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Jenny Tyler • versus • Byker BytchThe 1st Annual WXW Queen of Barbedwire Tournament

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Posted 30 July 2019 - 05:40 PM


Queen of Barbwire Tournament

Singles Match

Jenny Tyler • versus • Byker Bytch

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Posted 17 August 2019 - 03:33 PM

~We open in a Funeral Parlour in Manhattan, NY. Crowds of people have turned out. From the close family of Former XWA Owner Kabel Steele, friends from all over England, as well as familiar faces of the XWA roster. From the huge, intimidating figure of Damion Steele, flanked by his Dark Army pals Francco and Alexander. The less imposing figure of XWA newcomer Tomiko, who for the reason of taste has left his Rising Sun robe at home. Former Hollywood Icon Logan Burgess, who seems to be playing the "face" of the affair, schmoozing with the friends and family. That seems his kind of gig. Even former XWA Champion Jack Diamond has attended, despite his numerous differences in recent times with Kaleb. This isn't a time to feud, this is a time to grieve. We cut to outside of the parlor. Hundreds of fans, perhaps more line the streets, dressed in black. Sure, "The truth" may not have been the most popular guy on TV each week, but what he was the guy that took a risk. He took every dollar he had, and decided he was going to revolutionize the Wrestling business. He gave us plenty of independent promotions, he gave those fans something to tune into each week, and he gave every man in that room a job. We were entertained~

*The scene jumps back inside to the far end of the room. Damion cuts a very solitary presence. Gone is the ego, the bravado, and the toughness that unified the "Celtic Beast last week.This is a shell of a man. A man that had to watch the closest thing he had to a friend in this business,fly through a windshield and take his last breath. These two had their ups and downs, but they came through it, stronger as a unit. And no matter what, acts a man commits ...No one should have to suffer a fate like that*

CC: Hey baby. How you holding up?

*Byker approaches from the entrance. She had held back behind Bobby, to greet some of Kaleb's family. They still had a great relationship, despite how Damion and Byker split*

Damion: It's just not fair...One minute, we were kings of the road. We were united in our goals, our friendship had never felt stronger, and we felt alive. The next minute ...

*Damion loses his composure. Taking a second to regain his calm. For a man who just lost his best friend, he sure is holding it together*

CC: It's ok, baby. Let it out. This is a safe place to grieve.

Damion: You know in all of the years, I have been a part of this business ...this is the first time in a long time, I have been able to consider anyone ...a friend. Kaleb was my friend, I said it. We fought like Cats and Dogs, but at the end of the day ...when the blood had been shed, the sweat had dried into the mat, and the lights were down. We realized, how alike we were. We realized that our strive to do what it took, is what made us bitter enemies and best friends. You saw that, right baby?

CC: Of course. It took a while, but I saw it. You two would have been a hel ...Hades of a team, you know?

*With that, people sat. Damion returned to his seat. Jack sat next to Dakota Paige. Duke, Chaos and Lucas sat together and for just a moment. It all felt like nothing had happened. Not one single, solitary drop of bad blood flowed through that room. Rather than being people who were constantly at war with one another, everyone was at that moment ...United. Tears flowed as the service progressed. Songs were sang, prayers were read. The minister gave a detailed biography as best as he could gather from Kaleb's family of his life. From his rise to stardom in TNA: New Blood, to his injury. His personal life in taking over the family business, and using it as collateral to open XWA. People laughed, people cried, people hugged*

Minister: At this point in the service, I would like to invite anyone who would like to share to please do so.

*A middle aged man rises. She wipes her eyes delicately, as to not ruin her makeup before taking a deep breath and approaching the stand. She proceeded to read out a poem, she felt would describe how Shawn would feel about this whole affair*

Man: Do not stand at my grave and weep.

I am not there. I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.

I am the diamond glints on snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.

I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush.

I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circled flight.

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry;

I am not there. I did not die.

-Scott Anthony Cross

*This was Damion's chance. The chance to tell everyone, what Kaleb meant to him. But not one person in this room, no matter how united, would want to hear what he had to say. He was despised by every person in that room except for the man at rest*

Damion: Go on, you know you have a lot to say. You always do!

*Byker Bytch was blatantly trying to cheer Damion up. He smiled politely through the pain, the anguish and the hurt that he was feeling. But he didn't move. He couldn't. It was taking every bit of self control he had, not to break into a million pieces*

Damion: He was the only man in that locker room, I could trust ...you know? I have no idea, who to turn to now ...

*With that, the minister drew things to a close. People started filtering out past Damion and Byker Bytch. Damion noticed someone approaching him. Through the tears, he was trying so desperately to hold in, all he could make out was a black suit. Quite well fitting, but other than that, fairly standard funeral attire. Damion drops his head slightly, as to avoid being noticed if at all possible, but it was too late. The man stops in front of him. Seconds seem to last forever, as if he is expecting Damion's gaze to meet his. The man starts to speak, but the words are muffled. Damion is concentrating so hard. This whole day is going in such a blur, it all feels almost dream like*

Man: Look man, I know (inaudible …) I know, I’m da last person (inaudible ...) but just know, dat I’m thinkin' of ya and CC. (inaudible ...) honor.

