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Freaks & Geeks (Jennifer Enigma & Byker Bitch) © • versus • The Fallen (Necra Octavien Kane & Elena Dread)

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Posted 23 May 2019 - 10:48 AM


WXW Tag Team Championships

Tag Team Match

Freaks & Geeks (Jennifer Enigma & Byker Bitch) © • versus • The Fallen (Necra Octavien Kane & Elena Dread)

A pair of the top tag teams vie for the honor of being the WXW Tag Team Champions. Which duo will prevail?

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Posted 31 May 2019 - 02:47 PM

*Decades ago in New Jersey, it rains outside of a small ranch as a twelve year old “CC” watches as a pair of War Hammer security guards {known as Shocktroops} patrol the wrap around porch to the ranch house. Their white carapace armor glisten in the moonlight from the wetness upon them. Young CC’s target is inside. A War Hammer North America high official named Elijah Gedge. He is owner of Righteous Fury Entertainment, and a number of other companies within the War Hammer Corporation. He’s also been recently declared “Not guilty” of killing several teen-aged game testers, in exchange for game secrets and free money within the online game known as Chaos Destiny. Not guilty only because of a combination of lack of evidence, a unwillingness of the victims to take the stand, and a lack of following proper procedure to gather the evidence they did have. Meaning that perfectly damning evidence was thrown out of court because it was gathered improperly. The man is guilty and deserves everything he’s about to get. CC crouches in bushes not far from the porch, waiting as the gossiping guards walk by the front door. She slowly rises up from her hiding space, and makes her way to the porch. Her bare feet almost making no sound across the ground. She pounces onto the back of one Shocktrooper, sinking her ritual dagger into the soft space between chest, and chin to plunge the blade into the man’s throat. The other guard turns, obviously unprepared for anyone to have attacked. Blood sprays the white carapace armor of the guard as Tabitha rips the knife out of her first victim’s throat*

GUARD: What the fuck?

*CC leaps from the falling guard, using the added momentum to slam the ritual dagger into the face plate of the second guard. The blade easily pierces the armor to sink into the man’s face. CC rips the blade, free and then sinks it into the man’s throat for good measure. Not caring whether or not she is heard anymore, CC drops the knife, and catches the falling body of the second guard. With a strength that you would not think that a young girl of twelve would have, she throws the body of the guard through the window to shatter it. She picks up her knife, and carefully climbs through the broken window with ease. Inside, she finds that things remain calm despite the loud crash. She carefully walks through the house to the study where she finds Elijah Gedge sitting in a chair and calmly sipping a large brandy. He smiles when he sees the blood splattered CC*

ELIJAH GEDGE: You must be the feminist serial killer, that I’ve heard so much about. What was your name? 

*CC holds her ritual dagger at her side, with a sneer*

CC: My name is CC! You’re awful calm for someone about to die a terrible death, and whose soul is going to be committed to the waiting tentacles of Great Cthulhu.

*Elijah holds aloft his glass of brandy as if toasting Tabitha with an eyebrow raised*

ELIJAH GEDGE: You really think I should be afraid? I think the reverse should be true. A friend of yours came into contact with me after I was acquitted of all charges.

*A man in the uniform of a police officer from Paris, Illinois comes out from a side door with his service revolver trained on CC. His name is Frederick Keen, and he has been hot on CC’s trail since she murdered her own family in Elizabeth. A few local police join him from adjoining rooms with their guns also trained on CC*

FREDERICK KEEN: It’s all over, C{Bleep}. Put the knife down, and come along easy.

*CC looks at Elijah Gedge, her hatred of the man plain on her face*

CC: He’s a rapist. You know that, right? He has to die!

*Frederick shakes his head, his aim remaining steady*

FREDERICK KEEN: You’ve killed enough people, C{Bleep}. It’s time to end this.

*CC raises the blade as if to attack Elijah anyway, but Frederick shouts*

FREDERICK KEEN: I will shoot you dead, C{Bleep}! Put the blade on the ground, and your hands behind your head. NOW!!

*CC remains frozen, undecided whether or not to sacrifice her own life in the killing of Elijah Gedge. Frederick tries a different approach, softening his tone*

FREDERICK KEEN: C{Bleep}, Let us get you the help you need.

