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The Fierce One Cindy-Louise.

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Posted 19 July 2019 - 08:50 AM

wrestler name. Cindy-Louise.

real name. Cindy-Louise White.

age 28 debut 11/6/2011.


Aligment. Tweener more heel then face. don,t need cheat.

Hometown. Philadelphia PA

Motivation. passion, financial gain, punishment.

Gimmick. A  ass-kicker who means business.


Ring attire.Red dress above knee, kneehigh black boots,beach blond hair. favorit weapon. frying pan.

Pic base. Heidi Lee Morgan. Similair. loselly madusa micelli.

style. old school kicker.


Entrancetheme. Respect of Adeva.

Description. On top ramp stand blond  woman runs of ramp. Go through ropes to a neutral corner.


moves. octopus hold.

corkscrew kick

spinning wheel kick.

spinning  heel kick.

rocking chair.

hand spring overhead kick.

hook kick.

springboard enzuigiri.

front  dropkick

Bow&Arrow(submission) hold.

reversed frankensteiner.

handspring back elbow to face.

handspring headscissor takedown.

reversed roundhouse kick.



primary finisher. tornado kick       do right  opponent is knocked-out.

secondary finisher. front flip ddt.

special finisher..springboard tornado ddt.


bio.she did model to pay for her martial arts classes. Marcus White is Not her dad her older brother. Took her under his wing training her to be a wrestler. No with loveable harold, tum tum, thomas mccray(he own playbox inc ). Her nickname fierce one got facing men and knowing her  skills has save her from beating..

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