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Veronica Rodriguez


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Posted 11 May 2018 - 06:50 AM

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• Picture Base •
Zelina Vega

• Patient's Nickname(s) •
Fury (Primary), The Wrath of the Desert , The Fallen Angel

• Patient's Name •
Veronica Rodriguez

• Patient's Given Name •
Veronica Rodriguez

• Height •

• Weight •

• Hometown (Residence) •
San Diego, California

• Alignment •

• Current Gimmick •
Anti Diva. Mind Manipulator. The Master of Code Red. She has a degree in psychology and nursing. So she knows the human brain to a science.

• Entrance Theme •

The Looking Glass by Dream Theater

• Entrance Description •
"The Looking Glass" hits the PA as the fans start murmuring eliciting a mixed reaction. The lights go off as violet colored smoke rises up from the stage, entrance ramp, and ringside area giving the arena a rather foul smell. A pyro shoots up from the entrance ramp as Vero walks out to the ramp with a scowl on her face. She begins her slow descent down the ramp with her still not acknowledging the crowd nor making any contact. Once she reaches the end of the entrance ramp, she looks at the crowd around her, surveying her surroundings before running towards the ring and sliding under the ropes. She heads straight for the upper left turnbuckle and climbs it surveying the crowd without any taunt, like an animal stalking their prey. She then heads towards the opposite turnbuckle and does the same. She descends the top right turnbuckle and does stretches using the ropes as she waits for the bell to ring or for her opponent to arrive.

• Wrestling Style •
Lucha Libre mixed with Submission.

• Favorite Match •
Dog Collar Match.

• Favorite Weapon •
Steel Chain. 

• Wrestler(s) Similar To •
(ie. Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Chris Jerico, Bryan Danielson, Randy Orton, Undertaker, Vader, etc.) Chris Jericho, WCW Version. 

• Reaction To Blood •
(ie. Freaks Out, Goes Bezerk, Cool & Calm, Works to Make Worse, etc.)
To Own Blood: Goes berserk on the opponent. More aggressive.
To Opponent's Blood: Works on ways to make more of it. 

• Strengths •
Intelligence, Balance of Arsenal, Good Ring Awareness (E.G. Uses the environment to her advantage, she's very sick minded)

• Weaknesses •
Size, Attitude, She doesn't know when to stop.

•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•

[ • M O V E S . & . H O L D S • ]

• Finishing Move(s) •
(Include 3-5 Finishers)
Knockout Finisher - Michinoku Driver

Submission Finisher - Koji Clutch

Aerial Finisher - Corkscrew Moonsault

• Signature Moves •
(Include 3-5 Signatures)
Sitout Rear Mat Slam - Wrath of the Desert

Tornado DDT

Springboard Hurricanrana

Axe Handle Elbow Drop

• Moveset •
(Include 5-15 Moves)
Will edit later.

•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•

[ • B I O G R A P H Y • ]

Veronica Rodriguez was born in San Diego, but moved down to El Centro for school. She grew up getting picked on by her brothers for participating in wrestling with them since being a kid. She was into fighting, whether it was boxing, martial arts, wrestling, anything she could get her hands on as a kid. She's also a big fitness freak and takes pride in her body to not look like any other average diva.


She would sign up for wrestling in the school and be looked at as awkward. The boys would make fun her with jokes about making them a sandwich, deserve to be in the kitchen, etc etc. She would not flinch and was determined to fight people near double to triple her weight. Her love for fighting and fitness is what would attract her future husband, Eric Herrera. It was in one of those instances where Vero was gonna get pelted by a group of bullies for not giving in.


Eric stepped in and took the beating, beaten to a bloody mess. Eric viewed her as the little sister he never had and protected her at all costs. Eric would endure dozens of rock pilings to save her and through it all they got closer to each other. It was inevitably a match made in heaven. As time went on, Vero's family was not impressed with her desire to put her life in danger after numerous reports by the school of all these beatings. They kicked her out of the house at the age of 15 leading her to live with Eric. They would date for about a decade before finally getting married in 2012.


Veronica Rodriguez made quite the niche for herself in being a manager. She guided several people to championships. That was until UCW, SWAT, and SWA gave her a chance to wrestle on her own. That was when she started to take it serious. She walked into PWE, won the Women's World Title as it was called, and never let it go. She then proceeded to walk into UCW and win the World Heavyweight Champion, which would later become the 450 World Heavyweight Champion. Over the years, Veronica Rodriguez has proven her skills as both a talent developer AND an in ring competitor cementing her status as what she believes is the most dominant female wrestler in wrestling history. 


1x UCW World Heavyweight Champion

- Never lost it.

1x 450 World Heavyweight Champion

- Never lost it.

1x PWE Women's World Champion

- Never lost it.

Ended Rachel Drake's SWA undefeated streak.

Managed Nikki Monroe to the UCW Women's Championship.

Feud of the year with Lynn Brewster at SWAT Mid South.

•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•

[ • M A N A G E R . & . A S S O C I A T E S • ]

Associates: Code Red - Hector Venegas, Roger Williams (Inactive), Puppet Master, Ryan Hartley (Inactive), Jennifer Enigma, Ragnarok. Kronik (SCW). 

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