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Elena Dread & Necra Octavian Kane • versus • The Bloodline • versus • The Cheerleaders

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Posted 16 April 2019 - 10:21 AM


#1 Contendership for the WXW Tag Team Championships

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Elena Dread & Necra Octavian Kane • versus • The Bloodline • versus • The Cheerleaders

Three teams vie for the right to challenge Freaks & Geeks for the World Tag Team Championships. Which team will prevail?

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Posted 17 April 2019 - 02:22 AM

Backstage in Boneyard. Yes we would meet the Cheerleaders. But first a a confrontation with there coach in there  dressingroom.


Dressingroom look ok why iron board in corner ? Our cameraman met Mystery of the North lucky no camera at that moment.

Yes he looked in her eyes wrong to her and he got a snap punch. She is a 5.6 redisch fireball not afraid at all.


Heather&Missy arrived and MOTN left after heather asked her to leave. Let,s hear what heather has to say ?


Heather. Sorry hope she didn,t hit you hard?(talking to camera man he was ok)    Yes she was bit pissed off not drunk.

Are Missy on one page No, do we work as a team Yes. How else could beat the Saints of Los Angeles?


We knew MOTN would be there means trouble. But we still have no clue why cheerleaders have a problem and what it is ?


Heather. Yes we are in a 3-way facing Elena& Necra aka Freaky Experience and the Bloodline. Yes Stone Sisters backed out fearing would lose haha.

Do we care who we face Yes we do ! We gotta go with the flow.


Heather. First the Bloodline very know opponents they can,t stand us girls what,s ok. We know your good what more to say.

Freaky Experience let me tell so we know has to fear you. But we know also you ain,t experience team so that can help us.


Missy said no word but she is listing. WXW had cut budget so superstars repair and iron there outfit self.

Yes Missy is ironing the outfits maybe repair it too ? Let,s go back to Heather hate ironing haha.


Heather. I talk without knowing is true ? Boneyard ain,t hired 3th of May. So 2 events and pay for 1 deal woa.

Boneyard is cleaner then locations we were touring Sioux and Chippewa reservations. But we started in such gyms years ago.


Heather. Boys before leave this message for our opponents. We have our diffirents but are one team in that ring.

We are family  we know bloodline is so know how deal with it. Elena and Necra your good but maybe we are better ?


We left we saw MOTN return what can she hit not afraid hit a bloke stronger ? as her. She will coach them lucky not on ringside.

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Posted 22 April 2019 - 09:19 AM

Yes after the gym was time to talk with Missy. Who was just back wanted to sew the outfits she iron earlier.


It did suprised her that Saints of Los Angeles lost. Knowing heather and she have some outside the ring issues.


Missy. I ain,t heather who make a excuse. Yes our coach is rough. who knows her taak risk to confront her. Do know fans don,t interest it.

She was there during tour of Chippewa and Sioux reservations and things happend.


Missy. Things who mated us think of breaking up but she told us to give it a chance.


One of us brought sandwich,s missy picked bacon sandwich.


Misst.Yes I saw how Elani and Necra won. Yes they are a risky team. No clue why The Bloodline is in this match ?

Possibly they don,t know either or know which short cut to take ? Do we know who were facing Yes.

Do we care No. Freaky Experience power is Believe in yourself. Bloodline how sneaky can we be ?


Missy. Are the problems between heather and me new No. We have had pur difficulties. Men thanks for sandwich must sew.


Yes not one of there opponents had reacted but girls need time to solve issues.  Talking to Cheerleaders can be boring special Missy.

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Posted 07 May 2019 - 05:00 PM

Act 1: Victory is in my future!


It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.











