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Jenny Tyler • versus • Elena DreadThe 1st Annual WXW Queen of Barbedwire Tournament


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Posted 05 July 2019 - 06:20 AM


Queen of Barbwire Tournament

Singles Match

Jenny Tyler • versus • Elena Dread

A match in the Queen of Barbwire Tournament. Who'll move on?

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Posted 01 August 2019 - 08:13 PM

She had done it, made that first remarkable step, had a few answers, and left more then a few people with even more when it came to her. Had a few cuts, bruises, and the debut win to prove it. Examining the damage, and the mild memory of screams of blue murder that came as the bits of panned glass were pulled out of her she could only imagine how much worst it was for Laree. Getting a text warning of a coming interviewer as well as her next match she couldn't help but chuckle a little. Giving a quick look in the full length mirror on the back of the locker room door she nodded, and grabbed up a gun metal grey duffel bag. Calliope Norris and camera man where almost a little too close to just outside the door when she stepped out. Still feeling most of the match running through her, and the adrenaline of the moment fading so the pain could be even more evident. She leaned against the door smirking letting Norris open.


Norris “Congratulations on your big win tonight miss Tyler... Though I do have a few questions for you. First being, for someone that spoke out against the hardcore and extreme nature of the WXW you were the first one to resort to weapons?”


Jenny saw that coming and even if she hadn't if on cue a hall monitor replayed the moment in the match when she went searching for the leather belt.


Tyler “When in Rome. I saw the blood lust in the horde watching, and wanted to show them, and Laree that I was just as willing as anyone to play along even if I do have my issues with it. I got as good as I gave, besides lets not forget she tried to escalate the violence, and we know where that got her.”


Norris “Speaking of the woman you bested tonight I do wonder post match your feelings about Laree?”


Tyler “What feelings should I have? Should I hate her for what she wanted to do? Maybe be upset that from moment one she seemed to be dismissive, and even underestimate me? I have more respect for her as a competitor, and look forward to seeing where she goes from here. One match doesn't really set the stage for any real feelings one way or another. She has a killer entrance though, I mean who doesn't love a good Judas Priest tune?”


Norris “So do you still intend to try to focus first, and foremost on proving yourself as a wrestler, and to forgo the hardcore, or extreme?”


Tyler “Depends. If you only see hardcore, or extreme as toys, tools, and buckets of blood. I'd say your definition of hardcore and extreme is a little too narrow. Competition to move up, or prove your the better competitor, the better woman, better wrestler between you and the person your against can get plenty hardcore, plenty extreme. Proving how tough, how capable you are by resisting the urge, the ease, and the advantage such tools and toys suggest giving. Like I said before I've seen the anything goes, if it ain't nailed down its a weapon stuff enough in life. Heck you can find that in an alley, a parking garage in a bar fight on a good night, in backyard wrestling. That wasn't what I spent the last two years learning, not what I believe got me noticed, or got me here. So yea there is a part of me that maybe wants to be the exception to the rule, and prove a a street rat rookie wrestler can survive in the land of the feral's and the psychos.”


Norris almost seemed a little annoyed at the neutral, humble, and passive tones of Tyler who in seeing this only seemed to smile even wider.


Norris “Maybe you'll change your tune when we get to talking about The Queen Of Barbwire Tournament and your next opponent. “The Siren of Dread” Elena dread.”


Tyler couldn't help herself and burst out in laughter leaving Norris looking more then a little confused till Jenny straightened up, clutching at back and ribs as a mix of laughter and the after effects of the match made her almost regret the fun she was having looked at the clearly not in on the joke Norris and just started laughing again. Before again trying and failing at a straight face.


Tyler “What the who again?”


Norris “ The Siren Of Dread” Elena Dread.”


Jenny couldn't help it and started laughing again.


Tyler “Damn and here I was thinking we had left the golden years of the cartoon era behind us. Nickname Dread, last name Dread. .. Redundant much? Now I suddenly have the urge to see Stallone's Judge Dredd, almost as match prep, and research, and as a lover for the best of bad movies. . Holy ham and cheese that's bad, and to think you we were worried about me.”


