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Posted 13 July 2019 - 03:59 AM

wrestlername. Bess. nickname. Miss Beautiful.

real name/age. Liz or Elizabeth Thomas.

age/debut. 26. 16/8/2010

height,weight. 5.9 170

Aligment. Tweening. Yes will cheat sometimes.

Hometown. Los Angeles CA

Gimmick. tought cookie to crack/like show-off.

Ring attire. Long black hair, bra/shorts/boots in red with black stripes.

Pic base. Nyla Rose. Similair. Cris Cyborg,Nyla Rose/Chyna.

Style. mix mma with some wrestling.

Motivation. Platform, financial gain.Passion.


Entrancetheme. I like it of Narcotic Thrust.

Description. A big girl come off ramp, high fives females on first row. before go to corner do lip lock on referee haha.


Moves set.


kicks. Axe kick.

crescent kick.

hook kick.

spinning roundhouse kick.


double kneelift.

diving hurricarana/diving   fore-arm ./diving crossbody of apron.

suicide dive off apron.

inverted boston crab.

running low dropkick/running    clothesline.

rapid-fire shoot kicks.

tilt-a-whirl headscissor.


premary finisher. hammer fist.

secondary finisher. spinning wheel kick     when do good light is out.

special finisher. butterfly suplex.


bio. a former model with mma background yes a woman born in thomas clan second generation possibly.

trained from   loveable harold and others. Her babysitter Mary Yellowbird who learn her more then talk the talk.



quote. I,m big and  beautiful but nasty as mountain lion.

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