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The Fallen © • versus • Daughters of Darkness

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The Fallen © • versus • Daughters of Darkness
Placement: MIDCARD
Championship[s]: IAWL World Tag Team Championships
Stipulations: Tag Team
Match Description:


Act 1: Unexpected Match


"Two more will come at us with everything that they have to take our titles but it won't be enough."



Tower of London

London England


The scene opens on the beautiful city of London. The city was full of life with the sun shinning over head. The sound of Big Ben echo's through the city, as the sound of honking horns, and engines roaring as the smells of bakeries and local restaurants mixed together drifting on the air. The trees and local flowers had yet to come back after their long winter nap, but what little snow had fallen was now gone. The camera moves over the city and soon comes to a stop on the massive Tower of London. The main gates were wide open with two guards standing on either side of them. People took pictures standing beside them, while others ventured inside to enjoy the beauty within the stone walls of the former palace. The camera goes over the grounds and we see a familiar face walking along the grounds, dressed in a deep red shirt with golden hieroglyphics scrawled over it and a pair of black leggings that seemed to show off her figure. She looks around, as the sound of a raven sitting in a large tree is heard. She turns to the tree and extends a hand out, only to have one of the larger ravens fly to her and lands on her arm. She smiles softly petting the black beauty on the head as it caws gently before moving to her shoulder.


Necra: Morgan... So this is where you have been...  Is he here as well?


The raven caws once again, as Necra nods.

Necra: I figured. I know he's been missing you. Come on lets go take the tour.


Necra smiles to herself as she watches a crowd of people move around her and pass by her. She soon follows behind the crowd as they enter onto the green where the old scaffolding and staging had been placed for beheading people.

Necra: This place is stained with blood. Three of Henry the Eighth's wife's were beheaded right there. Anne Boleyn still wanders from the Queens House to the Green where she died. It took one swing, and one swing alone to snap her neck like a twig under the weight of the sword that was swung. Her spirit has been seen more than once, by guards, but just floated by with her head under her arm. You see I came here to feed off of the negative emotions and death that resides behind these walls. In just a few days Elena and I will be facing off against the  Daughters of Darkness. I'm surprised there is a team left that we can even face.


The raven on her shoulder caws once again, as Necra pets the creature on the head as they start to climb a set of stairs as two little shadows move along the stairs above her. She looks up the stairs seeing nothing above her.


Necra: The little Princes want to play. You see they still want to be seen, to be noticed by the world of the living. It's rumored they are the young Princes that Richard the Third ended up keeping prisoner and hidden away. After he became king he had them killed. Now they wander the tower.Lexie, Thea do you really know what you two are getting into? I mean look at ho has stepped before us and what we have done to them. Elena and I will stop you at every turn, and no matter what you try you will never be able to stop us. I've held the Goddess Title, the World Title and these ones are not leaving our side until we decide we are bored with them.


She smiles as she reaches the top of the tower where the room as filled with glass cases filled with bright colored jewels embedded into golden crowns, and scepters or other royal regalia. The lights shimmer off of the gold and jewels as Necra wanders around the room.


Necra: I have to say this is one beautiful place to be. I mean it reminds me of the tag titles and how they shimmer and shine in the lights of the arena. If you two think you can stand to us, then bring everything that you have into the ring and try to stop us. I'm not afraid of either one of you by any means but you should fear me. I am the Goddess of Death, Queen of the Dead, Angel of Death, The Lady in Black, The Reaper of Souls, The Child of Heaven and Hell! Fear me! For when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon and good luck, you're going to need it!


She laughs as it seems to echo in the room, as the raven caws loudly, with the scene fading to black.

Mar 03 2020 10:56 PM

We Will Never Forget Daughters of Darkness.


It was a cold dark night in South Beach Florida. Thea and Lexi were jogging around their neighborhood As both begin to speak 


Thea Maddox 

So It would seem Necra is carrying her team once again. Elena Dread is never there for her team. Necra has to carry her which means  The Fallen has no credibility. 


Lexie takes a sip of water and then nods and then spaks.


Lexie Maddox

That is true I cannot stand Elena. I cant stand Necra. They have paved the way for women's wrestling more or less Necra has but they still do not stand a chance against true darkness.


Thea Maddox

That is true little sister lets get back home and finish this 


The sisters stand in front of their homes and then begin speak.


Thea Maddox

Necra you are far from the best thing in the world on WXW. You were handed a title because of Jennifer Enigmas Injury and then you lose it to Serenity Hunter, I don't know which will be more embarrassing you  losing to Serenity Hunter or  you losing your tag team titles to us. Yeah I am sure you said I am going to beat your ass because I have held this title and that title but we will win this so we can get our foots wet. we deserve the title shot and we are going to make sure  we have ample time and opportunity to take down The Fallen.


Thea pauses and the :Lexi Chimes in.


Lexie Maddox

Then we have Elena Dread who just went for a ride and had no right of being a tag team champion in the first place. Necra your words are cheap and will not hold their own against  at the End of The Day We Are Daughters of Darkness


With that being said  Dod rushed into take a shower.