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Posted 25 May 2018 - 08:44 AM

Pic base (if caw): Aliyah (WWE)


Characters real name: Jessica Davis


Characters stage name (if different): "Wildflower" / Jessica Williams


Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana


Age: 30 (9/17/88)


Height: 5'5"


Weight: 130 Lbs.


Trained by: Brandy Danielle


Wrestling Style (submission, striker, high flyer, etc): Speed, High Fly, Athletic / Gymnastics


Entrance Music: War Cry by Diamante


Entrance Description: "War Cry" hits as purple, pink, baby blue lights dance across the stage. Out walks Jessica as the crowd greets her with loud cheers. She waves to them and skips down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans at each side. She walks up the steps and climbs the top rope lifting a fist towards the air. She closes her eyes and welcomes the cheers, before jumping off to stretch against the ropes.


Alignment (Face, Neutral, Heel): Face


Favorite Weapon: Steel Chain wrapped around fist.


Nicknames: The Next Generation of Awesome


Finishing Moves (min 1, max 2)

1. Asai DDT {Southern Justice}

2. Lionsault {Sugar and Spice}


Signature Moves (min 2, max 4)

1. Missile Dropkick

2. Frankensteiner

3. Various counters into DDT

4. Backflip elbow onto opponent leaning on turnbuckle


Common Moves (min 5, max 8)

1. Handstand hurricanrana

2. Running bulldog

3. Sidewalk slam onto extended knee

4. Standing Dropkick

5. Diving crossbody

6. Spinning back fist

7. Kick to the side of the head, using the front of her foot, which can be lethal

8. Snapmare into stiff kick to the back


Submission Moves

1. Undertaker's Hell's Gate {Ignorance is Bliss}

2. Del Rio's Armbar {Room Service}


AIW Womens Champion {Undefeated} {Longest Reigning}




Roleplay Sample (Must be at least 1000 words)


I've seen it a lot

Every time to the world turns upside down

Believe it or not, everyone

Most of us feel like we're losing ground

Believe it or not, everyone, hate admitting fear

Believe it or not, most of us wanna know why we're here

Why we're here, but we don't and we won't

Until we figure out, Could someone deliver us?

And send us some kind of sign, so close to giving up

Coz faith is so hard to find, someone deliver us?

And send us some kind of sign, so close to giving up

Coz faith is so hard to find

But you don't, and you won't, until we figure out


- Believe It or Not by Nickelback



The Hallmark Moment


Scene One


Opportunity, it’s a word that Jessica has not heard often in this business. After her first company closed it’s doors the minute she signed on the dotted line, she’s been seeking redemption. She has finally found it in the doors of Absolute Intense Wrestling. Being a member of the Williams family was not enough, she needed to face true competition. She needed to know that she really belonged. She got that loud and clear upon entry with a couple of tough losses. Now, it was time to regroup and fix what cost her a chance at victory. She needed to do what she wanted to avoid and that’s ask her brothers for help.


She makes her way down the road leading to their cottage house on her rental car. She really did not like to bother people for transportation, especially after how many people let her down. She gets off the car and knocks on the door. When the door is opened, there are plenty of surprised looks directed her way as they run over to hug her.



Hey there, stranger. Long time no talk. How’s life?



Okay, just getting used to this wrestling thing. Been a big adjustment after spending all that time as a stay at home parent.


They both arch an eyebrow in return, as Jessica places her hands on her waist.



What? Was it something I said?



Well, we’re just surprised you actually decided to stick to wrestling after the downfall of CAW.



At first, I was really hesitant. But now that I have a couple matches at AIW, I think I’m starting to like it. Just finding it hard to find wins here and there.


They both chuckle and nod right back at her.



Ah, yes. The process of paying your dues. Don’t let it get to you. We had to struggle at the beginning when we were in Southern Alliance. Trust me when I say good things come to those that wait.



Well, I’m not sure I can wait much longer. My next match is for the AIW Women’s Championship.



Really? That fast?