Norris had now lost her patience with the rookie girl.


Norris “Now more then ever. Who do you think you are mocking someone that has the allegiance of Necra Octavian Kane? Someone who is a top tier contender for the tag titles?”


Jenny just shook her head chuckling.


Tyler “ A rookie who just won her first ever major federation wrestling match, and is trying to enjoy the moment. A rookie Laree didn't see coming, and one that Dread will probably take one look, or one listen to and dismiss, overlook, and not think twice about. A rookie who has, and is already that much better then when she arrived and will be better still when Flashpoint comes. I am someone that has openly declared her intention to go on, and go upwards in this company first and foremost as a wrestler. So imagine what that means I will have to do to come out of this match the victor. What I will have to be able to endure survive and surpass to move up in the tournament, perhaps even win the queen of the barbwire tourney without using or even touching the stuff. Who I am is someone that knows the burden of proof is still on me, that one match won can be a fluke, beginners luck, or whatever you want to call it. But a series of wins over ever increasing talent thats the proof needed that Jenny Tyler is to be taken seriously. Maybe that makes Dread a bigger threat as a dream killer as someone that can get over besting and stopping the steam of a new talent who doesn't quiet have the fans behind her yet, keep her from ever having them behind her by stopping her now. But imagine how much hungrier that will make me.”


“Who I am is a rags to riches underdog upset story in the making, looking to use each and every match, moment, and opponent as another opportunity to grow, learn, understand, and get answers as well as give them to those watching, those unsure and uncertain where they should stand where I am concerned. I am the rookie that has more to lose and more to gain in this match then Dread does knows how much more I want and need this win, and her knowing that will be out to stop me, which I can't let happen. I am Jenny Tyler the woman who might lead the Dread Siren to make the long walk after singing a song of suffering, sacrifice, and submission.”


Jenny smirked before pushing off the wall and heading out.


Several days later


William Sandersons garage was a modest two car hole in the wall shop with a loft that housed three people in it's second story. WillIam Sanderson, a bear of a man had raised Jenny for some time christened her little wheel after she showed an immediate aptitude for motorcycles. Granted back then he took her under wing as a youth to avoid legal issues while running an illegal chop crew. While it wasn't the best of relationships or things to bond over he was the only, well the safest contact she had in Nevada. William had two live in companions. Billie his red headed stepchild of a tom boy info broker, hacker, and undercover infiltrator, and cat burglar, and William Bayley everyone just called Bayley to avoid confusion a bean pole of a book worm skilled in acquisitions it was rumored that if it existed he could find it. Coming down from the loft where they had agreed to let her crash while she worked to set herself up a more stable residence an almost scary idea for someone so restless Jenny headed to the customer service foyer area of the garage where Billie in a Arch Enemy t, jeans, and backwards turned White socks cap was glancing over a couple of monitors. She raised a hand to cut off anything Jenny was about to say before sliding a small stack of papers toward her not bothering to turn away from the card games that took up two of them she was most focused on.


Billie “Glad to see you again and all lil wheel but I am in the middle of two separate arena runs, and being ranked they are timed. I have set up a packet of useful intel on Vegas, Nevada, and the various safe, and neutral places to workout, live, hang out, especially blues, and jazz clubs, and some more intel on that Talbot fellow. Who is not someone that works for the WXW, at least not directly. “


Jenny picked up and skimmed through the paper work, smiled a little at the thought of Vegas even having jazz and blues clubs let alone Billie remembering one of Jenny's lost loves musically. While looking more the metal type Tyler had her earliest memories being of jazz sax, and blues guitar. It was even in such a club her and Billie first met. Billie playing up to a rival of Williams in the leader of a car theft ring. The last bit finally reaching her ears.


Tyler “ Talbot doesn't work for them? He had a lot of info and paper work for someone that isn't a suit in that company.”