*CC looks at Frederick, tears in her eyes. She drops the blade to the floor, and puts her hands on the back of her head. She looks at Elijah with a sudden venom*

CC: We will meet again.

*Elijah sips at his brandy with a chuckle as he watches police officers subdue, and cuff her. He stands up and walks over to her*

ELIJAH GEDGE: You won’t survive incarceration, bitch.

*Frederick walks over, shoving Elijah away from CC, knocking his brandy to the floor*


FREDERICK KEEN::I’m going to pretend that you didn’t just threaten a minor, Gedge.

ELIJAH GEDGE: I’m glad you didn’t hear that, Officer Keen.


CC: You better be spelling that with a Y, asshole.

*Frederick ignores Elijah, leading the young CC away to be imprisoned and put on trial for her crimes. Frederick Keen would lead the charge in getting CC sent to The Asylum, so her broken mind could be healed. Elijah Gedge ensured that it would be The Asylum in Morris Plains, so that she could be forgotten, abused further, and eventually murdered. Not that her fate was to die in such a place*

~:~Present day, somewhere in Jersey at a mall’s food court~:~

*CC sits at a table in a Sleeveless t-shirt, and her leather vest marked "Freaks & Geeks" while sipping on a fancy coffee drink. She had been released from The Asylum long enough to train a young Greg Adkins in the true meaning of hardcore wrestling. When she slipped her guard to come down to New Jersey for some unfinished business. A man in an expensive War Hammer business suit walks up to the table, it is none other than Elijah Gedge himself, looking a bit grey about the temples*

ELIJAH GEDGE: Excuse me, are you known as Byker Bytch?

*CC smile, motioning to the seat across from her*

CC: Guilty as charged. Elijah Gedge?

*Elijah takes a moment to admire CC’s plus size curves a moment, before seating himself across the table from her. There’s a long moment of silence, before Elijah speaks again as CC seems to be more into her coffee drink and cell phone than him*

ELIJAH GEDGE: So, how was school?

*CC rolls her eyes, and takes another sip of her whiskey drowned coffee*

CC: Are you gunna act like my daddy, or are we gunna talk?

*Elijah blinks, watching CC send another text messages*

ELIJAH GEDGE: Can’t it be both?

CC: Whatever floats your f*cking boat, Gregory.


CC: What the f*ck ever, Gregory.

*CC finishes her coffee drink, and tosses the cup in the general direction of the trash can. She pockets the cell phone, and rises to her feet with a disrespectful smile*

CC: Let’s head outside, I know a place that’s private.

*Elijah follows CC outside, and they go behind the stores where a dumpster is. They go to the dumpster out of sight from the parking lot, where they can't be seen*

ELIJAH GEDGE: So, how do you think you’re going to do at the show, CC?

CC: I think I’m going to do well. I’ll kick all of their ass ...Um, wait a minute.

*Elijah grabs CC, and throws her head first into the dumpster with a laugh*

ELIJAH GEDGE: You think I wouldn’t recognize the young girl, who tried to kill me all those years ago?

*CC tries to get up, but Elijah kicks her back against the dumpster where she busts the back of her head open*

ELIJAH GEDGE: Keen lets me know when you slip your binds. You thought I didn’t know that my escaping your sights, don’t stick in your craw? You won’t be making the show alive.

*Elijah seizes CC by the throat, and slams her against the wall next to the dumpster. He licks the blood from the side of her neck*

ELIJAH GEDGE: Before I kill you, I may as well take a taste of you. Even if you are a bit, old for my tastes.

*CC punts Elijah in the nuts, and grabs him by the ears as he doubles over. She jams his face between her breasts for a moment, before tossing him head first into the dumpster. Elijah turns back to CC, but this time with a gun in his hand. She freezes with her ritual dagger in hand, as she was about to try to stab him in the neck. Elijah feels his temple where blood flows freely with a sneer*

ELIJAH GEDGE: Drop the knife, and kick it towards me.

