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Alyssa Miller

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Posted 04 August 2019 - 12:59 AM

Handler Info
Name: Eric Herrera
Email: Herrera.Eric2@gmail.com 
Messengers: goukikusanagi@hotmail.com 
Character Info
Real Name: Alyssa Miller
Ring Name (If Applicable):
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Alignment (Heel/Tweener/Face): Face
Home Town: Chicago, Illinois
Resides in: Hilo, Hawaii
Gimmick: She is very military minded. She’s the youngest of four, Sunny, Sierra, and Alexis, both of which have wrestled before. Her best friend is Brandy Danielle. Brandy Danielle trained her; they were known as Team Unleashed / Miller Time. She is strictly business with a background in MMA and Dancing from her days with the Chicago Blackhawks. That in itself tells you she’s a very athletic and determined wrestler, not your typical female stereotype.
Entrance Music: It's a Fight by Three Six Mafia
Entrance Description:
It's a Fight by Three Six Mafia hits as Alyssa walks out to the ramp with a focused look on her face. She laces up her fingerless MMA gloves, then cracks her knuckles and neck. She then nods and walks down the ramp, slapping hands with fans along each barrier. 
Ring Announcer Intro –
Once she reaches the end, she stops in the middle staring at the ropes intently. After a brief stop, she runs and jumps onto the apron showing incredible balance. She back flips over the ropes then heads towards the middle set ropes placing a foot on the bottom rope and the other on the second dangling off it with a raised fist towards the cheering crowd. She repeats the same process on the opposite end then waits for her opponent to arrive or for the bell to ring.
Ring Attire: Red short tights, knee pads, fingerless MMA gloves, regular wrestling boots and a workout sports bra.
Fighting Style: (Technical/Brawler/High Flying) Technical / Submission
Wrestler similar to: Ken Shamrock / Jack Swagger
Five Qualities: (Good and bad, 50/50) Athletic, MMA experience, Tunnel Vision, Prone to Anger, A bit on the bossy side.
Sample Moves (At least 15, these are regular moves)
Signature Move(s): Submission Through Fear (STF)
Primary Finisher: Miller Time (Christo by Gail Kim. If no submissions are allowed, she does it anyways then once her opponent wears down, converts it into a crucifix pin or tries to make them pass out.)
Secondary Finisher(s):
Special Finisher:
Born in Chicago, Illinois. She’s the youngest of four, Sierra, Sunny and Alexis. Sunny was adopted when her parents died. Growing up, they weren’t the best of friends, but they got along pretty good as siblings typically do. They didn’t start to get close until they were older. Then as they got into junior high and high school, Sunny and Alyssa became inseparable. As they got older, Alyssa’s father got a job that required them moving to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There were plenty of adjustments, since at the time, Sunny had only known Hilo. She had gotten so used to the area that it tore her up inside. They remained there for the rest of their school years until it was time for all the sisters to graduate and leave the nest. Alexis moved to Milwaukee, Alyssa to Chicago, and Sunny back to Hilo, Sierra to Tijuana. While in Chicago, Alyssa worked for the Chicago Blackhawks as a dancer while taking classes at University of Illinois for Law. While in Chicago, she went through several career changes trying to find the one. She was pretty successful as a dancer, as a MMA fighter locally, and in wrestling. Wrestling has brought the family together once again, as all three sisters band together to show FTWO that women aren’t eye candy, that they are here to break the trend.
Current/Previous Feds:
Sample RP:

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(character: Veronica Rodriguez) x1

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(character: Rachel Storm) x1

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(character: Jezebel) x1

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