Jay elbows Lance in the gut, all for him to glare at him with an annoyed look on his face. Lance has always been known to be a tad too blunt. Probably a trait that was inherited from his cousin Vincent. Now it’s Jessica’s turn to laugh and smirk back at her brothers.



Yep, looks like it really does run in the family. I hope I can cash in and make all of you proud.



Don’t worry about making us proud. Just be you.



We’ve all been in your shoes. The worst you can do is feel like you have to top someone. Be the first of your kind and enjoy it while it lasts.


She turns back towards her car and then sighs.



You’re right I guess. I want to do anything possible to make sure I make up for all my past losses. I brought my training equipment just in case. I didn’t want to tell y’all about being in this till I win the title, but you know how it is… I suck at keeping secrets for long.


They both laugh. That must be understatement of the year. She’s always been a worry wart, even as a little kid. It does not help that she’s a tad too easy to read when she’s hiding something.



Right, well, you came to the right place. When it’s all said and done, you will be ready for not just that but the elite talent as well. Only the truly strong survive this training, as a heads up.



That’s fine, I wouldn’t like it any other way. That would aid my cause of wanting to be known for me, not for my name.


They are both impressed by her answers. Lance and Jay look at each other shortly and nodded, meaning they are gonna go clear the living room. She goes to get her training equipment from the car, leaving them to follow up by going to the kitchen to grab some nutritional snacks and drinks to complement the exercises that will take place. Upon her return, she looks at the table with a confused look on her face.



What’s up with this?



When you’re in the wrestling business, you need to remember to take care of your own body. Be ready for anything, because you will encounter people bigger than you. The more prepared you are, the more pain you will be able to tolerate. Trust me, there will be plenty of it.


She turns towards the equipment and begins her exercises, not wanting to delay it any further. She wasn’t so sure about having to change her eating habits, but knew it was for a right cause. They were champions for a reason and she would be dumb to question them.


Scene Two


Several days of intensive training have passed. Jessica is seated on the floor leaning against the wall wiping her face with a towel. She looks fatigued, wincing each time she tries to move any part of her body. Jay tosses her a bottle of Gatorade, which she barely manages to catch. She struggles to open it and then quickly chugs it down. Jay stands by with his arms crossed on his shoulders impressed with her increased determination as each day passes by. He strokes his chin and nods slowly.



I think it may be time for stage two.



What??? There’s more???


Jay laughs and smirks right back at her.



Oh yes, when you’re part of the Williams family, you gotta be better than anyone else. This was only the beginning. Now we need to work on your technique and for that we’d have to consult our step brother, Eric. I think it’s time you enroll into their classes and expand on what you already know.


He heads towards the car and begins warming it up as Jessica follows suit with travel luggage.


Several hours pass and they’ve touched down in Chicago, Illinois. They make their way towards a cab that is already waiting for them.



To the Herrera Training School in Downtown.


The cab speeds off as Jessica is checking her phone for messages. She seems to be typing away furiously on it, making time pass by quick. When they get off the cab, she looks surprised that they got to the school that fast. Jay gives the money to the cab driver and they head towards the front door.



Hey, what’s up, teach? Got another new student?



Yep, meet my baby sister, Jessica. She is interested in joining the wrestling business. In fact, in such a short time, she’s already got a shot at the women’s title. I’m so proud of her.


Sean gets up to shake her hand and then shakes Jay’s hand right after.



Well, I’ll be damned… I guess success really does run in the family. Well, Eric is in his office right now taking care of some registrations. But I’m sure Vero can help you in the conference room. She just got done with a meeting, everyone’s in their own dorm rooms. I’m sure she’s not doing something too heavy.


They head down the hall towards one of the last rooms in the aisle. When they enter, Vero is seen rearranging the furniture and doing minor cleanup. She is alarmed by the sound of the door creaking open since she really wasn’t expecting anyone.



Hey, stranger. Long time no talk. How’s the business going?



It’s going. Things are picking up now with the heat starting to wind down. You know how it is. No one wants repairs when it’s hot enough to fry an egg.


