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Erin Stone © • versus • Veronica Rodriguez • versus • Necra Octavian KaneWXW Goddess Championship

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Posted 09 August 2019 - 02:56 PM


WXW Goddess Championship

Triple Jeopardy Match

Erin Stone © • versus • Veronica Rodriguez • versus • Necra Octavian Kane

Three women with a lot of history do battle for the WXW Goddess Championship. Who'll prevail and walk away with the gold?

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Posted 22 August 2019 - 05:46 PM

Act 1: Hell on Earth


"My cavern is opened, the spirits fall within the darkness. They eye of Horus makes me holy, Wepwawet has caressed me, O Imperishable Stars, hide me among you. 

My neck is Re, my vision is cleared, my heart is in it's proper place, my speech is known.

I am Re who himself protects himself; I do not know you, I do not look after you, your father the son of Nut lives for you.

I am your eldest son who sees your secrets, I have appeared as King of the Gods, and I will not die again in the realm of the dead."

Spell 44 - Book of the Dead









The scene opens on the beautiful area of Williamsburg Virginia. The James River wound itself along he vast shore line, where a few small sail boats bobbed up and down in the water, along the ferries that went back and forth between, Scotland and James County. The beautiful trees loomed over the long stretches of the interstate that could be seen, while the Parkway, was filled with tourists that made their way along the Historical Triangle. The smell of the vast river, and the flowers that were littered through the city of Williamsburg drifted on the air, only to mix with the smell from the glass blower that was situated just outside of the James Towne Settlement.The camera moves over the vast fields of Yorktown before moving to the beautiful cobbled stone streets of Colonial Williamsburg. The smell from the pubs seem to mix together along with the black smith that set up shop along the long stretch of streets that sat  between the Governor's mansion and the old state house. The camera soon passes over the long and vast fields, before coming to a stop on a big sign that read WELCOME TO BUSCH GARDENS hanging above the long lines of traffic that moved through underneath.The cars wind along the long stretch of road that took them closer and closer to the huge park that was laid out just across the vast parking lots. Tall lush green trees lined the front of the park, along with bright and colorful flowers that all had a sweet smell to them. We see two familiar faces step off of the tram that stopped at the curb in front of the entrance. It was Necra and Ex. She stands looking at the massive purple and yellow roller coaster that loomed above them. They walk along the forested path, passing by other people that had just come in and heading toward the entrance. They walk down the cobblestone pathway passing by a little stream that wound itself through the wooded area, and forms into a small waterfall. Necra takes in the sweet smell of the honey suckle that could be found, only to hear the screams from those already enjoying the rides that could be found within. They pass by the Guest Services area and a little store that held electric wheel chairs, and souvenirs before they continue and soon reach a a wooden bridge that stretched across another small stream, and lead up to the VIP Parking, and kennel area. They continue along the trail and soon arrive at the portcullis to have their phone's scanned and her kitty bag that she carried checked before entering the England area.The buildings were done like those in England, with white facades and brick store fronts with items for sale. The smell of homemade fudge, and candies, and cakes drift on the air, mixing with the smell of fresh popcorn and funnel cakes. The sound of music drifted on the air, as they stop long enough to get a drink before continuing on. They pass by more stores, as the sound of a train whistle is heard coming from somewhere to their left side.


Necra: This place is amazing!


Ex: It's considered one of the most beautiful parks in the world.


Necra: I can see why. So where to first?


Ex: Well there's rides down that way, but you do realize that I can't get on anything here right?


Necra: Are you kidding me?


Ex: Nope. I'm to big for them.


Necra's shoulder's slump as she stops in her tracks.


Necra: Well I'm not going to go on anything on my own. I mean dad isn't here...


Ex thinks for a moment and smiles, as he pulls out his phone.


Ex: I know who I can call.


Necra nods as they start walking back toward the entrance to wait on someone to arrive. Soon a man dressed in torn jeans, a cowboy hat, a shirt that read "Bad Ass Mother F***er", a pair of Oakley's and a strange looking belt that read "BAMF Championship". This was Johnny Reb.