*CC sighs, dropping the knife and kicking it toward Elijah. He keeps his eyes and gun trained on her, as he picks the knife up*

ELIJAH GEDGE: I’ve waited a long time for this. Strip, I want to see everything.

*CC just shakes her head No, but Elijah motions with the gun and laughs*

ELIJAH GEDGE: I will shoot you, if you don’t get naked now!

*CC seems to consider the pros and cons of being shot, before pulling off her shirt, then tossing it to the ground. She peels off her pants, tossing them to the ground as well. She holds out her arms, and slowly turns around until she is facing him once more. She eyes the gun, her eyes flitting to the bulge in his pants*

CC: Well? You get your rocks off yet, mother f*cker?

ELIJAH GEDGE: How did you expect to win a your match, when you can’t even defeat a single man? Hum, How?

*CC looks down at the ground in shame, gliding her hands down her legs. She swallows hard, as she slips a middle finger into her under garment, thrusting it in and out for a few seconds before holding the hand aloft*

CC: Would you like a sniff? A little appetizer, before you feast upon the main course?

*Elijah drops the knife to the pile of clothing, so that he has a free hand. He keeps the gun trained on CC, while he seizes her by the wrist and breathes in deeply of the finger. He closes his eyes for an instant, and that is all the time CC needs. She uses her free hand to slam into the gun to knock it from his hand. She uses her palm to strike upwards into Elijah’s nose to break it. Elijah releases CC’s other hand to go to his nose in shock. She grabs him by the shoulders, and slams a knee into his crotch. A double ax handle uppercut to the throat, sends Elijah back to the wall. CC quickly grabs the gun and points it at Elijah, as he recovers from the attack, blood pouring from his nose. He sees the gun pointed at him, and freezes*

CC: Now, it’s my turn Bitch. You die, today!!

*Who knows where this might have gone, except for the timely arrival of Frederick Keen, who is now a FBI Special Agent. He points his gun at the half naked CC*

FREDERICK KEEN: Freeze, C{Bleep}! Put the gun down!

*CC rolls her eyes in annoyance, keeping the gun trained on Elijah*

CC: He’s the God Damn Villain here! He tried to rape, and murder me! I just got the upper hand!

*Frederick looks around the scene, keeping his sidearm trained on CC*

FREDERICK KEEN: This doesn’t look good for you, Gedge. I will look into this, C{Bleep}. Come along peacefully, and we’ll get you back to The Asylum so you can continue to train for the show. Don’t think, I don’t know that you lured Gedge out here to kill him.

*CC sighs, handing the gun to Frederick. He motions quickly to the pile of clothing*

FREDERICK KEEN: And while you're at it, get dressed.

*CC squats down to begin picking up her clothes, when a man in a War Hammer Security Inc uniform {a Shocktrooper out of the carapace armor} presses a gun to Frederick’s back. Elijah gives a triumphant grin, nodding to Frederick*

ELIJAH GEDGE: I would drop those weapons, if I were you.

*Frederick narrows his eyes, but drops both guns. Elijah picks his gun back up with a wide grin*

FREDERICK KEEN: You bastard!!

ELIJAH GEDGE: Looks like you’ll get a turn at C{Bleep}, once I get finished with her.

FREDERICK KEEN: I would never …

ELIJAH GEDGE: Then you can die, here and now with TC{Bleep}!!

*CC moves swiftly, taking the ritual dagger from the pile of clothing, and flinging it. It stabs into the Shocktrooper’s right eye socket. Before Elijah can react, Frederick grabs his gun from the ground. Elijah takes aim at Frederick, but the FBI agent is quicker on the draw and shoots Elijah, who falls to the ground. CC works on getting dressed, while Frederick checks Elijah’s pulse. He shakes his head to CC, while she holds her shirt up with one hand. Local police officers arrive with their weapons out, Frederick shows them his FBI badge and they calm down*

FREDERICK KEEN: Take her to my car, it's the red Ford Fusion.

*The police officers take CC to Frederick’s car, while Frederick dials a cell phone once they are out of sight*

FREDERICK KEEN: I need a medical team ASAP, to my current location.

*Elijah stirs, but Frederick trains his firearm on him*

FREDERICK KEEN: Medical help is coming, but be silent or I’ll let C{Bleep} finish the job.

