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Amanda MacLeod © • versus • Rachel StormThe 1st Annual WXW Queen of Barbedwire Tournament

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Posted 30 July 2019 - 05:43 PM


WXW Combat Championship

Queen of Barbwire Tournament

Lion's Den Match

Amanda MacLeod © • versus • Rachel Storm

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Posted 24 August 2019 - 06:44 AM

All that time working in MMA had paid off. Rachel would have a match in her own home environment. A Lions Den Match. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Her confidence grew by the minute once she heard of this match. It was her first championship opportunity since returning from retirement and she wouldn’t let this slide any time soon.

She began working on her MMA technique with her step-brother Mayhem. He had trained a lot of people into MMA and had more experience than her. He wanted her to work on submission and strikes. They engaged in training for a couple of hours. Mayhem was executing plenty of counters and testing her to the fullest. Once they finish training, they head to the side and rest for a bit, breathing heavily and drenched in sweat.

Mayhem: You’re more advanced than I thought. I’m impressed. Despite the little amount of practice you’ve had since then, you’ve made the most of it.

Rachel and Mayhem bump fists. Rachel smiles and nods back at him. That compliment caught her off guard coming from her original trainer before the 5150 title reign.

Rachel: Thank you. That means a lot to me. Yes, I have been waiting for this opportunity for a while and it’s finally come. I don’t know why there’s not more MMA divisions given the rising popularity of the sport. It’s a shame really.

Mayhem nods back at her. He grabs a water bottle and pours it on his head and then sighs.

Mayhem: Same here. Hopefully people will learn from it. Even Erin has been getting into it. Learning something new is always good. I’m glad WXW pounced at that opportunity. Speaking of which, you’ve got one coming up that means a lot. Don’t forget about Amanda.

Rachel looks back at him and raises an eyebrow which causes him to laugh.

Rachel: You know me better than that. You know I’m about ready to snap her in half if I have to. It’s been way too long since I last held a championship. It’s time to remind these people who the hell I am. The fact this is for Queen of Barb Wire makes it even better. My home elements. Hell yes.

Mayhem turns to Rachel and lifts up a finger to interrupt.

Mayhem: Yes, but this is going to be a Lions Den Match. So, just like Martha did, you have to be prepared to use your whole body as a weapon. And a lot of that is going to be innovative offense. Don’t let it just be restricted to weapons.

She nods and smiles back at him.

Rachel: Very well. I’ll keep that in mind. I have to always adapt to the times so these kids don’t catch up to me.

He nods back at her and starts to get up.

Mayhem: With that said, I think it’s time you address your opponent. We’ve had enough training for today. We will do some more tomorrow. I don’t want to overwork you.

Rachel: Fair enough.

Mayhem walks out, leaving Rachel space to focus on the camera that gets closer to her afterwards.

Rachel: Like my cousin-in-law said, you guys beat the Bloodline to win your championships. That can’t be ignored. They have always given our family our money's worth. It takes a lot to beat them and you’ve done it. But now the pressure is really on.

She grins at the camera, cracking her knuckles and neck shortly afterwards.

Rachel: When I was in AUW I won most of the championships they had to offer. Now this company is run by the same people. I have waited for my turn a while, having others tell me that I have to earn it. So I did, I wasted my time facing people I thought were beneath me. I entertained it and went through the motions. And eventually that led me here, a match against you.

She pauses for a bit to collect her thoughts. She then nods and sighs.

Rachel: A Lions Den match. I’ve looked up the others that have done this match. I haven’t been involved in this match in a long time. But I’m really up for the challenge. When I left AUW, I went to MMA. I embarked on a new career for a new challenge until my sister-in-law Vero brought me back. And now, my career has come full circle. Now I get to fight for it once more.

She grins at the camera while she leans back.

Rachel: I will show you how much I’ve gotten better in my time away. I haven’t forgotten about this. Me and Mayhem have worked extensively on my technique making sure moments like this don’t go unnoticed. I’m not taking you lightly. I know exactly what you’re capable of and I’m ready to show the same. Let’s steal the show. Hopefully this isn’t the last time we face off. Because I want a chance to show what I’m capable of and that I haven’t lost any of it yet.

She nods at the camera.

Rachel: In just one week, I will make sure people never forget my name again. I aim to elevate this division to depths it’s never been before and it starts with this match. Until then, good luck.

Scene fades to black.

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Posted 24 August 2019 - 09:28 AM

The scene opens up with Amanda Macleod being proud of being the combat champ but Amanda is not in the arena she is training for this lions den title defense in Scotland with her husband highlander Macleod.

Highlander has been reminding Amanda of her roots and how she can use them to advance in the tournament.

Amanda sees the cameraman and begins to speak.

So you see Rachel storm you respect me and I respect you but i am not gonna let that stop me from retaining my title and advancing in queen of barbed wire.

Amanda pauses as she looks at her husband.

So you see Rachel I am really serious about this match, you will not find me at the arena with my stable. You see just like you I have been training but with my husband .

Highlander then swings a sword but Amanda blocks it with her sword, you see Amanda always has her sword on her.

Highlander : you must always pay attention Amanda especially in the lions den. I thought I could catch you off guard and hurt you but I was wrong.

Amanda then speaks.

Rachel storm just like my husband here you will probably look to catch me off guard with your mma moves but you see before I become a pro wrestler I was always fighting for my life here in Scotland, I learned how to fight here too.

Amanda pauses.

You see Rachel storm I am not gonna let you and the lions den beat me for a title I worked to hard to win in the first place, that's why I am training hard here in Scotland to keep my combat title.

Amanda then practices her punches and kicks as her husband holds a bag for her.

Rachel storm you might want this but as they used to say here in Scotland your gonna have to kill me to win this combat title.

Scene fades to black with Amanda training .


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