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Summer Woods • versus • Hannah Stanton • versus • Black WidowLIVE! From The Pit (fka The Boneyard) in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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Posted 29 July 2019 - 07:06 PM


Triple Jeopardy Match

Summer Woods • versus • Hannah Stanton • versus • Black Widow

A trio of competitors vying for the victory. Which woman will prevail?

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Posted 25 August 2019 - 05:49 PM

short and sorry about that work and son tied up my time.  Click the picture. 



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Posted 26 August 2019 - 10:46 AM

Sorry I missed the deadline been dealing with illness the past few weeks. So I'm PM you my RP for the match


Getting Revenge

Unknown time and location

As the camera came up we see Hannah Stanton standing in what looked to be the abandon building that Hannah has been placed in by Doctor Gina Riggs. She was sitting on her bed her head buried in her hands. She seemed to be muttering something but it couldn’t be clearly picked up by the camera. She then lifted her head and her eyes were red and it seemed like she was just struggling to do this. Just then we heard a gravelly mystery voice talking.

Mystery Voice: What a fucking embarrassment just like always.

Hannah turned her head and as she did this her face started to lose it colour before it started to shake.

Hannah Stanton: No! NO! You can’t be here you can’t….

Mystery Voice: Oh yes Hannah I’m here.

The camera moved around to reveal a haggard looking old woman with a cigarette in her mouth. The woman removed the cigarette and spoke once more.

Mystery Person: And I’m here to see what a fucking piece of shit you have become. I mean seriously the fuck is that Doctor Riggs thinks she is trying to help you. You can’t be help you were a mistake pure and simple. I should have thrown you in the trash to rot because that all you were ever good for.

It was clear that this was now Hannah’s Mother the woman carried on looking at Hannah with an evil scowl.

Hannah Stanton: No Doctor Riggs believes in me. She is making me understand I can be normal I can control myself if I work on it and that you are the reason that I was so angry with everything.

Hannah mother scoffed as she took her cigarette and flicked it at Hannah. Hannah moved so the cigarette flew off down the room.

Hannah Mother: Please that doctor you got is a quack. I’m never getting your head Hannah I’m here because I am the reality that you are a little girl who I use to enjoy smacking the shit out of all those years ago. I got such joy at your scream, such pleasure at the fear that crossed your face as I stood over you and hit you. It was a rush knowing I have complete control over you. Not only that but I have it now. You can’t win Hannah! It’s that simple! You can’t…

Just then a hand was put on the throat on the woman who called herself her mother and the camera showed an angry Hannah with her arm out. The woman who claimed to her mother was making gutter groans as Hannah down the woman to the floor. She got in her face as she did this.

Hannah Stanton: How does this feel huh? How does it feel to know you’re on the end of this. How do it feel to have that air leaving your body! You think that you can break me! YOU THINK I’M SCARED OF YOU! YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT.


Hannah put a second hand on the throat and started to chuckle as she watched the old woman eyes started to roll back in her head and it was clear she was fading. Hannah started to laugh but again a voice called out.


Hannah looked up at this point and saw that Dr Riggs was looking at her seemingly very concerned. Hannah turned back and as she did this she saw that the woman who claimed to be her mother was gone and her hands were just choking air. Hannah freaked out a little and back up away from where she had been.

Hannah Stanton: She was there! I swear she was there.

Doctor Riggs looked on confused by Hannah words.

Doctor Riggs: Who was there Hannah?

Hannah pointed to the ground and shook her head.

Hannah Stanton: My mother she was there taunting me. Mocking me as a failure saying I should have been put in a garbage can and left to rot. I swear I was choking her! I would finally showing her she didn’t control me and that I could finally be rid of her from my mind but…

Hannah look on clearly not understanding what was happening. Doctor Riggs then got down next to Hannah.

Doctor Riggs Hannah we talked about your mother. I told you before she can’t hurt you because she is no longer on here. Remember I showed you her grave to prove she couldn’t hurt you any more.

Hannah shook her head at Doctor Riggs.

Hannah Stanton: No I saw her I was finally get my revenge on that bitch.

Doctor Riggs: Hannah there was nothing you were rumbling I think that your mind was trying to get you to freak out over the latest lost last time out. I think given what happen we should a session to talk about things.

Hannah looked at Doctor Riggs as she said this and she seemed to be extremely hurt by this.

Hannah Stanton: You don’t believe me do you.

Doctor Riggs looked at her and just calmly said this.

Doctor Riggs: I rather talk to you about it in a session because that way we deal with this sort of thing out. Like we agreed ok?

Hannah Stanton: Ok I’ll way for you.

Hannah voice was quite as she walked off out of a nearby door as she did this Doctor Riggs looked on. Clearly concerned about what was happening.

Doctor Riggs: She needs a win. Bad!

With that Doctor Riggs followed Hannah of the door as she did this the screen turned black.

The Doctor Speaks

As the camera came up we see Doctor Riggs in the back of the Boneyard pacing back and forth as she did this. Moments later she stopped and looked at the camera.

Doctor Riggs: I sure you are expecting me to lose it right? I mean Hannah isn’t on the quote main show and has been moved to a the pre show! As it’s an insult right?

The Doctor shook her head before carrying on.

Doctor Riggs: At the end of the day I have said this isn’t about placement on a card this isn’t about wins and losses. This is about getting a woman who needs help the help she needs. Now I will say this Black Widow you act like you’re a crazy person. That you are going to rip through people because you have a wild look in your eye. Honestly you are not crazy you are a scared little girl who put this act on because I think that you are so plain that you don’t matter. Hannah is going to expose you within seconds and honestly some quack will steal your money claiming they will help you. I can’t wait to see Hannah smash you. As for you Miss Woods saying that Hannah will bow down and kiss your feet? No Miss Woods the only way Hannah will get down on her knees is to deliver her patented C….

Doctor Riggs stopped herself and shook.

Doctor Riggs: No she will not do that, what she will do is sink her teeth into your foot and rip it off. Once she has done that she will beat your little entitled ass with it. You Summer think that because your British that mean you better. No dear it doesn’t matter about where you are from or what you are Hannah will smash you to make herself better isn’t that right Hannah?

Doctor Riggs looked at Hannah who just seemed to be stareing off into the distance like she was in a trance. Doctor Riggs called out once more to Hannah.

Doctor Riggs: Hannah!

Hannah looked up at Doctor Riggs and nodded.

Hannah Stanton: Yeah Doctor Riggs I’m going to smash them.

Hannah voice seemed to be saying her heart wasn’t fully in this. Doctor Riggs walked over and looked at her.

Doctor Riggs: Hannah please we have to do this right. I know it hard but you have to focus.

Hannah Stanton: I will Doctor Riggs.

Doctor Riggs nodded and stood up before walking off as she did this Hannah muttered to herself.

Hannah Stanton: It was real I swear.

Hannah then stood up and let out a long breath.

Hannah Stanton: I guess if it was fake maybe I should do it for real on those bitches tonight.

With that Hannah got a sick smile on her face as she did this the screen turned black.

End of RP

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