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Bess ⦿ versus ⦿ #WXWJobSquad's Elena Gould

Promos Flashpoint

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Singles Match

Bess ⦿ versus ⦿ #WXWJobSquad's Elena Gould

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Posted 21 hours ago

we this time had easy task talk to lovelly Bess about her match with Elana Gould a jobber. Yes we thought would be easy wrong.


Bess wearing a dress who make her look like drag queen full maup and hair. Why did meeting so Do anybody care We don,t?


Bess. Men I,m not hear to talk tough been there were Elana is now. Yes jobsquad facing the names.

Elana I don,t feel I,m a big name but Lucky me can show what can do.


We ask our self will bess use elana as kicking proof or do she give the girl a chance?


Bess. Yes elena do know you are afraid will do what happend with the other job squad members?

I will give you a chance to show managment and special your coach  that ain,t a one hit wonder or whatever.

But don,t think I stand there and take all you got it,s a match no picknik or a walk in park missy.


Bess talk strong words she knows the road to start as a 1 to become a 10 is long.

We also saw the fire in bess eyes this match promise be differt.


Bess. Elena maybe they let you talk maybe not? But be sure you are treated as a wrestler not like target practice like saw on Lockdown.

Men we end this got a apointment with a gentleman. He ain,t a gigolo or so I don,t need pay for seks.


Bess left the room who the gentleman is we saw but don,t tell is family haha.

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