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Posted 5 days ago

•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
[ • W O M E N ' S . E X T R E M E . W R E S T L I N G • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
[ • O F F I C I A L . C O M P E T I T O R ' S . R E C O R D • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
[ • C O M P E T I T O R ' S . I N F O R M A T I O N • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•

Picture Base/CAW Description: Stacy Keibler

Ring Name: Aphrodite

Nicknames (If Applicable): The Enchantress

Real Name: Aphrodite Stella Diakos

Birthday: 04/11/00
Debut Date: TBD
Height: 6’0”

Weight: 140

Hometown/Billed From: Athens, Greece

Alignment/Disposition (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):

- [x] Cowardly Heel
- [x] Ruthless Heel

Tendency to Cheat (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):
- [x] Always
- [x] Often
- [x] Sometimes

Motivation to Compete (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):
- [x] Financial Gain; they want to get rich and will do anything to achieve that.
- [x] Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat.
- [x] Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best.
- [x] Platform; they want fame and believe using fighting as a stepping stone is the way to go.

Personality: She Fake Nice type who uses others to get what she wants then throws them away believes that the World revolves around her.
Fighting Style: (Technical/Brawler/Dirty)

Wrestler similar to: Flair/Rude
Signature Match: Triple Threat , Fatale Fours

Favorite Weapons: Pepper Spray
•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•
[ • R I N G S I D E . I N F O R M A T I O N • ]
•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•

Entrance Music: Shoot Em Down by Kalomoria

Entrance Description: Lights Go Out As Lyric’s https://lyricstransl...own-lyrics.html

My kingdom is falling down, I'm still gonna wear my crown
No curtain call for now, I'm gonna win this crowd
 My enemies around. Are coming in so loud. I'm gonna stand my ground
The show's not over I'm getting stronger
La La La
I'm still gonna sing
Cuz you got me feeling fine
La La La
I'm still gonna shine
Shoot'em like a falling light
Shoot'em down like a falling star

As Aphrodite walk being Followed by Bill as gives don’t talk to me
get out of my face hand gestures as she Rolling her eyes as she seems uninterested as she make her way down ring side as walk up the steps as she order Bill Hold Ropes Open as she enters the ring in under top rope as she enters the ring as she leans in corner as Bill trips falls down as Aphrodite yawn as she uninterested rolling her eyes.

Ring Attire: Metallic Ivory Women Yoga Seamless Mini Shorts with Goddess On Back In Gold Metallic Halter Sports With Aphrodite On Front Ivory Knee High Boots with Goddess In Gold. During The Entrance an Ivory Victoria Secret fashion Robe with Gold Trim Saying Enchantress

•» —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•
[ • I N . R I N G . I N F O R M A T I O N • ]
•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•

Signature Move(s):
1. Eye Rake From Behind while Opponents In Corner
2. Corner Footchoke split
3. Hair Snap ()
4. Kidney Shots
5. School Girl Hand Full Of Tight
6. Victory Roll Holding The Ropes
7. Hair Toss
8. Standing Hair while pulling on opponent up
9. Bottom Rope Choke
10. Rope Burn
11. Face Slap
12. Face Stomp
13. Face Stretch
14. Digging Nail In opponent rib
15. Slide tackle

Primary Finisher:
Kiss Off (Sends A Kiss To Camera Delayed Hangwoman Neckbreaker float over into a pin her crotch into opponent face)

Secondary Finisher(s):
Kiss Of Death (Running Big Boot)

Special Finisher:

Lip Lock (Texas Cloverleaf)

•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
[ • C O M P E T I T O R ' S . B I O G R A P H Y • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•

Biography: Born on 4th Of November 2000 the Oldest Of Yanni and Martha Yanni Ship Owner owns Hellenic Seaways both cargo and passengers ship Martha Record Producer. Her Brother Niko High School Students. Discovered by V.N Model Management on The Beach The Rest is History.
•» —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•
[ • C O M P E T I T O R ' S . C O N T R A C T • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•

Base Salary:
Signing Bonus:
Length of Contract:
Special Concessions (Transportation, Hotel, Time Off, Championship Bonus, Downside): Flys First Class, Stays In 5 Star Hotels In There Best Rooms.

•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
[ • C O M P E T I T O R ' S . A L L I E S • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
Manager(s): Bill
Tag Team Partner(s): N/A
Faction Partner(s):N/A
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
[ • S A M P L E . P R O M O • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•

Sample Promo:

Paparazzi; Aphrodite Is It True You Apply with WXW?

Aphrodite; I Don’t Know I guess your gonna have to wait to find out!

Paparazzi; What Does that Mean?

Aphrodite; That Mean Your Gonna Have To Wait!

(As she rolls her eyes)

Aphrodite; are you that stupid. Not understanding what I am telling you.

Paparazzi; Yes ma’am!

Aphrodite; Ma’am? Do I look old To You? On The scale from 1-10 I am an 11. You should be honored I allowing you to talk to me. Let alone breath the same air as be Be Gone.

(As she shos paparazzi away)

Paparazzi; But,but,but.

Aphrodite; But Nothing now go away.

(As she pushes him away)


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