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The Cheerleaders • versus • Saints of Los Angeles

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Posted 19 March 2019 - 09:43 AM


Tag Team Match

The Cheerleaders • versus • Saints of Los Angeles

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Posted 21 March 2019 - 03:04 PM

We just heard last tones of Queen of the Night. We were at a benefit show simple ! We still don,t know much about heather&missy.


Why they did this show was a mystery first. We thought is no show WXW would send wrestlers too. We waited backstage no gave them shower time.

After few moment the cheerleaders came not in robe there warm up jacket on and blue jeans.


Heather. Ok why are we here in a native-american reservation  good question ?

Very simple answer like know we are native-american to, and yes WXW managment gave consent.


The scenery was cold but enough light to film. It was a gym or how must call it on very dusty dry grounds. When came saw clouds of dust coming.


Heather. Let,s talk business  we do know we are facing. Two talentfull girls The Saints of Los Angeles. Mc Knight&Star do know what price is better word can say.

We ain,t new in the business did seen teams come and go. So ladies do your best to beat us !


Was so cold we stopped and went to warmer place yes we found. Very silent missy and heather came too suprise with hot coco.


Heather. Ok let,s put record straight we are here to win. Would we win censor censor that will be the problem.

WXW can fine us but we are who we are and accept our censor opinion ok. Is cold guys we leave would advice you too.


We took that advice and went gone. Yes censor means heather used language wxw don,t accept.

#3 Stella Major

Stella Major

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Posted 05 April 2019 - 06:33 AM

We are waiting for Missy of the Cheerleaders. Yes we are backstage in Las Vegas Nevada the Boneyard for Tag Wars.


What is matter somethings ain,t allright in cheerleaders camp. Heather and Missy think differt about the match agiangst Saints of Los Angeles.

More about who fear to face in next round. Heather thinks personal feelings ain,t important here !


Ok Missy just come through long hall to our spot with a suitcase. Yes the girls are back from benefit shows in Sioux and Chippewa reservations.

Missy ain,t a teacher but is history buff reading on road books about native-american cultures. Let,s listen hope not much to say.


Missy. Sorry the rental car broke down had get lift to arena. Heather is home has some personal business to do.

Saints of Los Angeles we face you two ok. Are we a steppingstone will lay for you hell no. It will be a battle be sure it will !


Missy.. First Heather and I are still a team only think differt about some things. When wouldn,t be on same page had not worked touring these reservation s.

Men when have a few minutes bring me suitcase to dressingroom change clothes.


And that happend missy left and we moved from cold backstage to coffee corner. Yes missy found us there dressed in kind of dress.


Missy. Do know Saints of Los Angeles will be tough. Do know what,s tough doing a benefit show knowing money help for awhile.

Under-way was reading much and backstage talking with local legends. Seeing more then wanna see without crying.


What does she ment WXW managment gave consent further had do nothing with it ? We grab hot coco missy gonna talk.


Missy.Ok yes was cold we stayed not in a motel nearby a reservation. We are maybe spoiled but slept in gym with other wrestlers.

Yes in richer reservation could sleep in trailer got extra blankets. Men I go to the dressingroom take a nap.


And gone was she lucky we were warm bye.

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