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Hannah Stanton • versus • Summer Bliss

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Posted 28 August 2019 - 08:41 AM


Two-out-of-Three Falls Match

Hannah Stanton • versus • Summer Bliss

The first fall is a Regular Rules Match, the second fall is a Chairs Match and if needed; the third fall will be an Ambulance Match.

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Posted 03 September 2019 - 06:25 PM

click the link.  




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Posted 27 September 2019 - 04:11 PM

As the camera came up we see the abandon building that we have seen in the past. Where Hannah and Doctor Gina Riggs seemed to exist if there was such a thing. Moments later the camera moved around before it showed Hannah sitting on a bed rocking back and forth seemingly muttering to her as she did this.


Hannah Stanton: Can’t let them win! I am strong, I can ignore them! I can ignore them.


Just then the door opened and Doctor Riggs walked in Hannah jumped back as she saw her.


Dr Riggs: Whoa Hannah! What’s gotten into you.


Hannah looked at Doctor Riggs and let out a loud nervous laugh.


Hannah Stanton: Nothing wrong Doctor Riggs. I’m perfectly fine!


Doctor Riggs looked at Hannah and didn’t seemed to be completely convinced.


Dr Riggs: Ok…Well I got good news I have managed to get you a new training partner for you to work with.


Hannah tilted her head as she heard that.


Hannah Stanton: Ahhh I like face Butch he always make funny sounds when I do that special punch I like to do.


Dr Riggs: I told you Hannah I don’t like you do that because it not helpful. It’s honestly makes me sick.


Hannah looked at her and was simply disappointed at this news.


Dr Riggs: No I have a nice lady for you to train with. Her name is Heather and she was going to help you get ready for your match.


Hannah Stanton: Ok I hope she is going to help me. I want to make you happy and get a win for you.


Doctor Riggs sat down next to Hannah and put her arm around her.


Dr Riggs Me too I know you feel hard at time and you are not making process with your treatment but at the end of the day. You are getting better and you have made some much progress in terms of your treatment so please don’t beat yourself up and think you need to win for me. I want you to have win because you want it and at the end of the day I know that win will come.


Hannah smiled at Doctor Riggs as Doctor Riggs pushes some hair out Hannah eyes.


Dr Riggs: Now like I was saying I got you a new training partner. Her name is Lisa and she is going to help you get ready for this match.


Hannah: Are you sure she will help me?


Doctor Riggs nodded as she said this.


Dr Riggs: I have know Lisa a long time and she is a hell of a fighter so please go met her in the ring so we can start training ok.


Hannah nodded and headed out of the room as she did this Doctor Riggs looked on as she left before she let out a sigh.


Dr Riggs: She is better then she realises. It’s the one thing that I just can’t break through on her.


She turned and looked at the camera.


Dr Riggs: Yeah I know you were there because it always seems like you are there so I guess you want me to talk about what happened last time out. It’s simple we were not ready for that match to be changed from a triple threat match to a one on one contest. Now I’m sure you will scoff at me saying this, that Hannah could have switched mentally that it’s simple anyone could do it. Like I said before this is the sort of thing label you force onto her. I mean it’s like she has been forced into a box her whole life and no matter what I do I can’t have her accept that she is not locked into that box. She cab break out of it and be something more then that. It’s not been an easy road hell it’s been so hard to get her to this point but you know what she is worth saving and that’s what I’m going to do.


Doctor Riggs let out a sigh as she said that.


Dr Riggs: However you Summer you are part of the reason I can’t break through with her. You see to Hannah she see how you basically have the world at your feet due to your looks. You are the kind of person who only see beauty and looks down on everyone who doesn’t have the looks you do. There one problem with that view Summer looks fazed. They go and once they do so do the doors that they open. After you face off with Hannah Summer it will be closed as Hannah is going to remove your looks from you. She going to rip your face off and shove you into the ambulance when she done. She going to slam those door to send you out of the Boneyard and when your new wife see you her screams will pierce the air and send a shiver down your spine.


Doctor Riggs got a sick smile on her face as she said this and left the room with the camera following her.


Dr Riggs: But I will hear that scream and smile. See that scream will mean I’m one step closer to the cure and one step closer to helping Hannah silence the voices.


Doctor Riggs stopped at a ring apron and rested her arms on it. As she did we hear a female blood crudding scream and Doctor Riggs smiled once more.


Dr Riggs: Like I said one step closer to the curse


Doctor Riggs looked on at the ring as the scream continued and the screen turned black.


#OOC Sorry this isn't the greatest rough couple of weeks with personal stuff. But good luck to my opponent.

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