The scene opens on the beautiful city of Orlando Florida. The night had come on quick, and the once beautiful bright blue sky had now faded. The camera moves over the city, passing by the long stretch of interstate that wound its way along the landscape, passing by the swamps and everglades leading away into the two massive theme parks that dotted the skyline. The sky over Universal explodes with bright colors once again, before going silent for the evening. The crowds start to wander back to their hotels or their cars for the evening, while the camera moves across the man made and natural lakes that surround it. The camera comes to a stop on the Happiest Place On Earth. The sound of loud music is heard coming from across the water and bright lights explode in the sky. The camera moves over the magic kingdom and comes to a stop on Cinderella's Castle. Images flash on the face of the castle as the music loudly plays and the fire works explode over head. The show soon ends and the park starts to empty of people. The streets are soon quiet and a handful of staff are left behind to clean up for the night, while security starts to make their rounds. The shops closed their doors, and the smells had once drifted from them were now gone, and the soft glow from the lights had now faded. The street lamps were all that gave light to the streets as shadows seemed to appear from every corner of the park. A shadow forms under one of the street lamps and seems to turn into a human form. That human form was Necra. She was dressed in a pair of black jeans that seemed to cling very tightly to all the right places, and a shirt with the Disney Villains on the front and the words "Where is our happy ending?" on the back. Her hair is pulled back from her face, and a pair of sandals adorned her feet. She starts to walk away from the lamp post and wander Main Street.


Necra: I love this place. It's not because of the shops, the meet and greets, the food, or even the rides... It's because of all of the raw emotions that remain after the park closes. Happiness, sadness, and even anger from a child that doesn't get their way or a parent that has been waiting almost two hours in line just to have their little one experience something they had in their past. But there is so much more hidden behind the false walls, and underground tunnels that are never seen by the park guest. There are things here that go bump in the night once everyone is gone. Things that Disney will always deny.


She smiles as she passes by Main Street Confectionery seeing the shelves are now empty and the sweet smell of vanilla had faded away. Her sandals click against the cobblestone streets as she walks along. Security shines a flash light in her direction but doesn't seem to see her.


Necra: The funny thing is in the day light people never see the things that go bump in the night. There are spirits here that will always remain protecting the park, while others just watch with a vigil to see nothing changes. But things... Things can change. Even the villain can win more than once. And I have. Now in just a few days once again I will be teaming with my partner Elena once again to face off against the Bloodline, and the Cheerleaders. The only to other teams to make it through the end of their matches. The Stone sisters fell just like everyone else has since I've been back. And now we face off against two other loser teams just to see who gets to face off against the Freaks and Geeks for the Tag Team Championship. Ladies I'll tell you right now, you don't have a chance against us.


Necra heads toward Liberty Square but she stops in front of the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey hand in hand and smiles.


Necra: I've managed to destroy everyone that has stood in front of me, and yet you four really think that you have any chance o taking Elena and I on to get to the top? Think again. You are just as worthless and pathetic as the Stone Sisters. We're not going to hold back on you whatsoever and we will make you suffer to the very end of the match and wish to whoever you pray to that we put an end to it. But we won't. No, it would be too easy to do so. This is our time to shine and put to end to you just as I always have. The cheerleaders are the only ones that have even spoken up, but even then I don't care what they had to say. You bore me. As for the Bloodline... Who are you again? Of course that doesn't matter to me. You are just like everyone else. Not worthy to even lick my boots.


She laughs as she sees a figure walking along the pathway that lead from Cinderella's castle. She turns and looks at the statue of Walt and smiles.


Necra: I know Charon is going to be pissed at me, but I can't take him. This isn't his hell, or purgatory. This is a place that he never got to see finished. He's still walking the grounds to see how things could be finished. For he always said that the park would be never be finished.


She turns and heads back down main street.


Necra: Ladies if you really think you can beat us, then show up in the middle of that ring, and try to stop us, but we all know what's going to happen. You will lose, no matter what you do. In the end you will be broken, battered, bloodied, bruised, beaten and humiliated! I am the Goddess of Death, The Queen of the Dead, The Angel of Death, The Reaper of Souls, The Lady in Black, the Child of Heaven and Hell! Fear me: for when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon and good luck, you're going to need it.


She laughs as she walks past the fire station and looks up at the window that had a light on in the window. Necra smiles and looks up before continuing on, as the scene fades to black.