*The police officers come back, as Frederick pulls CC’s knife from the dead Shocktrooper’s eye*

FREDERICK KEEN: A medical team is coming for Elijah Gedge. He is to be arrested for attempted rape, attempted murder, and assault.

ELIJAH GEDGE: You dare, Keen? I’ll be free, before I’m even out of the hospital!

*Frederick sighs, walking away for he knows this to be true. He gets to the car with CC, and gets in*

FREDERICK KEEN: We will get you back to The Asylum, so you can train for the show. I’m pulling for you to win.


*The scene starts to fade away, as the camera zooms in on CC's face*


CC: I know, everyone's like "What does this have to do with professional wrestling??" ...Nothing really, other than. It shows I'll go to any length, to do whatever to take what I want. I've heard it all, trust me ..."What has this Bytch done to be a Tag-Team Champion??" ..."Who does this Bytch think she is??" ...And the famous "Why is this Bytch being given a Title for??" ...Simply put, I'm the Most Dominate Bytch in Professional Wrestling Today!! I've held more Championship Belts, then they sell at the local Wal-Mart!! I've done things in my career, that'd make WXW look like child's play. And to be deadly honest, if I may ...I'm going to turn you two ladies, into a pile of shyte. Elena, tell your Brother ...you won't be home for dinner, any time soon. Necra, Lil' Miss Kane ...I ain't Damion, I can actually fight. I'm looking forward to showing you two, when it comes to Xtreme Wrestling ...The Hardcore Legend and I, use Barbed Wire for Foreplay!!


*The scene fades to black, as CC lights up a cigarette and takes a couple puffs*

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Act 1: On the Road


"There are things in this world that one cannot understand. The human mind cannot wrap their minds around what they see, so they claim that it isn't real... But we are... Monsters are all around you."



The scene opens on a long stretch of road somewhere in the vast stretch of desert in New Mexico. The desert stretched out as a scorpion ran across the desert as a vulture came out of nowhere and picked it up with it's massive claws before the sound of silence was broken by the sound of a loud engine from a Harley comes out of nowhere and moves down the long stretch of road. It moves along the long stretch as a city limits sign comes into view.  It read "WELCOME TO ROSWELL". The city was full of life, and the sidewalks were crowded with tourists that made their way to the strange museum of Aliens and the crash landing of the so called flying saucer 75 miles away from the now metropolis. The Harley soon steps in front of one of the restaurants and the two riders get off and the slender figure pulls off the helmet revealing Necra. The muscular man that sat in front of her takes off the strange looking helmet revealing the skull mask underneath revealing it was Ex. He bends down and kisses Necra on the cheek and heads inside to the dinner, as she walks off towards the strange museum that housed everything about the UFO that had crashed there. She walks inside and sees a young man behind the counter. He takes a big gulp as he sees her step inside, but smiles as she pays the fee and picks up a guide and heads into the museum. She starts to take in the strange sights around her but she couldn't help but smile.


Necra: Whenever someone says that they believe in aliens people think they are insane or have read one to many sci fi books, or one to many horror movies staring Sigourney Weaver.But the truth is they are real. Hell I know one that is here n earth... But then again I'm not sure if she is one or something more than anyone can really tell. But I digress... There are things in this world that no one would ever believe if they saw it. Or they think it was nothing more than a dream. But we are real.


She walks down a long hallway where the lights were flickering off and on. She smiles as she spots the alien autopsy. The creature laid on the table with doctors standing around it. 


Necra: That poor creature was taken, and ripped apart while it still breathed. That is something that isn't told in the history books. I can hear the strange cries it made as they ripped it's heart from it's chest. Its a story I've heard a hundred times from creatures that I have come across. Humans fear what they don't understand. Jennifer when we stepped into the middle of that God forsaken ring, just a few weeks ago, we put each other through hell and back, but the outcome... The outcome didn't go the way I wanted it to! But I will have my chance again, and the next time we face each other I will walk away with the title and there is nothing that you can do to stop me. As or my opponents that I have coming up...


She continues along the strange maze and comes to what appears to be a dinner. She sits on one of the stools and twirls around before coming to a stop once again.


