.


Sothren looks back at the maze and laughs it off.


Soth: Yeah neither did I.


Voice: (In a whisper) Loser....


He turns back as Necra laughs, as they head off toward a line across the way as the scene fades to black.


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(character: Necra Octavian Kane) x1


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