Billie nodded not turning from the monitor but instead celebrating her own random card game plotting


Billie “Turn seven giant chicken, have fun with that I dare you... Yea I bet he did easing you into the company just helps his cause. Sinjin Talbot is what you'd call a interested third party. A talent scout. A talent scout who is double dipping.”


Tyler “Double dipping?”


Billie “finding a Hawks nest graduate work in a major league federation quickly the Hawks nest kicks him back a small consultants fee. The WXW using him to find it promising, unknown up and coming talent kicks him a small finders fee. Double dipping. Though a gamble seeing that if you don't make a certain level of fame, stardom, and success you might make his work selling you as a Hawks nest graduate and the Hawks Nest as a school and producer of wrestling talent look bad. If you are a bad fit or become badly injured, or worst at the first company are signed to his work as a consultant takes a considerable hit. His reputation is as much double dipping gambling wise.”'


Tyler ”So my success fitting in, and working both as a representative of the Hawks Nest and a WXW competitor has some effect on him. ... Gee no pressure. … Why take that kind of chance?“


Billie played a few hands of the multiple card games she had running before answering.


Billie “Most likely a need for a quick cash infusion to make alimony and child support payments. Sinjin Talbot had a modest career as a wrestler, fell into bad company and bad habits, was married and had a child like a lot of behind the scenes stories that went south, and when his career ended he ended up in a rocky agents position which took a heavy hit after some wild accusations. One might even go so far as to say your being who he is gambling on, or scouting is an odd choice. He usually keeps clear of female wrestling talent.”


Tyler “Defiantly gonna have to have some words with him... hell of a job fooling me though my bs detector didn't pick up anything that ulterior a motive.”


Billie “A genuine true believer in you and your ability, and how your success could almost be a redemption for him. I imagine he will be at or near The Boneyard, probably gonna be keeping an eye on you and be available to help you transition into a more mainstream WXW talent then the out of left field street rat you are... no offense.”


Jenny smirked and chuckled a little at the thought that someone that knew her like Billie kinda did felt the need to apologize for stating the obvious. Rambling the way she did street rat was the appropriate term and wasn't one Jenny took as an insult. Being assimilated, normal would have been more of an insult. Continuing to skim the paperwork she let out a impressed whistle.


Tyler “Looks like you covered all the basics. Chosen vendors with good standing with Will, gang territories, a who's who of underground figures. Though you do have a lot of question marks when it comes to turf, and rank and file.”


Billie “ Well after someone mail ordered a bomb to Sonny Hokori that took him and most those on the floor of his building he was on out there was a power vacuum in the US holdings of the Hokari family. The various captains, street soldiers, and just about anyone looking to take over, move up, fighting amongst themselves. Interesting point of order is it looks like that may be coming to an end soon however as Leonard tsaung is rumored to be coming state side soon to restructure things as well as scout a few of wrestling interest.”


Jenny watched the games Billie was playing a little more intently to catch a glimpse of Billies eyes. The Hokori name wasn't one that just got thrown around, and if Sonny was gone that left Tora in charge. Tora that had been running most the families business in Japan and Korea. Leonard was her number one guy, who usually handled the day to day of the more legitimate interest up to and including Tora's interest in the wrestling scene at home and abroad. A well known deep pocket and fundraiser for several companies though most assumed that to be more a money laundering operation for her.


Tyler “ and Tora?”


Billie smirked recalling a black tie fundraiser her and Tyler had bs'ed they're way into in order to pick a few pockets, network, and get some coded intel on street movement and the chop shop and car theft scene. A black tie affair that had them meeting and standing face to face with the tiger of the Hokori family herself. Someone that was clearly as hot as she was dangerous. Who had hidden much of the bad things the family was supposedly responsible for under the cover of job creation, charity, and a serious of techcentric businesses. Jen and Tora almost seemed to hit it off.