Necra: Freaks and Geeks... Really? Wow that is a horrible name but then again what should I really expect right? A new comer by the name of Byker Bytch thata had a rough time growing up, that no one really cares about. I've heard it all before. Boo hoo I got molested! Boo hoo I didn't have any friends growing up! Boo hoo everyone took advantage of me! I don't. The only thing I care about is getting my hands on the Tag titles before I take on Jennifer by myself once again and get my hands on what I truly want. I have no idea where you came from nor do I care, but you should know now I am not an easy fight, let alone an easy target. Ask your partner and I'm sure that she will tell you the pain and suffering that I put her through in our last match.


Necra smiles as she gets to her feet once again and continues on through the strange museum.


Necra: Jennifer you manage to hold onto your title just a little longer, but this match is for the tag team titles and I plan on taking those for the Fallen with Elena's help of course. I know you and Byker Bytch will do everything in your path to stop us but I hate to tell you I am on the search for gold and I plan on taking you both down just to put you in your place before taking the tag titles and holding onto them as long as I can. By the end of this match there will be noting left to either one of you. I'm not afraid of spilling blood let alone making sure someone is almost on their way out to get what I want in the end.


Her high heeled sandals click along the cement floor as she walks back toward the front doors.


Necra: I don't think there is really anything else to say to either one of you. I'm going to take such great joy in destroying the two of you. I plan on doing everything that I can to the two of you and take such pleasure in it. I know Elena will want to get her hands dirty too and I'll let her have her fun, but Jennifer you are mine and when everything is said and done you will be nothing more than a stain in the middle of the mat. We all know who is going to win this match and become the new WXW Tag Team Champions, and when we do it will be a great victory for the Fallen once again. I am the Goddess of Death, The Queen of the Dead, The Lady in Black,The Angel of Death, The Reaper of Souls, The Child of Heaven and Hell, fear me! For when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon ladies, and good luck you're going to need it.


She smirks as she reaches the front door seeing Ex waiting for her on the bike. She heads back out in the bright afternoon as Ex hands her the strange looking helmet with what appears to be a golden death mask under the dark glass. The engine of the bike soon roars to life and they take off heading out of the city and back toward the long stretch of road heading back through the desert as the scene fades to black.


(character: Necra Octavian Kane) x1


(character: Necra Octavian Kane) x1


(character: Necra Octavian Kane) x1

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Posted 01 July 2019 - 10:04 PM



Click the Link Above to enjoy the rp.


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Posted 01 July 2019 - 11:02 PM

Interview with The Siren of Dread.


The Scene opened up after Elena Dread just won a match at a local house show.  Suddenly She is seen walking backstage.  When Ritchie Rockstone walks up to Elena and begins to speak.


Ritchie Rockstone

Hello there Elena may I get a quick interview with you.?


SIren of Dread

I guess so Make it quick before I change my mind.


Ritchie Rockstone

I am standing here with one half the number one contenders to Freaks and Geeks Tag Team Titles Elena Dread. Now Elena you finally you get your opportunity at god how do you feel  about that


Siren of Dread

I feel invigorated. I feel I am new women and when I take those titles from that lesbian skank Jennifer Enigma and even bigger lesbo chick CC or however he likes to call himself these days. CC is just a man pretending to be a women.


Ritchie Rockstone

Interesting but Byker Byrch is really a women. Odds are against you and Necra for this tag team title match what do you think about that?


Siren of Dread

Who cares what others think if ne and Necra will take care of business.


Ritchie then takes the next cue and then Elena pushes him down and takes the mic.


Siren of Dread

Look I do not care what you fans think of me or what I am about to do to your little world champion and her knight in shining in armor. Me and Necra will be your next WXW Tag Team Champions. That is all there is to it. Necra made all what is going to happen clear in her promo there isn't much for me left to say except carry out the inevitable. That is become the new tag team champions at all costs necessary.


 Elena throws the mic into the camera man where the tape goes static and then the cameras fade to black. 


(character: Jennifer Enigma) x1


(character: Elena Dread) x1


(character: Jennifer Enigma) x1


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