Johnny: Hey y'all!


Necra: I should have known.


Johnny: It's good to see you Necra.


Necra looks down at the belt and smiles.


Necra: Gold looks good on you.


Johnny smiles and nods.


Johnny: Thank you kindly. I have to admit this is a great way to celebrate. Come on lets head inside and get started. We have a lot to see.


They head back toward the entrance, and through the crowds once again. They soon reach a very tall, and bright yellow colored roller coaster. Necra looks up, watching one of the cars going by at a high speed before going through a loop and disappearing once again.


Johnny: Are you ready?


Necra just nods as she hands a few things to Ex, and kisses him on the cheek before following behind Johnny.


Voice Over: Fear... It fills one when you don't know what to expect. The darkness holds and hides many things, even in the light there is fear to be found. Fear of the unknown, is never out of sight. There is always fear no matter where you go.


We soon see Necra and Johnny coming off of The Lochness Monster. She wobbles on her feet a little bit as Ex meets them near the exit.


Ex: Are you alright?


Johnny: What did you think of it?


Necra looks at both of the with a big smile and hugs Johnny.


Necra: It was awesome! What's next?


Johnny: Well we could head to the Ireland section and...


Necra looks down at the Rhine River that wound itself through the park.


Necra: What's down there?


Johnny: That's the Rhine River Cruise.



Necra smiles and starts to head toward the long pathway that lead down to the boat that waited at the bottom. They soon board and pull off as they start to sail along the Rhine River. Necra leans against the railing watching the park float by.


Necra: (Voice Over) Its funny the Goddess Champion wants to keep her title and yet she has yet to say anything to our other opponent, or myself for that matter. That is not how a champion should act. I already hold a tile but what's one more? Erin I know you are going to do what you can against me, but even that won't be enough. Vero you don't even deserve a chance at this title. You were just thrown into this match for the fact that management knows that Erin can't stand alone against someone like me. I know you're going to come back at me with snarky comments, or how you're better than me, and that you're a legend in the ring.


Necra scoffs and looks up at the bridge that connected the Italian section to the German section of the park, before the sound of screams are soon heard echoing from Ver Bolten as they pass by.


Necra: (Voice Over) But we all know the truth Vero... You are a fraud, a woman that just needs to walk away and let everyone else take what you think you deserve. Sure I've already held the Goddess Title, and have a chance to take Jennifer'sIl Ter title away from her. But first, I have to get through you two . And that isn't going to be to difficult. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to underestimate you. And you shouldn't underestimate me... I'm not going to give up that easy. Not in my own match.


She smiles as they arrive back at the docks back in the England section. The three of them wander the rest of the park hitting every ride that could be found. They reach the Italian section, and soon the smells of the food coming from the Marco Polo's Market Place drifted on the air, and the sound of music drifted for those to hear above the screams that came from the rides scattered through out the area.


Necra: This has been the perfect day!


Ex: I have to admit this has been great.


Johnny: There's still more guys. Germany is just across the bridge.


Ex: Wait isn't that where that big place is?


Johnny: You mean Das Festhaus? Hell yeah. Come on we'll get a few beers.


Necra stops at the Il Teatro Dis San Marco as three gentlemen dressed in black pants and white tops appear on the stage. Necra smiles as she leans against the wall listening to the music fill the air.


Necra: Why don't you go ahead and I'll catch up.


Ex: Are you sure?


Necra: Yeah, I think I'm going to take some time to rest for a bit. Don't worry I'll be there shortly.


Johnny: See you soon Necra.


Necra smiles as she walks up the stairs into the open air theater and sits down at one of the tables toward the back. She closes her eyes listening to the music drift around her. As she opens her eyes they start to glow red before going back to their normal color.


