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R.C. $tacks • versus • Rachel Storm

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Posted 16 April 2019 - 10:19 AM


Singles Match

R.C. $tacks • versus • Rachel Storm

A rookie faces off against a legendary figure. Who'll prevail?

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Posted 07 May 2019 - 03:38 PM

The scene unfolds in the midst of Sin City Studios, notably home to Sharpshooter, a polarizing Wrestling podcast hosted by the analytical Nyle Michaels and rambunctious Austin Riker – a dysfunctional pair primarily cited for their heated verbal exchanges and unfiltered politics.  Sitting adjacent to them, around the crescent-shaped table, was their ruby-haired guest who managed a risque-business-casual appearance (i.e. bandeau-style bra beneath a sheer top, leather-like mini skirt, and trendy ankle-strapped high heel sandals; any attire of course, rendered incomplete without her signature sunglasses, plated necklace, and knuckle rings).


NYLE MICHAELS:  “Welcome back to Sharpshooter with, me, Nyle Michaels and my partner in crime, Austin Riker, as we come to you live from Sin City Studios --”


AUSTIN RIKER:  “I’m sorry, why am I always introduced second?  And since when did I become your ‘partner in crime’?”


NYLE MICHAELS:  “Are we seriously doing this right now?”


AUSTIN RIKER:  “What, I think it’s a legitimate question.  We built this platform together under the impression that we’d be partners, yet I’m feeling the scales imbalance in your favor.  For example, this, you always get to do the introductions for our guests; why is that? Don’t think I can do it?”


NYLE MICHAELS:  “Fine.  You want to introduce her, go right ahead.”


AUSTIN RIKER:  “Thank you!  That’s all I want is a little fair treatment around here.”  Nyle proceeds to roll his eyes at the absurd yet childish digs of his broadcast partner; subtly strumming his finger in a circular motion to instruct him to ‘get on with it’.  “Ahem, as my partner here was saying, we’re here with a very special guest.  She is the latest signee to Vegas’ own, WXW, the self-proclaimed Boss Bitch, R.C. $tacks.”


She was reclining in her chair, sunglasses pushed to the roof of her forehead and caramel legs overlapping at the ankle on the desk before her, filing her nails.


NYLE MICHAELS:  “It’s a pleasure to have you on.”


R.C. $TACKS:  “Oh, I don’t doubt that.  I’m glad I could add a little sunshine to your dreary little lives, if even only for a few minutes.”


NYLE MICHAELS:  “Um...” He pays a glance at Riker, who mirrors his awkward expression. “...thanks..I guess?  So, what’s your story -- how did you get into the business?”


R.C. $TACKS:  “It began as a fascination that turned into an unhealthy obsession.”


NYLE MICHAELS:  “Ah, I see.  Your love for the business.  We’ve interviewed people before who describe it as an addiction.”


R.C. $TACKS:  “What?  I’m talking about winning, fool.  Knowing that someone is writhing in pain that you induced is frankly one of the best takeaways from the business.”


NYLE MICHAELS:  “Really?!?  What about the fans??”


R.C. $TACKS:  “What about the fans?  If they ain’t there to worship me then they obviously don’t matter.”


AUSTIN RIKER:  “Now that’s a statement I can get behind.  Wrestlers nowadays worry too much about what the majority of those fickle sheep want, and if they don’t get it they pout, whine, and mope like brats until they get it.”


NYLE MICHAELS:  “I can’t believe what I’m hearing.  The fans are the reason they’re afforded the lifestyle they have!  Therefore if they feel the need to speak up and let their voices be heard, the Wrestlers owe it to them to at least listen.”


AUSTIN RIKER:  “They paid their money to be entertained, not to run the whole damn show.  They should either shut up, sit back, and enjoy the experience or stop watching.”  Turns his focus back to $tacks. “So, you got in the business for the surge of excitement you get from wins and destroying your opponents, fascinating!”


NYLE MICHAELS:  “That’s ‘fascinating’ to you?”


AUSTIN RIKER:  “Yeah!  Her logic is no different from any eight foot goofball in a singlet.”


NYLE MICHAELS:  “Whatever.  Don’t you know that winning isn’t everything?”


R.C. $TACKS:  “Oh, please, save it.  Every loser says that. Truth is if you’re not in this business to win matches then then your presence serves no purpose whatsoever.”


NYLE MICHAELS:  “This may be hard for the two of you to believe, but there are people who wrestle merely for the enjoyment of the sport -- their passion for it.”


R.C. and Austin glare at one another and erupt into laughter, leaving Nyle to stew, his face coming to a boiling red.


R.C. $TACKS:  “Hey, if they enjoy losing..then that works perfectly for me, doesn’t it?”


