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Hannah Stanton (w/ Dr. Gina Riggs) • versus • Necra Octavian Kane

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Posted 2 weeks ago


Singles Match

Hannah Stanton (w/ Dr. Gina Riggs) • versus • Necra Octavian Kane

The rookie competitor, Hannah Stanton must contender with one of the most decorated competitors in WXW today, Necra Octavian Kane.

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Act 1: Another Scrub


"Why is it when I am at the top of my game, they put me up against the scrubs? I am and always will be better than my lessers. Give me a challenge and I will shine among the stars, and the mortals of this world will know what it is to have a Goddess walk among them."



Kane Fashions

Fashion District, Manhattan New York



The scene opens on the beautiful city of Manhattan. The bright afternoon sun was high over head, and cast its light to the city streets below. The sound of car horns echoed through the city, mixing with the sirens from the emergency vehicles that sped through the streets. The smells from the local restaurants  seemed to mix together, along with the smell from burning gas from the cars and trucks that moved through the city. The river flowed through the city, and the private yachts, and the tour boats moved long letting the tourists get a beautiful view of the city. The camera picks up the sound of the birds from Central Park which took up a good section of the city. The vibrant flowers were brightly colored and seemed to bring life to the streets and apartment balconies that lined the high rises. The camera moves over the city and soon comes to a stop on a high rise with what appears to have a pyramid top that glistened in the late afternoon sun. The fountain out front had a pure white marble statue in the middle of a woman holding an amphora in her arms pouring the water out into the fountain below her. The interior of the building was done in what appeared to be a light colored sandstone and the floors were done in a black marble with a giant eye of Horus in the middle of it. The revolving door soon turns and we see Necra dressed in a pair of tight leather pants that seemed to cling to all of the right places, and a top that revealed much of bountiful pale skinned bosoms. On her feet was a pair of sandals with a low heel. Sara trails behind her carrying folders in her arms as they head toward the golden colored doors of the elevators. People that they pass by seem to stop and stare before gong back to what they were doing as they reach the elevators and Sara presses the button. Necra watches the numbers come down,and soon the doors open with a loud ding as they do. Necra and Sara step inside as Sara opens a small panel revealing a lock. She pulls out a key and accesses the lock and soon the doors close and the numbers start to move up once again.


Sara: Are you sure you want to do this ma'am? I mean after your match I figured you would want some down time...


Necra: I'm already behind on my designs and I figured since we are in New York I could go into the office for a bit.


Sara: We really should put a branch of the company out in Vegas too.


Necra: That sounds like a good idea.. That way I wouldn't be that far away, and I could get away from the followers for a few hours a day.


Sara: I'll call and let aunt Stacy know ma'am.


The elevator soon reaches their floor and they step out into the long hallway that was done in the same colors as the main lobby except for the long deep blue Persian rug that ran all along the floor toward her office. Sara soon takes her place behind a large desk with the engraving of the Egyptian God Thoth behind her done in bright and vibrant colors. Necra opens the double doors to her office, revealing a massive open space with a large dark wooden desk with  high backed leather chair that sat in front of a giant window that over looked the city. The walls were done in the same sand stone color, as the rest of the building, except for the hieroglyphics that showed the underworld. In one corner stood dressing dummies which were now bare, and a few glass cases sat against another wall filled with strange and odd looking trinkets made from different materials that shimmered in the sun light that streamed through the window. She sits down at the desk and leans back before turning to face the window.


Necra: My mother started this business when she was 20 years old. She was a model for another company but she wanted something more. She wanted to be in control and she made it happen. She was also in the business just like I am and was part of one of the most dominant teams in the world at the time. And now I am following in her footsteps. I run the company even thought I don't really come into the office as often, and I've held titles in every company that I have been a part of. But once again I hold gold and I am still in the running for the one title that I have yet to get my hands on in WXW and soon enough that one will be mine as well.


Necra smiles as her eyes flash red before going back to their normal color.


Necra: But first I have to face off against another scrub. Why is it when I'm doing good, they toss some poor girl at me who has little to no experience in the ring?  Is it to appease the Goddess? Or is it because they need to thin out the poor creatures that can't handle themselves or prove themselves to anyone? Whatever the reason it truly doesn't matter to me. Hannah I don't think you have even managed to win a match have you? if you have it must have been someone just as worthless as you are. I looked into your background and once again you are just another little girl that is trying to find meaning in this world. Byker Bytch pulled the same thing. Trying to make herself look sympathetic but it doesn't work on someone like myself. You see everyone is the same to me when they die. Just remember who you are facing Hannah and you might make it out of this match in one piece... Maybe.


She laughs as she gets up from the high back black leather chair and walks across the room to a bookshelf that was filled with books and what appeared to be ancient tomes. She pulls down on one of them as the shelf slides over revealing a set of stone steps. As she steps down torches that line the wall seem to light on their own.


Necra: Hannah I don't think you even know what you are getting into. Ask anyone that has faced me, and they will tell you just how good I really am. I don't hold back, let alone let losers like you walk away with wins over me. By all means you have cheated death once but you will cheat it again. You see you are marked for death, but this time you feel my touch so you better pray to whatever God you believe in because when I am done with you, you will wish that you were dead. And those voices you hear every day of your life will finally fade away... I'll make sure of that. When this match is done and over with you will be battered, broken, beaten, bloodied, bruised, and totally humiliated. I am the Goddess of Death, The Queen of the Dead, The Lady in Black, The Angel of Death, The Reaper of Souls, The Child of Heaven and Hell. Fear me! For when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon Hannah and good luck... You're going to need it.


Necra smiles as she looks back at the camera and soon disappears down the stairs as the scene fades to black.

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