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Leila Suzuki

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Posted 17 July 2019 - 12:25 PM

Wrestler name. Leila Suzuki

real name. Mary-Lynn Thomas    her original name is past.

Age. 28. debut 20/7/2009

Height/weight..5.7 200

Aligment. a pure babyface   so she can,t cheat.

Motivation. platform/financial gain/passion.

Hometown. Kyoko Japan     she live in Los Angeles CA.

Gimmick. a real tough cookie to crack.

favorite wapon. a hand fan .


Entrance theme.Kung Fu Fightning(instrumental out kung fu panda 3)

description.Followed from sis rena comes a woman in a kimono off ramp. kimono go off and hand fan to ring attendant. Bow to referee, went to a neutral corner.


Ring attiture. red sun on white top& trunks, black boots, black hair in a bun.

fight style.shoot wrestling. Picbase&similair. Bull Nakano.


Moves set. Jumping clothesline/jumping yakuza kick.

rapid fire shoot kicks.

Rolling wheelkick/rolling senton.

Butterfly suplex.

Spinning heel kick/spinning back elbow.

Japanese armdrag.

Double chickenwing bomb.

Short-arm lariat.

Hairwhip through ring.

Running crossbody/running spear.


primary finisher. belly to belly piledriver.

secondary finisher.flowing ddt.

special finisher.front suplex.


bio. . Saying  Leila is outside  silent  is true. The family gym  is full of talent some of there parents did babysit Leila. She has a degree in teaching but roll in family business. Trained from,with the multi-race family.

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