Vero laughs and sets her stuff down in time to go shake Jay’s hand and then Jessica’s.



So what brings you all the way up here today? Is this one of your new students.



Yes, this is my baby sister, Jessica. I want to get her started in the business and what better hands to prepare her than yours. You’ve broken so many barriers in your time here. If you’re a Williams, you’re built tougher than a heavy duty pick up truck. She’s no excuse, she’s got one hell of a pain tolerance for her size.



Interesting. Well, I guess we can get started on the paper work. Let me just go to the office to pick up some stuff and we’ll get her started on a dorm room assignment.


Vero walks out the door, leaving Jay alone with her. He turns towards her and hugs her close.



Good luck. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay longer but I have a class to attend here soon. If you have any questions, feel free to call me. This is a family-run training center. We’re all just a holler away.



Thanks, I appreciate it. See you soon.


Jay walks out, leaving Jessica to go sit down at the big conference table. Vero returns shortly with a manila folder full of papers that she sets down on the table, sitting directly across from Jessica.



Alright, this certainly won’t take long. Hope you enjoy your stay here. We are definitely honored to have you here.


They promptly begin filling out the paper work, effectively starting the next stage in her already impressive young career.


Scene Three


Jessica enters her assigned dorm room. Alexis is laying down face up on the top bunk playing on her DS. You can hear the sound of the game she’s playing from the entrance. It sounds like she is playing a Pokemon game until she is alarmed by the sound of the door opening. She really hasn’t had anyone enter the room since her sisters visited her last week. She sits down cross-legged and sees Jessica bring in her luggage setting it right down next to the bottom bunk.



Oh, sorry. Where’s my manners? I forgot to knock. Hey there, I just got started here. My name’s Jessica. I’m the sister of Jay and Lance. They work here as trainers.



Hey, mine’s Alexis. I also got sisters that are in the wrestling business. Even though I really don’t like to mention it so much… I want to do my own thing before I join up with them. Not that I hate them or anything, but it sucks to be known just because of them…



Ditto, that’s all I’m really known for so far. But I hope my next match at AIW changes their mind. It’s for the women’s title! I can’t believe it!


Alexis goes down the steps through the back of the bed and shakes her hand.



Congrats! Yeah, I really wish I could wrestle again. But it’s hard for people to take me serious when they’re not around. It’s just so damn frustrating.



Well, we can always team up and get known together. Was that the new Pokemon that I heard up there? I want to get it so bad, but I haven’t had much time off. Damn training….



Yeah, it is. I love the changes they’ve made to the game. Some habits die hard. I’ve loved playing those games since I was still in school.



Don’t feel bad… legends never die, hell I still play the old Mario games to this day.


They both laugh and sit on the bed next to each other.



Yeah, that’s true. I’ll play a little bit of everything, as long as it has a good storyline to it. I don’t like playing games that are too easy.



I just like playing with others. Playing them by yourself gets so boring and tiring. There’s just so many times you can beat the game.



True, maybe later we can stop by Gamestop and see what’s available. Before we do, I think we need to see how you can bring that gold home. I look forward to working with you. It hasn’t been this fun for me since the time I got to work with my sisters in UCW. I hope this actually works out.


They continue talking while unpacking the material necessary to research her AIW opponents. She felt like this was a blessing from heaven. No one in her family really understood where she came from. Now she can just focus on getting better without having to ask anyone for favors. The perfect opportunity and roommate. It doesn’t get any better than this.


Scene Four – Promo


We hear the sound of Street Fighter being played in the background. Alexis and Jessica are seen at the controls, it looks like the match has been very competitive. Their health levels are near identical and it looks like they’re tied at a win each and are on the deciding match as Ryu and Ken. Jessica takes the deciding fall and then they high five. It’s at this moment that Jessica realizes there’s a camera nearby and smirks back at them.