Necra: I know what everyone is thinking... I should be training for my match, but everyone needs a day off and to enjoy themselves. I'm no different. But in the next few days I'll be getting myself ready and making sure the finishing touches are made on the most hellious match that has ever been known to man. People have bleed, and wished that they were dead in this match. Hell, people have died in this match. Do you know why I wanted this match? I wanted this match to put an end to both of you. Erin you think you are better than everyone because you hold the tile, but look at who you've defended against...NO ONE until now! No one! When I held it I did defend it, and I will bring the honor back to it, like I have with the tag titles. Vero tell me how has your luck been since you've come into he WXW hm? How many matches have you won? What real threats have you faced here? Any? I somehow doubt it. You are not as good as you think you are. You are just a waste of space like to many others.


She gets up from where she sits, and walks along the cobblestone walk way, passing by a few stores along the way.


Necra: I know both of you are going to come back at me and tell me that I'm wrong, and that you're going to beat me... Yada yada yada! The same thing that I have heard a million times from everyone that I have ever faced. I just hope you two are ready for what is to come but I have a feeling that you're not going to be. Do you even know what a Camelot Pit Fight is? Of course you would if you even paid attention to what I said in the ring a couple of weeks ago... Remember when I challenged both of you? But then again you two have a very bad habit of not listening. A Camelot Pit Fight is a 20 foot steel cage, wrapped in barbed wire, then set ablaze! It is a match that is used when one wants to send a message to those that stupid enough to stand against them. The Fallen, The Darkside, whatever you want to call us, we never back down from a fight and this match will be no different.


She smiles as she stops in front of Bella Casa Gifts. The shelves were lined with strange masks on one side while the rest of the store held hand made glass gifts. Necra looks at the masks and smiles as she picks one up and looks at it. It was black and gold, with heavy black feathers, and golden lace trim.


Necra: We all wear masks. Virtue hides the sin of lust behind it. While generosity hides the sin of greed. Humbleness hides Pride. All the sins in the world are hidden behind masks that we wear. But what you see of me, is what you get. Your time is coming ladies and I would be afraid of what is to come, and of me. I am the Goddess of Death, Queen of the Dead, The Lady in Black, The Angel of Death, The Reaper of Souls, and the Child of Heaven and Hell. Fear me for when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon ladies, and good luck, you're going to need it.


Necra laughs as she places the beautiful and intricate mask over her face and removes it, before she walks to the counter and pays for it. She soon walks out of the store and back out onto the cobblestone walk way and seems to disappear into the crowd as the scene fades to black.


(character: Necra Octavian Kane) x1


(character: Necra Octavian Kane) x1


(character: Necra Octavian Kane) x1

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Finally the day has come. Vero has wanted this match since she last lost her championship. She was hungry to get it back no matter who it was against. Fortunately the person that took it from her is in the match. But the one holding the title is her very own daughter. She knows that would be very uncomfortable but nothing comes easy in this industry.

As she sat there thinking of what to say, she began to look back at what she’s done in her career and all that led to this. So many people try to tear her down. So many people tell her to go away. People like her opponent Necra. But she knows better. She knows she waited a long time for this. She paid her dues as a manager. It would be a cold day in hell the day she listens to the critics and retires. She has plenty left to give to this business and she would prove this fairly soon.

She notices the camera has arrived and smirks in its direction. She’s brimming with confidence and nothing can take that away from her. She has a replica of the Goddess Championship on her lap with her name on it. She looks down at it and nods.

Vero: It’s funny how many people have forgotten about me. I took a small break to heal mounting injuries and already people like Necra try to erase me from history. People like her try to tell me I have done nothing in this industry. That’s very funny actually. You want to know who I’ve beaten in this company? Very well. I’ll tell you.

She pauses and plays a clip of her defeating Necra in the tournament to crown the first WXW World Champion. That moment was something she cherished for a long time. Up until that moment, she had never beaten Necra in singles competition. A weight was lifted from her shoulders and it’s a match she will never forget. She points to the screen and nods.