AUSTIN RIKER:  “What implemented this strong desire to, not only compete, but to be destructive?”


R.C. $TACKS:  “Lets just say that I hold a lot of resentment...I have a lot of pain, anger, and frustration from my childhood that I’m currently working through in my adulthood.  I’m a fucking headcase, I can admit that. But who in this line of work isn’t? We compete in a blood sport searching for fulfillment we never got in life in the form of championship gold.  If that doesn’t scream paternal issues I don’t know what does.”


NYLE MICHAELS:  “In the coming week, you’ll have your opportunity to exercise your demons, as you’re rumored to be making your debut against a legendary figure in Rachel Storm.  How have you been preparing for this conflict?”


R.C. $TACKS:  Scoffs.  “Legendary.  A nine letter word for somebody living in the shadows of their prime.  No disrespect intended. I’m sure she, as well as the fans, share fond memories of when she was at the top of her game; but the past is the past and the present is R.C. $tacks.  As far as my preparation for this match, it all starts up here.”


AUSTIN RIKER:  “I think I speak for all of us, including the WXW, when I express my glee for you being apart of their roster.”


R.C. $TACKS:  “Thank you for that.  I’ve had enough of the mediocrity.  It’s time someone like myself came along and made Women’s Wrestling the main attraction.”


NYLE MICHAELS:  “Thanks for stopping by.  You’re now a friend to the show, so don’t be a stranger.  That’s about all of the time we have tonight, for those of you listening, you can catch the debut of R.C. $tacks May 10th at the Boneyard.  This has been Sharpshooter with Nyle Michaels and Austin Riker, signing off.




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Posted 08 May 2019 - 04:47 AM

The scene opens up and we’re in the All State Arena in Rosemont,Illinois where Rachel is seen hanging out with her step brother Eric. They’re preparing for the return of HCW as the second brand of ASW. She is looking forward to having a new place to work with that suits her wrestling style. But before that, she has to address an opponent that didn’t put enough effort in her opinion. We’ll see her elaborate on that shortly. She clears her throat and nods.

“Women’s Extreme Wrestling. Doesn’t sound like that flashy of a name, until you realize who runs it. That brings me to why I’m here. The Feigel family is responsible for my most famous run in wrestling. Mostly Charlie. He found me homeless and gave me a chance to wrestle and an actual home. He changed my life in more ways than one. He also adopted me into his family. So to me, he is like the father I didn’t have for a long time. I value him a lot more than most people.”

“In the previous fed he ran, AUW, I won most of the championships in that company, even was the first two time hall of fame inductee. Suffice it to say, legendary figure is putting it lightly. That was my house and my yard that I dominated, it’s a shame it died. Some day I hope it comes back, but for now, I will have to settle for this. And an opponent that sounds like she is not that original to begin with.”

She laughs and shakes her head at the camera.

“The boss bitch? What exactly are you the boss of? Certainly not of this fed, nor of me. I am my own boss. Even the Feigel family knows better than to try that with me. When people try that with me, let’s just say you don’t want to test my dark side, okay? Because I am capable of oh so much when I let that side of me take over. And you’re on the brink of opening just that with your big mouth.”

She pauses to fake a yawn and look down getting quite bored with this promo.

“You say the joys of winning brought you to this business. Well, it’s certainly not all it’s cracked up to be. There’s so much responsibility behind being a champion. You have way more attention than you usually do, I would say too much at times. Privacy is hard to come by. And the expectations to live up to based on prior work are also a pain. Championships meant so much more to me as a rookie than they do now. Now, the carnage does the talking for me. That’s what a trip to mixed martial arts showed me.”

She pauses to raise her hands revealing MMA gloves. She then winks and nods at the camera.

“You say I am past my prime and want to relive my glory days. That’s very false. My prime is now. I took a break and went to MMA because I was tired of dominating. I felt I did everything there is to do in AUW, and felt it was time to conquer something new. While there I was very successful. There were times I didn’t want to leave. But Vero insisted I come back and use my MMA style here to show people I can adapt to the times. As if my run as 5150 champion wasn’t enough.”

She rolls her eyes and scoffs.

“Your promo was as generic as they come. You’re going to need more than that to beat me. I’m not a hall of fame inductee for nothing. And now that I’m back, I’m ready to reclaim my throne. No, not of championships, of carnage. Pain and destruction is my game. I have no emotional attachment to anyone here, so I am ready to slaughter anyone in my path, even if it means to injure them.”

She chuckles and licks her lips.

“Yes, I love the sound of that, and so does my other half. I will have fun teaching you a lesson in respect. Maybe then you’ll get a real identity and not one generated by a video game. Until then, see you in a week.”

Fade to black.

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