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Agent Carter © • versus • JezebelThe 1st Annual WXW Queen of Barbedwire Tournament

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Posted 09 August 2019 - 02:34 PM


WXW Pure Championship

Submission Match

Agent Carter © • versus • Jezebel

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Posted 24 August 2019 - 06:15 AM

The unthinkable had happened. After months of working her way up, Martha would have her first championship opportunity. Not only that, but it’s in an environment she’s not known for. The Pure Championship. A championship that focuses on your wrestling skills. She had focused so much on her hardcore and street fighting abilities, but she was ready for the challenge. She would have to work on her in ring technique more to be a better championship representative. So she took the initiative to go to work on her speed, submission, and grappling skills with her cousin-in-law Vero.

Vero was teaching her many new submissions and grapples. She also was working on her high fly skills. Vero tried to get her offense more unpredictable. During the training, Vero was harping on her to be more stiff and not be afraid to show the same aggression. After all, she could still be violent with this style. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle say hello. She sends her through a series of battle royals testing her stamina. After the last one, she collapses to a sitting position and leans back on one of the corner turnbuckles. Vero brings her a bottle of Gatorade and nods.

Vero: Very well done. For all that I just put you through, you didn’t complain one single bit. Your next test is to show me how you can drown out the audience. You thrive in being a villain, these people in the former asylum will let you hear it loud and clear. They will try to distract you and you cannot let them get to you. They will be so loud, they won’t let you hear yourself think. Be prepared for that.

She nods. After a break, Vero instructs lots of her students to trash talk Martha at ringside while she spars once more. She’s starting to get annoyed at times, which makes her ramp up the aggression in the ring. On certain moves she even engages back and rubs it in like a classic villain. She then focuses on winning by submission, something she usually doesn’t do, even borrowing a few moves from her husband Diablo. She then nods and smirks back at Vero.

Martha: They want to talk shit, two can play it that way. Bring them on down. Do you want me to snap you in half? Put up or shut up!

Vero nods and grins back at her. She is impressed at Martha’s progress and is brimming with Pride. She didn’t think she would learn the business this fast. She knew better things were in store for Martha and she kept up the progress.

Vero: Very well done. You’ve shown lots of growth in your time here. The next thing left to do is address the crowd and form some goals you want to achieve here. Getting a championship opportunity isn’t something you should take lightly. It’s an honor to earn that. So you better make a lasting impression the right way.

Martha nods and sits against the turnbuckle again with a grin on her face. She pauses to think of what to say and then sighs.

Martha: Pure Championship. Well, this clearly wasn’t what I expected. I grew up in the streets. I was raised around using my environment to my advantage. But now those options aren’t available to me. Now I have to focus on my wrestling skills, which I hadn’t worked on much since getting here. I guess you could call it a weakness, but it won’t be one I have for long.

She shakes her head and closes her eyes. Thoughts of what she just went through run through her head. She’s still breathing heavily showing she’s a bit tired.

Martha: This match may be my first one under these rules. But I don’t plan to disappoint. Agent Carter doesn’t have a long resume. In a way she reminds me of myself. But she did beat the Bloodline for her championship and that’s nothing to sneeze at. They have had most the belts in this company. So that’s definitely worth respecting. By doing that, she’s done more than me in a short time. But don’t take that as me giving up. As my effort in the previous tournament suggests, I get better each passing week and I plan to continue this progress in the Queen of Barb Wire Tournament.

She grins at the mere mention of Barb Wire. She rubs her hands together with an evil grin forming on her face.

Martha: Now that you mention it, Barb Wire does sound like fun. But that’s not the point, that will have to wait, hehe. Before that, I have to acquire something from you that will kickstart my legacy. My husband Diablo has already won many championships and I hope to not let him down. I have big shoes to fill and I plan to overcome that in this match in a convincing way. Agent Carter, I won’t underestimate you and I hope you don’t do the same with me. At Flashpoint, you will realize why they call me Jezebel. My aggression got me into this business and it will lead me to victory. You will soon realize what it’s like to KILL to get what you want. There’s NOTHING holding me back from doing just that and that can’t be good news for you, hehe.

She cracks her knuckles and then nods at the camera.

Martha: There will be HELL to pay and it starts with this championship.

She blows a kiss at the camera and waves at the camera. Fade to black.

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Posted 24 August 2019 - 09:09 AM

The scene opens up with agent Carter watching jezebels promo and being impressed.

Agent Carter stops and speaks.

You see jezebel I know where you are coming from and I will not underestimate you but you better not underestimate me.

You see jezebel I worked hard to win this pure title and I don't plan on losing it in my first defense. You see we are a lot alike.

Agent Carter picks up the pure title and sits down with it.

You see jezebel people didn't think I had what it takes in this business after I left my old job but I have proved them wrong.

You see jeze I am also not a submission expert either but I have learned some from my world elite stablemates. You see jezebel I am gonna make you tap.

Agent Carter lays the pure title down as she walks over to the mirror.

Jeze I know you want this title but you are gonna have to kill me to make me give it up. I worked to long and too hard to earn it and I plan on keeping it for a long time.

Agent Carter then turns around from the mirror.

You see jeze i don't mind walking thru hell to keep my title, I've been walking thru hell my whole life and I always come out the other side a winner, tonight will be no different.

Agent Carter then picks up her title and walks off as the scene fades to black.


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