Vero: Remember this? Oh, of course you don’t, that’s the same tournament my best friend Jennifer Enigma won her title. The same person you lost to for her belt. And what happened after you lost to me? You left the company for God knows what reason. I ran you out of WXW. You did the same thing you did now, claiming I’m not in your league. Just like you did in AUW when me and Jennifer beat you for the tag team titles. You never learn your lesson do you? Your ego is your downfall and until you stop underestimating your opponents that isn’t going to change.

She nods and lifts up the Championship other left shoulder. Her grin grows wider as she taps the Championship multiple times. Her confidence is growing and that’s never a good thing. She raises her voice slightly and clears her throat.

Vero: You see this? I’m the longest reigning Goddess Champion in WXW history. Just like you claim I didn’t pay attention to your challenge, you didn’t pay attention to my title reign. I expected better from you, seeing as you beat me for this championship previously. But I guess it’s only convenient when it favors you. You try to say that my daughter isn’t worth mentioning, she’s won more singles championships in this company than you. Instead of defending this championship, you chose to cash it in, and lost.

She laughs, slapping her knee several times. She clicks her tongue and waves her finger. That was a very hearty laugh. She expected more from Necra and the disappointment is dripping from her mouth with each passing word. She knows Necra is the queen of repetition, something she was ready to expose willingly.

Vero: But you have the nerve to tell us what a successful wrestler? Erin won a world title faster than you. Erin has won many championships in one year. I am proud of the progress my daughter has done. Me and her continue to make history? You? You made the wrong kind of history, becoming just another loss to the Society of Destruction legacy. It doesn’t matter to me whether you bring the Fallen with you or not. Because once we get our title shot, your title reign is over. Both times you beat me were by the element of surprise. Me not knowing you were in the match. But when I have the chance to scout you? I have beaten you each time, just like I will beat you again.

She shoves the championship forward and nods at the camera. Yes, the time would come. She will team with the Pride to take those championships but first she must take care of business and in this match. She realizes this and smirks at the camera.

Vero: As for me going away? That won’t happen any time soon. I’m in the prime of my career. I haven’t accomplished all my goals in this company. I want to do plenty more things, even if I have to hold every championship in the company. And it starts with you. I will never let someone like you decide what I do with my career. I have been wrestling since I was 15 years old. This business lives within me every waking day. There’s been legends that wrestled into their fifties and sixties, that’s what I plan to do. I plan to build my own legacy and win a long list of championships. And nobody is going to stop me from accomplishing my goals.

She lowers the Championship and nods at the camera once more. Her intensity was rising. She had said all she wanted against Necra. Now it was time to focus on who is really important. After all, she was the one that is responsible for bringing Erin into WXW. And she is the one that trained her. She knew better than to underestimate the reigning champion.

Vero: Erin, I have beaten you before. But in the time since our last match, you have improved. You have shown me you’ve listened to my advice and shown us the real you. Up until now, you’ve had decent competition. But very soon, you will have to prove that you belong. Unlike Necra, I do think you stand without me and you’ve done it long before we crossed paths. But you have to show me how bad you want it. How much you’re willing to do to remain champion.

She nods and stares at the Championship longingly. She grips its edges and closes her eyes as she prepares to speak. Her voice lowers considerably as she tries to calm herself down, the anger lowering with the change of subject.

Vero: You’re the fastest rising of all my students. You’ve won championships at a lightning fast pace. It pains me to have to do this. This isn’t the path I wanted to take. But if it means reclaiming my kingdom, then yes, I will do the unthinkable and beat my daughter for it. I just hope you won’t be holding back. I hope you’re willing to steal the show and not just phone it in. Even though I want to beat Necra the most, I won’t underestimate you like she has. I know exactly what you’re capable of and am ready to execute my plan. It’s not personal, it’s just business.

She sighs and opens her eyes, an evil grin appears on her face. She snickers at the camera and rises to her feet. Having made her point, she slings the Championship onto her left shoulder and nods.

Vero: Hell hath no Fury like a woman scorned. You’ve been warned. That championship will be coming home to its original owner very soon. And nothing will be there to stop me.

Fade to black.

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(character: Erin Stone) x1

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