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Kimberly McKnight © • versus • Veronica Rodriguez

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Posted 06 January 2019 - 02:13 PM



World Cup Qualifier

Singles Match

Kimberly McKnight © • versus • Veronica Rodriguez

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Posted 20 January 2019 - 10:59 AM

The scene opens in Las Vegas, Nevada where tonight in separate matches The Angels of Darkness will be competing in as Kimberly McKnight has to face off against Veronica Rodriguez and Tiffany Saints and Kelly Robinson are in the tag team gauntlet.

Kimberly McKnight: Veronica Rodriguez, tonight we're involved in a match for the world cup qualifier so that means that this match is very important to WXW management and I have been given the opportunity to write a wrong against you while at the same time get to showcase my talents to the other future participants in the World Cup.

Tiffany Saints: Veronica, you better be as good as you're advertised around here in WXW otherwise you're going home tonight a loser. Kimberly has been chomping at the bits to get to fight you and now thanks to WXW management it's come true.

Kelly Robinson: I hope you can find a way to win this match all by yourself because no one will be at ring side due to WXW management stating that there will be no one allowed at ring side during these world cup qualifiers not that Kimberly needs help defeating the likes of you, Veronica.

The Angels of Darkness are at a local diner having a bite to eat before their matches later tonight.

Kimberly McKnight: I might not be wrestling royalty or be part of a legendary family but I have been busting my ass to get where I am today here in WXW so no one not even you, Veronica is going to bring me down. I am married to a very loving man named Steven McKnight who has taken time out of his busy wrestling career to teach me how to be a better wrestler. My brother Angellus is also a professional wrestler who has trained me from when I first said I wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a wrestler so I have loads of experience in the ring so you're not going to be able to use me as a stepping stone in your career in this match tonight.

Kimberly, Tiffany and Kelly pay the bill and head back to the arena.

Inside the Angels of Darkness locker room, Kimberly is shown behind a curtain taking off her clothes as the silhouette of her body is shown before Tiffany and Kelly bodies are shown also as all three women start moaning as the scene fades to black.
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Posted 23 January 2019 - 05:43 PM

Scene One



After 135 days, the unthinkable happened. Veronica Rodriguez was defeated as WXW Goddess Champion, by none other than her arch rival, Necra Octavian Kane. That loss stung knowing her past history with Necra. She was still undecided on if she would challenge for it again. She felt like she did a lot to establish that championship’s credibility. She proved to people she could be a singles champion, after many people thought Jennifer Enigma carried her in tag teams. It meant a lot to her to show she could more than hold her own. The odds were stacked up against her in that match. She didn’t even know Necra was back to begin with. That came as a shock when she saw her walk down the ramp and beat her. But she knows the next time she sees her, she will be more prepared and give a much better fight.


For now, she had a much bigger task at hand. A chance to qualify in the world cup tournament. She figured what did she have to lose; a win here could propel her to bigger and better things. She could even get a rematch against her best friend, Jennifer Enigma. The sky’s the limit. She just knew that she wanted to improve her standing in the fed. And her next match was a chance to do just that. Against a reigning champion in Kimberly McKnight. Her championship was perceived as being a tier below hers. But it still was championship gold. Her goal was to grand slam the federation. Eventually she would have to go through this belt to accomplish her goal. And it could very well start with this match.


She walks out of her locker room disappointed in losing her match. She is approached by her friend and training school receptionist Sean Philbrick who had a microphone in hand. She sighs and shakes his hand nodding in his direction.


Sean: Rough day huh?


Vero: You could say that again.


She chuckles, Sean clears his throat and nods.


Sean: What we just saw was a crazy match for the ages. You were previously favored to win this match until it was revealed that Necra Octavian Kane would return. She shocked the world and ended your title reign. The second longest title reign in the company next to Jennifer Enigma’s. As we know, Necra and the Fallen have been big thorns on your side since their creation.


Vero: Yes, I had my fair share of battles with them across multiple feds. If I recall correctly, it was my victory over Necra that eliminated her from the tournament and send her out of this company. So I guess you can say she got her revenge. She can enjoy it all she wants. She got the best of me tonight. But I will make sure it doesn’t happen again. I made a rookie mistake and ignored her. I didn’t prepare for her return to the company. But she won’t catch me sleeping very often. It’s the same way she beat one of my pupils for the tag titles. She’s known for the element of surprise. Kudos to her. But trust me when I say, I don’t often make the same mistake twice. Next time I’ll be more prepared for her and will aim to take back my championship, whenever that is. I’m not in a position of power here, so I don’t know when that opportunity will come. I just know I will make the best of it when it happens.


