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Erin Stone © • versus • Byker BytchThe 1st Annual WXW Queen of Barbedwire Tournament


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Posted 05 July 2019 - 06:19 AM


Queen of Barbwire Tournament

Singles Match

Erin Stone © • versus • Byker Bytch

A match in the Queen of Barbwire Tournament. Who'll move on?

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Posted 22 July 2019 - 02:09 PM

::Part One::

~The Dream~


*A little girl sits playing in her room. She has a monster truck toy. Some cheap imitation grave digger toy. She is running over some small cars and laughing, as she makes people screaming for help. The rug she is on has at least 15 cars that the monster truck has crashed, and killed the people inside. She brings in a cop car and ambulance, smashes them as the truck drives over it the little girl giggles*

Girl: Die ...Die ...HAHAHA …Please don't Kill Me… HAHAHA Die …DIE!!

*The girl walks out of her room, and she grabs a Lunchable and juice box. She closes the fridge, and walks towards the couch. She sits down on the couch, and next to her is someone with a blanket. The girl opens his juice box, and starts making a pizza out of the items in the kit*

Girl: Momma, this is the last food item in the fridge and I know you don't feel good. I hope you feel better soon, since you caught this cold last month. 

*The girl lifts up the blanket, and a dead woman sits on the couch under it. The little girl puts the juice box in her mouth, and squirts some of the drink into her mouth. It goes everywhere*

Girl: Good job Momma, you drank a lot of juice, that time. 

*The girl continues to sit with her Mother. She turns on the TV, but the cable bill wasn't paid. The static on the screen, doesn't seem to faze her. She grabs the last pizza from the lunchable try, and puts it in her mouth. While she tries to close her mouth, her neck snaps and her head falls down*



*Some maggots start to crawl out of her body, and the little girl starts the vacuum and sucks them up. While doing it, a big section of her hair comes undone. The girl pulls it out of the vacuum, and she starts trying to put it back together. The hair just falls off, she grabs some tape from the drawer and tapes it back in place. She covers her Mother, and shuts the TV off*

Girl: Rest now Momma. Rest, I will go play in my room and keep it quiet ...so I don't disturb you. 

*The girl walks to his room and shuts the door*

::Part Two::

~The Memories~

*It was another cold cloudy, and windy day in the Wight Hills of New Jersey. The scene opens up in Byker Bytch's apartment is in the background, and you hear a scream and the lights flicker on. We see her sitting up in bed. Her face is covered in sweat. She rolls out of bed, and walks to the kitchen*


CC: Good Lords, I hate mornings ...

*Byker Bytch is dressed in a white tank top, and black skimpy shorts, She turns on the sink. The water runs, and she splashes water onto her face. She opens the fridge, and grabs a cold beer. She cracks the beer, as she shakes a little in the process.*

CC: Damn it, these nightmares need to go. Why won't this stop? After all these years, why is it haunting me now. My Mother's death was tragic, but it wasn't like that at all … 

*Just then, Damion walks out of the bedroom wearing a tiny black robe. He walks over, and runs his hands on the back of Byker Bytch. She turns and hugs him, then they kiss quickly and Byker Bytch returns to drinking her beer*

Damion: What is it, baby? 

CC: It’s nothing ... 

Damion: Well, it has to be something? 

CC: I just had a dream about my Mother, again ...I failed to save her again. And this time, it was worse than the actual day.

Damion: Yucky baby, you couldn’t have saved your Mom ...she chose to put the needle in her arm.

CC: Shut the fuck up, Damion ...don’t speak about my Mother, she was a great woman! Leave me the fuck alone, Don't Touch Me!! 

*Byker Bytch wasn’t going to listen to some has been, tell her she couldn’t save her Mother. She opens the window, and climbs out on the fire escape. She sits out in the cold night air, grumbling to herself*

CC's Voice Over: My mother laid on the floor, in this apartment with a needle stuck in her arm. The dirty heroine, would lead to her demise. If I haven’t gone to sleep that night, I would have been able to stop her. She didn’t use the demon juice, when I was awake. I let my guard down, and I lost my Momma. 

*Byker Bytch body was shaking, in the cold night air. But she didn’t seem to notice. She was breathing, and it looked like smoke coming from her mouth. She looked down at the alley way, as her hair fell over her face*

CC's Voice Over: It was times like this, that I turned to violence ...it calmed the thoughts in my head. It made me forget for a minute, it made me feel good to cause Paine and hurt people. Instead of the one, receiving the Paine.

*Byker Bytch sat back again, and laid against the apartment building as she continued to look out side. Not sure exactly how long she stayed out, but when she came back in. Damion was asleep in her bed, and Jessie was walking through the room. She was walking to the bathroom is some skimpy panties, and a tank top. 