You know what this game reminds me of? This match is a lot like Street Fighter. We’ve all faced each other several times, exchanging enough trash talk to pierce through the weakest of souls. But yet we walk away unscathed, determined to make our mark at any means necessary. We go hard every match, bringing everything including the kitchen sink, yet all the fans want to see is bloodshed and violence. That thirst is so primitive yet so motivating. An awkward blend would turn off any ordinary competitor, but not me.


She pauses to turn off the game and returns her attention back to the camera. She extends two arms, palm up, towards the camera on opposite sides. She motions towards the left which is higher than the right one.



When I walk into this match, everyone’s eyes are on Jensen and Angelina as the more experienced halves of the match. And rightfully so, Angelina busted her ass to deserve her title and no one can dispute that. While I may not agree with the Beautiful People’s purpose in this business, I can’t deny that it has brought them loads of success. Who am I to argue against the results? It’s impossible to not respect that, as such I refuse to underestimate you by any means. You’ve proven me wrong about being useless eye candy and have actually done something with your career and for that you deserve nothing but props.


She moves her hands a bit closer to each other in height as if she was trying to imitate a scale.



On the other hand, you’ve got the young upstart in Jensen that has managed to surprise the wrestling business and earn her way into here. I feel like I’m the third wheel, the one that does not match. My win loss record may not be as impressive as the other two people in this match, hell even I’M surprised that I’m involved in this, but I’m not about to back away from this. I see what Jensen has done in this company and I want to be the next one to prove them wrong.


I can see that we have similar backgrounds, we both get accused of getting into this business the easy way but that can’t be farther from the truth. The respect is mutual, I really think we will steal the show and hope I can actually change my recent streak of bad luck. It’s hard to be a Williams because those are some heavy shoes to fill, but I’m fully prepared to do the impossible and be the first female in the Williams family to hold gold. No offense, Jensen, but in a match like this there are no friends, just competition.


She smirks and lets her hands drop, signaling an aura of confidence that’s building with each passing sentence.



But just like the lady at my side, I’m used to being labeled. When people see our name, they see nothing else. They expect us to be just like our siblings and refuse to acknowledge us as our own separate entity. Not anymore, because as of tonight, I am done being an afterthought, I am done being a filler. It’s time to take destiny in my own hands and bring one home for not just the family but for myself. I refuse to be written off based on association. For far too long, I’ve settled for just paying my dues. Tonight, that changes. With my first opportunity, I would be a complete fool to not take advantage. Chances like these don’t come around often. Trust me when I say that revenge is a dish best served cold. I will not be denied, the tables will be turned and I will make my own impact. Heed my warning or step aside, for good.


She clinches her fist and closes her eyes, revealing her teeth in a near sneer.


Scene Five


With that out of the way, she breathes a sigh of relief as Alexis embraces her tightly.



I’m so proud of you. You finally stopped holding back and told them how you REALLY feel.



I just really hope that my brothers don’t take that as a slap in the face.



It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re being true to yourself, that’s all that matters. When it’s all said and done, They will never forget Gamers United, Inc. We will show them that girls really can and will hang with the men in skills and resumes. As long as we stick together, we will prove the haters wrong one kick at a time.


She reluctantly relents and smirks right back at her.



You’re right, it’s been too darn long. I’m gonna have so much fun tagging with you. I feel like a little kid again. I no longer have to fit a certain mold. Just let it all out.



I’ve never really felt the need to hide that from anyone. If they don’t like me, oh well… no sweat off my back. You either accept me for who I am or get your ass kicked.


The more she listens to Alexis, the more she wonders where she’s been all this time. This is gonna be an interesting partnership to say the least.



Yep, first the women’s title and then the tag team titles. The world does not know what they’re in for.


They fist pump and laugh as they return to their game.


{Word Count: 3,232 Words}




Real Information

Name: Eric Herrera

Age: 30

Efed Experience: 11 years {10 years caw, 1 non-caw}

GFX Experience: 10 years... although I'm not accepting requests anymore...

MSN Address: goukikusanagi@hotmail.com

Email Address: drowningcurrent@gmail.com

How you found us: Her brother is the Ultra Violence Champion

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