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Victorious Amy

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Posted 03 September 2019 - 12:30 PM

wrestler name. Victorious Amy  some call her The Flamboyant One(TFO)

real name. Amy McCray.

Age. 35

Birt date/debut in the ring..   2-5-1984/2005 her debut.

Height/weight. 5.6 150 

Aligment. face she only cheat when has too.

Hometown. Missoula MT.

Motivation. platform,passion,financial gain.


Gimmick. a sexy  ass kicker.

Ring attire. short red hair, red boots.black dress with slit hip high.

Pic base. Xia Li based style wise. will  ospreay,xia li.

wrestling style.   strongstyle/japanese .


Entrancetheme. Respect yourself of DJ Bobo.

Description. Music start on top off ramp woman arms crossed. She wave when walk to the ring. jump on apron referee open the ropes, blow kiss go to a corner.


bio. Her uncle is CEO of Playbox inc Business. Like other Mc Cray,s is mixed blood  dutch/scotisch&cree. trained from uncle and original squaws,scotish  power robert mcdonald.


Moves set.


Spinning wheel kick.

front flip ddt.

rocking chair.

tilt-a-whirl headscissor.

tomahawk chops.

gutwrench  suplex.

reserved roundhouse kick.

back flip kick.

handspring overhead kick.

bow&arrow(submission) hold.

springboard  dropkick.

springboard enzuigiri.

springboard fore-arm smash.

springboard wheelbarrow takedown.

springboard corkscrew cross body.


primary finisher. spinning heel kick.

secondary finisher. handspring tornado kick.

special finisher. the FTO or a springboard tornado ddt.

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