Billie “Staying at home Leonard is likely being given Sonny's holdings in the states which is a wonder that she didn't drop it before Sonny was clumsy and ran things like he had watched too many mobster movies forgetting the best uc work is done in silence and under the banner and camouflage of legitimate business. The shadiest of shit never being heard about or seen ala the way it can keep happening.... and before you ask yea Hokori is an anonymous donor to both the WXW and XWF and yes she has most of her investment and aid to those companies pretty well hidden. But most companies like politicians keep a lil black book of all they're deepest anonymous pockets.”


Billie finished with her card games finally turned to face her old friend smiling.


Billie “All that said good to see you alive and well even if it means having to follow wrestling again something I haven't done since bootleg copies of old Coliseum videos. Saw the bike you road in on not your usual fair.”


Tyler “A lemon I picked up in town, a work in progress something to do outside the wrestling thing, figure best to stay in the habit, and help Will out earning my keep.”


Billie “Should have seen the smile on his face when he heard you were coming. if your bored there is a clunker in bay two that needs some basic brake work.”


Tyler shrugged her shoulders and headed over. A few hours and grease stains later she slides out from under an old eighty four olds to see William grey bearded a lil Gandalf looking in his old age since she last saw him. Untucking a bandana from her pocket she wiped way the sweat and hopped up. After a quick embrace between mentor and friend. Once the embrace broke he inclined his head toward the garages customer entrance.


William “You got company lil wheel, some wrestling company riff raff. Lose them won't you. We got a hard enough time getting customers without a camera scaring them off.”


Spotting WXW Norris and a camera man at the entrance she let out a sigh, and a muted curse before heading over to a jean jacket hung over a tool chest, and then made her way over leading Norris and camera out of the garage and into a nearby alley dotted with little window well level flower pots.


Tyler “So the Dread siren come out and say something?”


Norris shook her head.


Tyler “So whats the deal with stalking the talent?”


Norris “Well this being only your second match in the WXW and it being a first round match in a tournament we were instructed to get more from you to have you hype your end of it more.”


Tyler “And you wanted some part of that hype being getting me in trouble? or finding some yourself? How about we agree to keep the wrestling stuff at The Boneyard from now on.”


Norris nodded, Jenny gave the camera man a glance and he followed the staffers example and nodded.


Tyler “ Good but since you are here, you ready electric eye?”


The camera man nodded again and Tyler leaned gently against a brick wall and gave off the hint of a smirk before beginning.


Tyler “So lemme see if I got this right? Not only in my second match am I competing in a high end tournament, but against against the Dread Siren, against one half of The Fallen competing against Goddess champ Little Egypt's bff? Well doesn't that just raise the stakes, and make the prize to have eyes on that much larger? Either someone upstairs likes what they are seeing, or wants to see me slaughtered? I like a challenge, but The Fallen? Isn't that just a little too on the nose? Might that not look a little like a spoiler for how this match might end when one Tyler tough Jenny come lately leaves the dread siren singing about her fall? How she was left fallen before me, by me, maybe even for me if she is one of those shades of grey type girls?'


Jenny chuckles a little before reaching into the pocket of her jacket and pulls out a small piee of glass with a hint of blood on it and taps it against a spot on her left shoulder shrugging a little.


Tyler “ Wonder what kind of trophy I can pick up from the living dread girl. Speaking of... Dread Fallen Kane? I gotta admit that's an awesome mix of spooky super natural silliness and I'm sure if I were a lil girl or blue haired old lady I'd be really scared of you two, sure I probably should be seeing what Kane did to that lil karaoke girl Valour. But the whole darkness boogity person thing in wrestling? Just too ham and cheese to take seriously. I almost dare Kane and company to prove me wrong and give me a reason to be scared. In fact lil Egypt I cant help but hope as Goddess champion your somewhere nearby maybe even at ringside getting a good look just to tip the scales that much more agianst me. See I know going into this like I did Laree wrestler first I don't do myself any favors, going in confident, without the resume to back it up, that from office, locker room, to stands the burden of proof is still on me. But if it ain't broke. Don't fix it. Maybe I even up the old school ante and let Ellie have her way with me for a while, let her wear herself out kicking my ass before turning her lights out. Before showcasing just how well trained a wrestler I am, who much better my math against Laree has made me, Who much I can take, how lean mean, an upset machine little Jenny Tyler can continue to be.”