Sean: (Nods) Your next opportunity comes against Kimberly Knight, who has held championship gold here multiple times both in singles and tag team. You wanted a challenge and you received it. Did you expect it so soon?


Vero: (Chuckles) No, I didn’t. But I’m glad I finally got it. Necra and Kimberly give me much needed motivation to step up what I’ve been doing here. I’ve been slacking off as champion, I admit. I had really gotten bored with the competition here. Most of my focus had gone to SEE. But now that I see things improving here, I am gonna have to pick up the pace. Kimberly is someone I’m not gonna take lightly. Hell, she currently holds the Television Championship and the Tag Team Championships. She is one of the fastest rising stars in this company. This match to enter the World Cup has big meaning to it. Potential champion vs champion had I not dropped the ball. I’ve been paying attention to her. She’s had some impressive runs. But let’s face it, a lot of those challengers aren’t on my level. I’m a proven main eventer everywhere I go. I’ve had my fair share of battles with Kimberly’s family and trainers as well. The Saints family and Angellus have faced us many times. They’re very strong competitors for sure. She should know better than to underestimate me. Her family saw mine rise to the top when under the Society of Destruction name. And soon, I will reveal my future alliance to the public. I have a plan in store that I’m ready to introduce to the world of WXW. And what I do will shock the world.


Sean: What is the status of The Pride? We haven’t heard from them in a long time.


Vero: They had contract disputes with management. They’re waiting to be booked again. They had only been booked in singles matches and are disappointed there weren’t more tag team matches. They believe they are talented enough to be champions in this company and I agree with them. Sometimes I feel bad because I feel like I am holding back their potential by hogging the spotlight. But they tell me that it’s okay and that I have waited long enough for this opportunity. For years I was merely a manager and tag team specialist. But at the urging of Jennifer Enigma and Rachel Storm, I have made sure to make 2018 and 2019 my year. The year where I start to step up and show I can hang on my own. I did it in 450 and SWAT, but in AUW I focused on molding Jennifer. Since then, Jennifer has become the World Champion and surpassed me in many people’s opinions. I’ll show them just how wrong they are the next time we face off. The teacher hasn’t fallen off of anything. I still have what it takes to main event. You know that better than anyone.


Sean: Yes I do. And from experience, I know that you’ve got quite a manipulative mind. Your ability to play mind games with others is up there with one of the best. There’s a reason you have a degree in psychology and nursing. You know the human brain better than arguably anyone I’ve ever met.


Vero: Thank you, I appreciate that. Not many know that about me. I prefer not to reference it much. But yes, the cat’s out of the bag. I have a fascination with the human brain. I have a fascination with how the human body works. That’s how I know how to attack just the right spot. I learned that from my brother in law Jay Williams. They don’t call him the Professor of Pain for nothing. I’ve always been told to prepare for a career post wrestling, because we’re not always going to do this. And my dream is to work in the medical field. Something that has helped me advance in the wrestling ranks. I am also a fitness addict. I love to work out, I love to stay in shape, even when I’m not wrestling. I am very careful on what goes into my body, very strict diets. I always aim to be at my best. Unfortunately, earlier tonight wasn’t one of my best performances. Again, I won’t make that mistake often. Kudos to Necra but a rematch will be better than that. You can bank on that.


Sean: You’ve also had a lot of life altering experiences lately with adopting wrestlers into your family. Wrestlers you’ve trained that were abandoned by their family. What’s that like?


Vero: Yes. In just the past few years, I’ve adopted a fair share of them. I first adopted Brandy Danielle Anderson and her husband Rich Anderson, Alyssa and Alexis Miller, Jackson Jeter (Alyssa’s husband), Michael Derksen, Britanie Laree aka Simone, Brittany Gattis aka Brooklyn, Rachel Storm as Eric’s step sister, our family is ever growing. Society of Destruction is not just a gimmick. We don’t just proclaim to speak for outcasts. We also back it up and adopt people into our family. We give people a chance to achieve their dreams. Our influence on this business extends past just the championships. And many people don’t realize that. They don’t. They think we are egotistical and just care about ourselves. No, we spend every waking moment giving back to the community and that hasn’t changed. You’ve seen firsthand the impact the school’s had, being our receptionist and chosen interviewer. It’s grown from the small momma and pop shop it once was. There’s thousands of students applying every year and that number just keeps increasing.