*Damion wants to speak. He wants to show this man, what taking this moment of his time means to him right now. He just can't. He stares at the other guys tattered shoes, as he struggles with his emotions. After a few long seconds, the man walks awkwardly away*

CC: That was awfully big of him, you know? After all you guys have been through ...

Damion: Huh, what? Who was that guy?

CC: Really Damion?? You didn't recognize Matty "Mystic" Wilhelm?? You two had a huge feud in the late nineties.

Damion: I'm sorry. I'm just not in the right place, right now. My best friend died last week, and rather than sit by his side and comfort him ...like I should have, I took off. I went to win a wrestling match. I don't care what the prize is ...Was that the right thing to do? Is that, what a friend does?

CC: Baby, look at me! You know Kaleb as well as I do. The Wrestling World was his baby, and you were his guy ...his protege, if you will. Now this sounds like a big cliche ...But you taking down Leon, unifying the titles and do him proud ...That's all he wanted from you!

*The emotion overcomes Damion, as the last few guests filter out of the room. The minister escorts Kaleb's remaining family outside to start their grieving process. Damion and Byker Bytch are alone*

CC: Baby ...Can you wait outside, there's a few thing I'd like to say to you Brother.

*Damion obliges. A quick peck on the cheek, and he is gone. Byker Bytch approaches the casket, which is still in waiting, curtains open as per family wishes. She rests one hand on the solid wooden top of the casket. It feels so heavy, so robust*

CC: Hey man, it's me. You know some of the last words you said to me, were about how I was always the chosen one and I never had to use you to "get in". "The Steele Truth" is, I didn't realize it until it was too late ...But I needed you, brother. Just not in the way, I first thought. When I went out to that ring and brought home those titles ...You were in my heart, You'll always be in my heart. Every match, every time that music echoes out over an arena, every time I get my hand raised in victory. That starts this week at Flash Point. I don't know whether you know it, but I'm taking on Jenny Tyler. I promise you, I'm going to do all I can to bring home a victory, brother. I love you, man ...even if you, will always be a rich jerk!!

*With that, Byker Bytch takes a step back, pulling a black velvet bag out of her leather jacket. She opens it, and pulls out the original XWA Lady Rose Championship she had locked away. Her tears splatter across the metallic plates, as she takes on more look before draping it across Kaleb's casket. Byker Bytch taps her hand on the top affectionately,before turning and walking away with the heaviest heart in the world, right now. She heads outside to a waiting Damion. They embrace tightly and Damion feels for at least one second, that the weight of the world is off him. Byker Bytch's sweet embrace lessened his burden, so much he could cry. This lasted what felt like forever, until Damion saw Jake "Mykell" Orton out of the corner of his eye. He has a bottle of Premier Russian Vodka in his hand, taking huge gulps from the bottle while talking to Mystic. The Homeless Hero notices Damion and Byker Bytch's laser glance, and tries to get Jake to put it away*

CC: Really? Don't they teach fucking boundaries in Russia? He knows what happened to Kaleb, and what caused it! Have some fucking respect, you prick!

Jake: What's up?!

*Byker Bytch surveys the scene. She knows Damion is about to unleash all his pent up emotions on them, even if it does result in a huge beat down at the hands of the others*

Mystic: Oh No!! Come on Jake, put dat away! Time, an' place Bra!!

*Jake laughs, turning his back to Damion and Byker Bytch. He really is a monster. Mystic looks uncomfortable*

CC: You know what, baby? Forget it. All of that anger, that pain ...Give it to them next weekend! You're beaten, bruised, and right now ...pretty broken. You know, you won't win that fight now. Let's go home, prepare for the weekend and do it the right way ...

*Damion doesn't look convinced*

CC: For your Brother's sake ...for Kaleb!!

*The fire disappears from Damion's eyes. The waves of emotion come crashing down on him mentally again, and he almost collapses into Byker Bytch. She steadies him, and guides him towards the black limo that was hired out for the day. The door opens, they both hop in, and the driver moves away before this whole situation breaks down as the scene fades*


CC' Voice: For weeks now, all I hear is "CC, what's wrong with you?" or "You're not sick, ill, or injured are you?" Frankly, what's wrong with me ...is none of your fucking business!! I lose a few matches, and something must be wrong with me ...right?? Even if something is wrong, in which there isn't. I wouldn't tell you any-fucking-ways!! I lost a few matches, and now everyone flies off the handle, and tell me "Jennifer Enigma blames you, for the lose of the tag-team tiles" ..and, I'm supposed to care what Ms. Enigma says?? Look, dumb shytes ...Enigma is the top champion in wXw, she'll survive without the tag titles. Right about now, I have to focus on Jen Tyler ...and hopefully she's focused on me. If not, if she choices to over look me like most of the so called "women" around here?? I'll rip her pretty face off, and beat her like Maddox does his Saturday Night Dates. Pretty simple really, Jenn I don't care if I pin you, submit you, or bleed you ...I just know, I'm Going To Beat You!!


*You can hear the camera being shoves, as Byker Bytch laughs*

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