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Rena Suzuki

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Posted 17 July 2019 - 12:47 PM

wrestler name. Rena Suzuki

Real name. Regina Thomas yes as baby adopted after mum died.

Age.35  debut. 15/8/2003

Height/weight. 5.2,150

Hometown. Kyoto Japan lives in Los Angeles CA

Aligment. a no cheating pure baby face.

Picbase. Meiko Sattomura  similair. satamura, ,asuka.

Gimmick. nice girl untill piss her off.

favorit weaopan. a steel hand fan.


entrancetheme. kung fu fightning of cee-lo green.

description. come alone or with sis leila off ramp. in kimono, black hair in bunn. ring attendant get kimono. Bow to referee.


ring attire. red sun on white top and trunks, black boots, black hair in a bunn.

motivation. financial gain,passion,platform.


moves. short-arm lariat.

double chickenwing bomb.

snap punch/snap powerbomb.

rapid fire shootkicks.

jumping  yakuza kick/jumping clothesline.

japanese armdrag.

Missile dropkick.

rolling wheel kick/rolling senton.

hairwhip through ring.

butterfly suplex.

wheel barrow armdrag.


premary finisher. front suplex.

secondary finisher. death valley driver.

special finisher. bearhug suplex.


bio.same as leila trained in family gym and later from others outside the family. her mum Leilani traveled with her to Japan to learn her accept her background.

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