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Rules of WXWA comprehensive look at rules for the fed.


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Posted 12 March 2018 - 08:24 AM

General Rules

These are general guidelines you need to know before joining the promotion.

  • Be Respectful of Others: There is no tolerance for racist, sexist, and/or intolerant messages and images in the Out of Character environment!
  • Drama Policy: Please don't bring it here.
  • You CANNOT reuse old promos or others' promos.
  • All decisions are final! By submitting your application, you are giving members of WXW staff to write your character within the context of shows and other in character content. Staff will always make the final decision on who wins and loses each match. If you do not agree with a match result, please contact staff privately on the matter for a discussion or an explanation. It is okay to be upset about losing, but not okay to make such a feeling a public affair.
  • Three Strikes: No showing three (3) events without explanation will have you removed from WXW. Going on a hiatus is fine just let a WXW staff member know. If you no show, your character will be written off/used in any manner that we deem fit.
  • RP activity is a must! We want to have promos cut in a timely manner so, it fills up the downtime between shows.
  • In the case of a previously fired or suspended competitor, while on leave all titles will be stripped and rewarded to a new champion or champions. Thus, a previously fired or suspended competitor will start fresh; at the bottom of the league.

Character Rules

  • We allow you to have as many as you can handle successfully.

  • Classic faces vs. heels approach, if we have too many faces or heels we may ask handlers to switch sides.

  • Can be an original created character, by you! Or a "real" television wrestling character, as long as she isn't a clone.

Promo Rules
The are divided into three (3) categories, each promo is graded with a score in each category. Highest point total wins. Simple enough, fair enough.

People often employ different styles in promos; some people may do 'character development' promos and others may do 'shoot' promos, it all depends on your personal promo style. The core of what shall be judged is on-screen and we're also pretty sure most wrestlers don't have a camera following them around 24-hours a day either, so the handler may use whatever style gets the point across without being a bore.

Relevance Maximum of 60 points!
Have you talked about your match, storyline, or advanced your wrestler(s) in some meaningful way? Did you show knowledge of your opponent? Have you made a case for winning the match? Make sure you do your homework and include enough valid points and factoids.

Flow Maximum of 40 points!
Did your promo flow? Is your audience going to be able to follow along or will you lose them? Are you focused or are you jumping all over the place? Can the audience figure out who is speaking?

Entertainment Maximum of 40 points!
The ability to be entertaining and keeping the audience on your side.


All categories above can be totaled together for the maximum of 140 points + 10 points in bonuses.


Grade Rubric

  • A+ = 97+
  • A = 93-96
  • A- = 90-92
  • B+ = 87-89
  • B = 83-86
  • B- = 80-82
  • C+ = 77-79
  • C = 73-76
  • C- = 70-72
  • D+ = 67-69
  • D = 63-66
  • D- = 60-62
  • E/F = 0-59



Unlimited Promos

We are all aware that promo limits makes people feel stifled so there is NO set quantity limitations.


Tie Breakers

Tie breakers should be "rare" but in the case of the championships, the champion's advantage applies (the title holder retains).



Using any portion or an entire promo and/or CD.


Snipping (sandbagging)

Waiting until the very last possible moment to cut all your promos inside the period given (ex. the deadline is at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time and your promo comes in at 11:55 pm). If anyone intentionally snipes (stacks/sandbags) their opponent; that opponent will get be victorious automatically. There is a five point penalty for posting late so it's definitely not recommended.



Cutting promos one after the other without giving your opponent the chance to rebuttal the first one.



We may (or may not) grant conditional extensions on a case by case basis; if it is granted for one half of a match it most likely will be extended for the other half as well, to be fair. Extensions are granted at our discretion.

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