Rolling the piece of glass along her knuckle as one might a coin she smirks flipping it into the air before tossing it back into her pocket.


Tyler “Imagine it for a minute a street rat turned wrestler in the land of ferals, psychopaths, and back yard enthusiast walks into the first round of The Queen Of Barbwire Tournament against The Fallen's less successful half, and makes her even less successful by starting her off one loss in a double elimination tournament. Imagine a nobody walking in walks out a somebody on the back of a member of The fallen, or don't and just catch the replay on whatever streaming service the WXW has to offer, enjoy the replay siren sister cause that might be the best luck you have at remembering what happened at Flashpoint. Last time a debut that answered questions but left more being followed up by an upset that answers even more, while leaving more. Who is hungrier the Siren or the street rat? Who wants it more a girl partnered up with a Goddess? or a girl standing on her own? Only one way to know for sure. See ya soon Siren.”


Jenny mockingly blows the camera a kiss before heading back into the garage.


Several days later


the press circuit for Flashpoint and the appearance schedule of a federation like the WXW was something Jenny Tyler hadn't quite gotten used to, wasnt sure how one ever did. She found herself in the booth at a radio station that mixed wrestling talk with music. Coming off another top forty bitta shlock Jen had to hide her contempt for she smiled at the slightly overweight dj that was running the show as he again looked to his laptop no doubt for more fan, or random twitter questions to mix with his own.


DJ “Forgive me for saying this miss Tyler but looking at you its almost hard to believe your a wrestler.”


Tyler faked blushing a little before chuckling.


Tyler “What do I look like I should be? A lawyer, medical examiner, singer songwriter opening for the Indigo Girls?” (minor pic base /fourth wall joke) Thats one of the nicer parts of the enlightened state wrestling is in now. There isn't an exact look or body type you have to be neither brick shit house or lingerie model. If you have it, have a strong enough desire, work ethic, you can make it. Maybe thats even part of the allure of someone like me not fitting the extremes leaves one to wonder, want to see what I am capable of, how I can hold my own given the field.”


DJ “Which brings us back to the wrestling, wrestler first attitude you have been pushing.”


Tyler “What can I say, I saw enough blood and guts street fighting long before the wrestling bug ever bit me so maybe I like to try to prove myself as something different. Put all the time and money that went to training to good use. Besides there are all kinds of fans, all kinds in wrestling and I'm sure even in the WXW some that wouldn't mind seeing someone push for a more professional wrestling sporting end of things. where others might be there for the hardcore, extreme, cat fight, comedic, hell maybe even just monkey spank material that comes with two girls beating the crap out of each other.”


DJ “Rather blunt aren't you?”


Tyler “ well despite what the internet might suggest a the end of the day people as complex and different as they are are still pretty simple and like what they like, and while some things obviously should be vilified what gets us off as long as its between consenting adults shouldn't be part of it “


DJ “For a wrestler you don't quite seem to have the bark, and growl, or over the moon ego one often sees?”


Jenny again had to laugh a little at that one.


Tyler “Give a girl a chance I'm only one match going into my second. I pick up a few more wins a few more trophies maybe even a belt or two maybe I'll actually have the bark and growl, and ego that goes with actual success, or maybe I'll add staying confident but humble to part of the charm and mystery surrounding Jenny Tyler. Though lets just say barking, howling, four letter words and an over abundance of sex and violence doesn't make a person hard. Maybe a little to try hard. Maybe there's more to the soft spoken nature then you think.”


DJ “So deception, and reverse psychology then?”


Tyler “Why try to define it, put in a box or on a checklist? Why not just enjoy it? Is she baiting or is she exactly what she looks to be? Only one way to know for sure. Like to think maybe thats part of what will keep people watching. Maybe leaving the fans, office, and roster with as many questions to answer about me as I have about wrestling and the wrestling world makes the journey that much more exciting, especially when the destination, is both known in the short term, Flashpoint and its end ideally with a win but unknown in the long run.”


