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Bess & The Oriental Sisters • versus • The Bloodline

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Posted 28 August 2019 - 08:40 AM


Contenders Match for shot at the WXW Tag Team Championships

6-Women Tag Team Match

Bess & The Oriental Sisters • versus • The Bloodline

The winners of this best of three series may earn a shot at the WXW Tag Team Championships.

#2 Stella Major

Stella Major

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Posted 02 September 2019 - 02:11 AM

We knew this would happen. Everbody knows WXW managment  believe in the bloodline. But got suprised Bess&Oriental Sisters were better then thought.


What just happend let me tell you. A bike courier brought a envelope coming from Playbox Inc head office. I  knew would be a video message the trio ain,t here.


Let,s show what or who gonna speak a office see our trio but man in suit put finger to his lips. And took the word.


Man. My name is Thomas McCray CEO of Playbox Inc Business here in Los Angeles. Why my clients don,t talk is simple I talk for the trio and the company.

I had to interrupe my holiday to be here and talk too you all. I ain,t amused what has happend can tell you.


Thomas. It has cost me and there coach,s much effort  after they came here upset. They will compete the last match off the Best of three serie.

Only because feld honoured WXW managment believed in them. Managment told them they did not a effort to win or talk ok.


Woa he tells it like he sees it as business man. Will the trio talk before deadline we will see ?

Yes be sure The Bloodline will react that can be sure off.


Thomas. Before close this taping my clients believed did talk and did effort to win. I say goodbye see you.   


We saw Bess who don,t let herself stop so listen.


Bess. I,m upset not what happend last time. I,m talking for all three off us. We feel that got a chance to shine but weren,t supported same way our opponents were. Let,s keep clean no double teaming or any other dirty tricks ladies.


the Bloodline will they react better said ain,t a report that left the building ?


Bess(in the office) We ain,t in for any deals and would WXW come with deal we got lawyers too.

Sorry men see you backstage we go to gyn. (screen went black)

#3 The Bloodline

The Bloodline

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Posted 30 September 2019 - 02:35 AM

WXW Interviewer Patricia Clarke is seen standing in the backstage area of The Pit in Las Vegas
Patricia Clarke:Ladies and gentlemen...Please welcome my guest at this time.....The Bloodline
"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott,Briana Scott and Piper Scott of The Bloodline are seen walking over to Patricia Clarke
Patricia Clarke looks stunned to see "The Bombshell" Victoria Scott
Patricia Clarke:Victoria...What are you doing here?? i was expecting Sky
"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Hey Patricia....Well Sky and Jasmine recently decided to form a tag team...So she couldn't be in this match
Patricia Clarke:Hey Bri and Piper
Briana Scott:Hey Patricia 
Piper Scott:Hey Patricia 
Patricia Clarke:Hey girls..How are you all doing today?
Briana Scott:Same here Patricia 
Piper Scott:Doing well 
Patricia Clarke:We are just a day away from your match against Bess and The Oriental sisters as this will be match the final match of your best of three your series..How do you feel going into the match
"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Patricia I can't wait to help my sisters win this shot at the tag team titles
Briana Scott:Patricia we can't wait to win our shot to regain the tag team titles
Piper Scott:Briana and I want our titles back and we will do whatever it takes
Patricia Clarke:Well good luck
"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:Thanks Patricia
Briana Scott:Thanks
Piper Scott:Thanks Patricia 
The Bloodline walk away
"We Are One" By 12 Stones blasts through the The Pit....Sky Scott,Briana Scott and Piper Scott walk out on to the stage as the crowd erupts...."The Bombshell" Victoria Scott,Briana Scott and Piper Scott walk down the ramp and they climb into the ring then they each grab a microphone 
"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:What's up Las Vegas
Fans:Bloodline Bloodline Bloodline
Piper Scott:Last Time you saw us...We beat Bess and The Oriental Sisters to tie the best of three series
Briana Scott:After our last match win against Bess and The Oriental Sisters...A bunch of masked women decided to beat us down 
"The Bombshell" Victoria Scott:If those women try that....We got something for their asses
Briana Scott:Bess and Oriental Sisters...We're going to win and then we are going to be coming for the tag team titles 
Piper Scott:Tonight we're going to kick ass and take names and be one step closer to getting our championships back 
They trio drop their mics
"We Are One" By 12 Stones blasts through the arena...."The Bombshell" Victoria Scott,Briana Scott and Piper Scott walk out on to the stage as the crowd erupts....Sky Scott,Briana Scott and Piper Scott walk out of the ring and they walk up the ramp and they walk backstage 
Scene Fades

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#4 Stella Major

Stella Major

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Posted 30 September 2019 - 05:14 AM

After incident last time thought had seen last of our trio yes Bess did talk, was agiangst orders of Playbox Inc owner Thomas Mc Cray.

Yes we are in the Pit and simple girls ain,t here but he is heaven must we listen?


It is light bacjstage in front of camera stand Thomas McCray but not one in a boring grey suit. No his grey hair bit wild in wrestling gear kneepads etc.

We don,t know but have feeling he  ain,t here to eat a icecream with the girls.


Thomas. One thing clear the girls are under-way. Second I will do a extra training and will be on ringside.

Why you ask extra training the girls need it. And ringside two words masked interfering. We don,t take any risks.

Yes saw The Bloodline talk they are sneaky enough stage a attack only under mask the other girls.


We thought he ain,t so dumb as think. Yes been active self as wrestler in 90,s in Europa and Middle East.

Ok the girls arrive let,s look if can get a word from them ?

Yes Leila Suzuki dressed in her street clothes grab the mike before McCray could step in.


Leila. Let,s put record straight. It is Bess&Oriental Sisters facing 3 sisters ok.

Mc Cray is here because he want it we didn,t asked him ok !


Leila. Girls we meet you for last time and really last time. Our lawyer has put in contract this season we don,t fight you any more.

About Mc Cray being on ringside think he was very clear why ? so you know.

Better him then one of our female coach,s who ain,t over hill to clean your clock. Talking about clock is 5 for 12 time to battle haha.


Leila ment this evening is the evening but also they gonna train with Mc Cray. The foursome left man he got tight ass (blush blush) for such prick.


Yes we seen the training The Bloodline can be sure get a fight. And thomas could be no gentleman at all haha.

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