Sean: Yes, that’s why I brought it up. Because not many people know about that. Well, thanks for your time. I’ll let you go prepare for your ongoing match.


Vero: No problem. It’s always a pleasure talking to you.


Scene Two



It was refreshing to catch up with her best friend Sean Philbrick. He knew just what subjects to touch and which ones not to. One of her most respected personal interviewers. With that out of the way, she had some business to attend to. She walked over towards her car to make her way towards the gym. She needed to get some more reps before the day ends. She headed to the gym and blasted a song she liked, “Take Me Away” by Ra. This band wasn’t known by many people, so hearing that song really caught many people in the gym off guard. They seemed to like it and sang along to the chorus after a few times. They even urged her to play it again. She cycled through her Ra playlist. Suffice it to say, this gym loved that band. She put in a good long workout. Once she finished, she felt so much pain. But she loved this feeling. It gave her much needed adrenaline. It motivated her to want to do more. That’s something she had in common with Eric’s mother, that they’re both way too hyperactive for their own good.


She shakes people’s hands along the way out and then heads to her car. She promptly makes her way towards the training school with her favorite song “Take Me Away” playing on the car radio. Once she makes it to the school, she goes straight to the conference room where she has her partners Rachel Storm and Martha Venegas waiting for her. They seem to be annoyed as if they had waited longer than anticipated. Vero enters still drenched in sweat, many people in the school blown away by her appearances. She slings a towel over her shoulder and nods at the surrounding people. They usually see her in business attire but she’s still in her workout attire. She enters the room and slips into one of the chairs and sighs.


Rachel: What did I tell you about overworking yourself? You just had a match for the Goddess Championship!


Vero: Obviously it wasn’t enough for me to walk out with it. I will not settle for second place. I want to be the best at everything I do. I won’t get there by sitting down wasting time doing nothing. Anyways, you called me in for business. What’s up?


Rachel: Yes, we’ve been in deep discussions with Mandi Feigel about having a bigger role in this company. We haven’t been used in a long time, what’s the hold up?


Vero: I wish I knew the answer to that. I been wanting you booked as well. I know you’re better than most of the champions in this fed. If it were up to me, you’d have championship opportunities, but these guys sure don’t see it and it’s a shame.


Martha: For fuck’s sake, did anyone see where I ranked in that World Title tournament? I almost made it farther than you, and I’m a damn rookie.


Vero: (Laughs) I know, and I love that about you. The fact you’re a rookie makes many people overlook you. But you aren’t a rookie mentally. You’ve been around the block a couple times and have trained in MMA as well as wrestling. You’re always prepared. I will have to speak to Jennifer and Mandi about that. I want you to have a bigger role in the group, potentially the second in command while I take care of other business, which I will reveal in this coming show.


Rachel: Second in command? What about me?


Vero: No offense, Rachel, but most people know what you’re capable already. When I make people the leader, it’s people that aren’t that well known that can use the vote of confidence. That’s what happened with Erin, with Jennifer Enigma, with Nikki Monroe, the list goes on. When I give you the vote of confidence, it goes a long way. I don’t feel you need it. Martha needs it. She’s not getting much attention if at all and that’s a shame. Because we all know how much she can do given her experience as the boss of so many street gangs. She’s seen bloodshed, she’s seen just about everything. If anyone is on my level of ruthlessness it’s her. It’s time we let others see that.


Rachel: Understood. Hopefully my time comes again some day. I mean, I’m not that old but ever since AUW I haven’t gotten that opportunity again.


Vero: Yeah, I know. I may need to bring you to more feds. Maybe SCW would be willing to give you a chance. I don’t know. We just have to play the cards and see what lands. All I know for sure is that it’s not for a lack of effort. We will also have a couple more feds coming up soon. Eric is working out the details with Charlie and Erin on a few feds. TASW is up, SOW is in the rumor mill, as is AUW. I hope AUW happens. It never should have died in the first place. Fuck NCW.


Rachel: I agree, fuck NCW. Nothing will ever replace AUW. I hope my dad sees that some day. But before that can happen, let’s settle this and see if we can get booked.


Vero: Fair enough. Let’s make a couple phone calls.


She shuts the door and begins dialing phones on her cell phone as the scene fades to black.


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