Byker Bytch couldn’t help but stare, she so badly wanted to taste the forbidden fruit. But she knew it would cause problems. She was freezing from being outside, she wanted to do things to this girl. She wanted to make her her's for the moment. But she had Damion, and she still was in love with The Purple Demon. She sat on the couch, and she heard the bathroom door open. They made eye contact, and Jessie came over to check on Byker Bytch. Jessie touched her arm, and it felt like ice. She grabbed a heavy blanket, and she covered Byker Bytch then slid under with her. Jessie jumped when her cold body touched Byker Bytch* 

Jessie: C{Bleep}, you need to go see a doctor. You need to get something, so you can sleep ...I am worried about you. 

*Byker Bytch was listing, but she couldn’t respond. She was so cold, and she knew Jessie was right. She needed to get something to sleep., but she didn’t want any drugs in her body. But she was going to need to sleep soon*

CC: So effin' cold ... 

*Jessie pressed her warm body against Byker Bytch, and though she was freezing. She cared about her. Byker Bytch wanted to grab her and have the time of her life, while her Damion slept in her bed. In her head, once more she was fighting the desires she had. Byker Bytch wanted to remove her panties, and eat the forbidden fruit. She was still freezing, but the thoughts in her head was warming her up and making something else go warm as well. She shifted under the blanket, and her hand touched Jessie's thigh. She jumped at her hand being mid thigh, and she startled Byker Bytch when her startled her hand trailed up her leg. They both looked at each other, they wanted it. They knew the other person wanted it as well. Byker Bytch stood up. and walked to the bathroom. She Needed to get away*

::Part Three::

~A Few Hours Later~

*Byker Bytch was at the gym, later that morning. As she was working out like she does for every match coming up. At the end of the day, Byker Bytch wanted to be 100% ready. Because she wanted to win every match, and this one was no different at all. All the talk, all the behind scene drama, to get a match where A Champion could take on another  top female wrestler. This was the moment, that Erin Stone proves to the world. She is an elite performer. Erron was watching her workout, and was reviewing some footage on his tablet. As a member of The House Of Paine, he wanted his top client to win their matches. It would be great for the New Jersey based wrestling stable. He also just wanted to see, this woman seceded. After all the shyte that has gone down in her life.*

Erron: These girl have been around a while, I really hope you're not overlooking her. I know your confident, but you also look a little off. Is something wrong with you, or did something happen?

CC: Oh yeah, I am good ...look, I'm ready to face Erin. I have been facing the best of the WXW, and now I am facing the best of the Promotion, or something. However, really at the end of the day ...it all comes down to me, The Most Dominate Bytch In Professional Wrestling Today!!

*Erron didn’t want to pry, but this wasn’t the same woman he had in his home on Christmas Day. This was a much darker, looking Byker Bytch. Erron left her to finish working out, but he was worried about his Mother from a business and personal standpoint. Byker Bytch continued to bench press and grunt, as she threw up more weight. Greg was spotting her, and pushing her to go harder. Byker Bytch always like to work hard, when she had time to recover before a match. Her arms felt like rubber, as she threw the bar up one last time*

Greg: Damn girl, you are killing it today!

*Killing it? No, Byker Bytch was just trying to forget. In her head, she kept seeing flashes of the needle sticking out of her Mother's arm. She hated that thought, so if she pushed herself hard enough. It would pass, for a moment or two*

Greg: Jessie was saying, she had a great day with you on Christmas. I know, Damion had good things to say as well. 

*Byker Bytch stopped what she was doing, when she heard Jessie's name. She truly missed her. Byker Bytch hadn’t heard from her, after she tucked her in her bed and didn’t sleep with her. She knew it was the alcohol, that was making her act that way towards Jessie. But if she said it was a good time with Byker Bytch to Greg, who was like an uncle to her. Maybe she was having second guesses. Roberts returned to the gym area, and called for Byker Bytch to hit the ring. He was a longtime friend of Byker Bytch's, and was coming to work with her*

Roberts: CC, this is my good friend Thomas Cross. He is a true giant in the ring. He is, 7 foot 2 and 415 lbs. He isn’t a beanstalk, like Your opponent is ...but it will be good, for you to work with someone big again. 

CC: Well I have faced Jenifer Enigma, 3 times now ...and she is a stick as well.

*Byker Bytch didn’t care if someone was bigger, hell she loved kicking a tall woman's knee and making them drop down to their knees. Then she'd deliver one hell of an uppercut to the jaw. Big tall girls, have long reached but they also have bigger targets and they don’t move as fast. Byker Bytch and Thomas worked out in the ring for a long while, and again Byker Bytch was able to block images of her Mother’s death. But it wasn't enough, facing this guy in a training match. She needed something more. She finished training, and jumped in the shower in the locker room. She steps out with her Awoken hoody, and blue jeans on. Her hair is down, as she walks towards the office but then she stops. She looks up at the glass, wondering if Jessie is in her office. The glass was a two-way mirror, she could not see in. On the other side stood Jessie. She had on one of her under armor jackets, with black leggings on. Jessie has her headset on, as she talks on the phone. She smiles down at Byker Bytch, she knows she can't see her. She doesn't notice, that her fiance has just walked in. He coughs, and she turns to hugs him. Meanwhile downstairs, Byker Bytch says "Fuck it" and starts climbing the stairs. In her head, she is trying to figure out what to say. She turns, and sees Jessie and Scotty making out. She stops kissing him, and sees Byker Bytch turn away*