DJ “I did notice that even the commentators seemed a little disappointed in your weapon of choice.”


Tyler “Yea, kinda funny really since theres nothing wrong with the simplicity of a leather belt. The right buckle and you can draw blood, you can choke some one out, and certainly leave your mark on them. Maybe its still a little too old school for such a lightube, pane glass, staple gun backyard enthusiastic company. But. I think it works well enough, hurts like hell last a good while. But most likely doesn't permanently scar, or dismember, leaves the person whipped with something to think about but doesn't leave them looking like pinhead, or something from a Saw or Resident Evil flick. Because you don't have to maim to win, don't have to make an opponent less marketable or able to show they're face to get one over on them. Satisfied the weapon requirement with out going over the top. Further proves I'm able to go they're way with out losing mine.”


DJ “Being as new to major league wrestling as you are what are your thoughts on the company your with. The WXW?”


Tyler “Hard to say, hardly have a foot in the door or a chance to figure out who's cheating who. I will say the thing almost as amusing as the hardcore, extreme, well the specific take on those words they seem to favor is just how much of the roster is into making allegiances teams trios stables. Almost like nobody is willing to stand on theyre own kinda like the push for nicknames. But could I recommend it? Sure why not I think there is a little something there for everyone. Including the journey of a rookie, and the mysteries that come with her, and that she is there to solve one match at a time each match one opponent at a time. “


DJ “Veering a little away from wrestling and Flashpoint I am a little curious as are some of the fans, seeing how you aren't into the music we play here, what kinda music do you like?”


Jenny almost faked a blush seeing that she let her mild dislike of pop and top forty stuff show she leaned back a little smiling.


Tyler “ Well either cause I forgot or repressed most of my childhood, and where I came from I can't really say why but I've always had a an attraction to blues and jazz. In fact one of my favorite rumors when it comes to my origin is about a waitress getting knocked up in a speak easy while a local rent a mic John Lee Hooker impersonator worked the stage. Still find it surprising how a blues guitar and a jazz sax can sometimes emote better then any voice. … Though metal, even hair metal comes a close second. Part of the apeal and fondest memory of the Laree match other then the win was that entrance. It was after all Halford and Priest that brought me into the church of metal.”


DJ “and from twitter a fan asks what are your guilty pleasures?”


Jenny smirked before giggling a little.


Tyler “You mean besides out of left field stalker questions from the fringe element of fandom? The films of Jim Varney and William Shatner. and being that we are on the radio cover songs done well outside original genre. You haven't lived till you've heard things like an eighties pop song done by System Of A Down, a rap song taken almost to the country, grunge done by a more singer songwriter contemporary. Much like Weird Al parodies its the kinda thing you hear and either love, hate, or sometimes even hear in place of the original just out of habit.”


Dj “When not wrestling what are your hobbies?”


Tyler “Well due to the glorious results fo a misspent youth I'm a bit of a grease monkey, motorcycles especially, darts, poker, pool … yea spent a good time or three in bars.”


DJ “Working hustles no doubt.”


Jen couldn't help but laugh a little at that.


Tyler “Either someones working out some issues or you understand me better then you know. When you live like a runaway its very much a make it up as you go along, which almost makes my wanting to play nice and by the rules in wrestling a little weird, but every so often you wanna see how the other half lives.”


As the interview was about to continue a small egg timer went off as the DJ signaled a close


DJ “ Well theres your five minutes of Mayhem with Vic Damone, and if your in the Las Vegas area be sure to stop by The Boneyard to see some of the best extreme, hardcore, competitive wrestling around maybe even be able to say you were there during the early days of the rise of Jenny Tyler.... Miss Tyler thank you for your time and good luck at Flashpoint.”


Rising They shook hands before Tyler headed out and the scene fades to black.

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Enjoy the rp. click the link above to view.


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