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Posted 08 May 2019 - 03:37 AM

Patricia Clarke:Hello ladies and gentlemen...I'm Patricia Clarke and in just a few minutes i am going to be interviewing 2 members of The Bloodline about their upcoming match
Sky Scott & Maeve Russo walk over to Patricia Clarke 
Patricia Clarke looks surprised to see Maeve Russo 
Patricia Clarke:Hey Sky and Maeve.....Does this mean the two of you are representing The Bloodline
Sky Scott:Yes it does 
Maeve Russo:We're excited for this
Patricia Clarke:Sky..Is this why we've had to wait so long
Sky Scott:We had to make you all wait because we were all discussing the match and everyone had a different idea because it says The Bloodline and it didn't say Briana and Piper
Patricia Clarke:Sky..Tonight you are facing off against the teans of Elena Dread & Necra Octavian Kane andThe Cheerleaders...How do you feel going into the match???
Sky Scott:I can't wait for the matcj because Maeve and I are going to kick ass
Maeve Russo:We're going to kick some ass and bring back the gold to The Bloodline
Patricia Clarke:Thanks for your time....Good luck
Sky Scott:No problem and thanks
Maeve Russo:Thanks
Sky Scott  & Maeve Russo walk away
Scene Fades

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Posted 08 May 2019 - 07:07 AM

Dreadly  Vindiction


"I have waited a long time to get into an opportunity like this with The dear sweet Dread Mother as my brother would like to say. We won once we will win again. The Bloodline  and The Cheerleaders will not stand a chance. I swear we will make it to Lockdown and take those tag team chamionships from The Freaks and Geeks. Mark my words."


We opened up on a dark cold night in Winnipeg Manitoba Character. Elena Dread was standing in the middle of a farm her foster parents had. She was contemplating what she was contemplating we would not know. Her Brother Dread came out of a no where and a conversation was struck,


Leon Dread

Oh dear sweet Dread Sister what are you doing Contemplating here in the middle of the family barn?


Elena Dread

Contemplating on my actions and what I am going to do next. Dread Mother has been awesome in helping me find myself. 


Leon Dread

You need to find your inner demons what makes you tick and use that in a wrestling match.  That is what I had to learn.


Elena Dread

That is the problem unluck you I do not need much to be angry for.


Leon Dread

Of course you do.


Elena Dread

What would that be.


Leon Dread

Remember you were born a couple seconds before me. And when I came out of the womb I killed our mother. I am the sould reason you are  and had to be in the foster home you live in right now.,


"Elena gets an angry tick.


Elena Dread 

I wish you haven't said taht brother. That will cost you now out of my way!'


Elena tries to walk away from her brother and then Leon gets in the way of Elena who gets madder by the second. Elena then speaks as she shoves her brother down  to the ground.


Elena Dread



Elena walks off and Leon smiles cleverly.


Leon Dread

Good Very Good.


The cameras then later follow Elena Dread standing in front of a fire and you can see her face on the other of the fire and then she begins to speak.


Siren of Dread Elena

So it would seem me and Dear Sweet Dread Mother have made it into the number one contenders match for The WXW Tag Team Championships that Freaks and Geeks now holds. You see there are two other teams that are both garbage in reality because even when I was in training I watched these teams in action and none of them impressed me. None of them even stand a chance against  THE FALLEN!! They don't even have  a Chance against Delilah The Bumtress if the bitch even tried in a match.


So we will start off with SHITLINE! Or should I say  Bloodline. It does not matter which two bitches you bring to the table. I have noticed all your promos are lame and say I am going to kick your ass because I am going to kick your ass and then you walk out of the scene as if that is enough to intimidate us into submission and secure into the fuck fest of mind games that is the wrestling industry. No matter Bloodline we will lay you down in defeat again. Then once again after that. You will never win championships without beating people on your level, I have seen you have won some, So do us a favor and just retire because you just aren't that good. 


Cheerleaders nothing more than a high school boys dream. Get back into reality this isn't a football game basketball game  or hockey game get with the times. Grow out of mediocrity because if you do you will go farther than even The Bloodline, The fact is this Cheerleaders I feel bad for you, I feel bad that you can never win big matches opportunity after opportunity. I would have won more if it wasn't for the poor booking by management.  There isn't really much more to say. 


The only thing left to say is to That Fallen will prevail and win every match in their path to greatness. The Bloodline and Cheerleaders will not stop us. And as brother says prepared to be judged!!!


The cameras fade to black.


(character: Jennifer Enigma) x1


(character: Jennifer Enigma) x1


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(character: Jennifer Enigma) x1