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Nirvana Sky • versus • Mia Russo

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Posted 4 weeks ago


Singles Match

Nirvana Sky • versus • Mia Russo

Two new competitors to WXW try to carve a chapter in their careers against one another. Who'll prevail?

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Posted 4 weeks ago

We see Salmia Russo walking through a heavily forested location, she has a bouquet of flowers and a vase in each of her hands. She walks a little ways before stopping in front of a stone marked with epithet “here lies Wolfe Russo, grandfather, father, brother and professional wrestling legend”. Salmia stands there for several moments and then bends down at the waist, places the bouquet and vase down on the ground, she clears the debris from the grave site, she places the vase with several ounces of water next to the stone and places the bouquet of flowers inside.


Salmia hears a shuffling of feet in the distance and the breaking of branches as someone nears the site. A man emerges from the bushes with a camera and another man in toe with a boom microphone. Salmia rolls her eyes at the sight of these bumbling idiots trying to rain on her parade.

“You two know this is private property?”

The two men shug at the suggestion that they’re trespassing.

“I suppose you two are from that wrestling federation?”

The two men don’t seem to say much but setup for an interview anyways, Salmia parses her lips and a little sweat drops from her forehead as she eyes up the two trespassers.

“You two don’t have to say anything, I know what you’re here for … an interview about me signing with Women’s eXtreme Wrestling.”

The two men nod.

”It’s fitting that I was here to talk with my father about my decision, I come here several times during the process of making any major decisions. My father Wolfe was my inspiration to become a professional wrestler and eventually the commentator for Asylum. I guess I could say he actually inspired my daughter Maeve as well, considering her line of work. Anyways, that’s how I’ve come to this decision to step back into the ring after a decade away. My daughter called me out of the blue one day and said that my old boss Charlie Feigel was hiring for superstars but, I never planned to return to the ring after a decade of being a commentator, Charlie’s offer was just too good to pass up.”

The two men shift their weight at almost the same time, Salmia giggles a little and the two men don’t seem to understand why.

“Look at you two standing there, it’s amusing that Charlie sent his crack team to interview me and you two haven’t said a word. You don’t have to say anything at all anyways, now I heard through the grapevine that my first opponent in a decade is also a newcomer to Women’s eXtreme Wrestling like myself. Maybe Nirvana hasn’t heard about the match or she is too stubborn to speak, whatever her reasoning I’m not here to stay silent.”

Salmia reaches into her leather jacket, pulls out and puts on her reading glasses then reaches into the other pocket and pulls out a dossier provided to her by the WXW.

“So, lets see who you are baby girl. You are a baby, only eighteen years old and a rookie to the squared circle to boot. I was the age of fifteen when I debuted in the ring, I guess eighteen is a good age to debut considering you have the experience of an education. Book smarts will not get you very far in the professional wrestling ring though, you give so much away and mistakes are what are going to sway this match more in my favour. To be fair, I haven’t been inside a ring in ten long years and despite my experience, we both will be doing something we’re not exactly used to.”

Salmia gathers up the debris on the ground and walks to the nearest garbage can, she doesn’t have to walk to far and throws the debris into the garbage. She nods to the crew and begins walking towards the path from which she came but, she turns around.

“Look little lady, I’m coming to beat your ass and walk away with the first victory here in WXW. I will see you in the ring.”

Salmia turns and walks down the path she came from, the cameraman shuts down the camera after taking a quick shot of Wolfe Russo’s grave stone.

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Posted 3 weeks ago




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