::Part Four::

~The Final Say~

*It was an hour later or 10 beers, depending on how you want to judge the time. Byker Bytch was drunk, as she walked through the neighborhood. She needs to piss, but she also didn't want to freeze her ass off. Byker Bytch lit up what looked to be a home-rolled cigarette. She slammed another beer, and she was in heaven.  She walked for what felt like hours. Her phone was back in the gym locker room. No way, she was going to back now. Not to see them Fornicating Under The Conception of the King-ing*


CC's Voice Over: It was that moment, that I pictured them together. A hand reaches up. and grabs the messy bun on top of the head, then a hand on the tight skinny leg jeans ...holding tight onto the ass of the pants. The removal of the extra small shirt, that was so tight…and then I started to think, what dumpy jean man bun would be doing to Jessie. I hate Scotty, he was not a real man. Just because, he had a steady job in the wrestling industry ...a big house, well two from what I heard. His own jet…just because, he has his own jet. Doesn't mean, he should use it…fuck, that douchebag! Trying to show off, and impress Jessie. But when did, dressing in your stolen shirt and jeans so dumpy ...we can tell, if you are circumcised or not made you a man? And having feminine looking hair, when the fuck did that become cool? Sometimes I wish, I was older. This generation, that I am forced to grow up with ...is full of odd Mother Fuckers ...I Swear!!

*Byker Bytch reached her apartment building, and it was time to head in. She slowly opened the door, and walked up the steps. She got to the door, and listened to make sure the girls were not fighting. She opened the door, and both Damion and Jessie were looking at her*

CC: Um, What??

Damion: Where is your phone?

Greg: I just got it from the gym, but they said you left hours ago. 

Damion: And your drunk …were you with another guy?

Greg:  Nah, I ran into Scotty at the gym. Thomas went in, and got me her phone and bag.

CC: Whatever, I don’t care ...so what, if I am drunk?

Greg: Well, you were supposed to be at the airport 10 minutes ago ...to make sure, you had time for your flight.

Damion: Flight??

Greg: Yeah, she has an interview with the news station. As well as, she has a meeting set up to go over Flashpoint as well. But that don't matter, because TSA isn't going to let a drunk woman to board the jet. 

Damion: Now what? I guess, we can cancel it.

Jessie: Or, we drive?

CC: Yeah, let's do that ...it's like a 7 hours drive, let’s go. 

~A Few Moments Later~

*The three of them packed up bags. Well, Byker Bytch sat drinking beer. But the other two actually got along for a minute, as they packed and grabbed the items they needed. Both them relieved that Jessie and Scotty were together, and that meant Byker Bytch was not with her. It was a mess, this triangle of love Byker Bytch was in. The one that she fucks, one that she loves but has never fucked, and one she dreams of fucking all day long. But each person was so different, but both of these people were jealous of each other. Most of all, Jessie. They finished packing, and Byker Bytch was walking out of the door*

Jessie: Did you go pee?

CC: I am not a child …

Damion: Go pee, we don’t need you ...to need to go, before we make it to the truck. 

*Byker Bytch turns and walks to the bathroom, and she stands in the bathroom looking at the mirror*

CC: WHAT THE FUCK, they think I am a child …I know, if I have to piss. 

*She doesn't piss, and she just flushes the toilet. She grabs the bags, and they start out the door. The cold air hits, and then Byker Bytch realizes she needed to piss after all. She gets to the parking ramp, and they reach the truck. She is about to piss herself, as she tosses the bags in the truck. The other two climb in the front of the truck*

CC: I am going to check the lights, and tires. 

*Byker Bytch gets behind the truck, and takes a piss. She finishes, and walks back to the truck. She opens the back seat, and climbs in*

Damion: You didn't piss, when we told you to ...did you?

Jessie: I told her that, I bet you were going to do that …I guess, I was right. 

CC: What the fuck?? You two are supposed to hate each other, and now you both are acting like your my Momma.

Jessie: So, did you pee or did you just look at yourself in the mirror? 

CC: That is crazy, how did you know … 

Damion: I told you, we always know …I know all your deep, dark secrets. 

*Byker Bytch was a lot of beers into the day, and she normally would have blown that off. But did she know that, while she was sleeping. That she rubbed one out thinking about Jessie and that after Jessie at with her on the couch. So much was going on, and so little time to fix it. Byker Bytch knew she needed to sleep off of her drunkenness. She closed her eyes, as they pulled out of the parking ramp then started to headed east. The other two are talking, as Byker Bytch fell asleep and yet another nightmare would reach her. The next few hours passed, as Byker Bytch slept*

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