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The Bloodline • versus • East Meets West Connection • versus • The Pride

The Bloodline • versus • East Meets West Connection • versus • The Pride
Placement: OPENER
Stipulations: Nine Women Tag Team Elimination
Match Description:


Stella Major
Mar 02 2019 02:41 PM

Yes we met Bad Suzuki after her match with Vero. But we saw more self-confidence. Her earpiece had help her with talking.

We met her in what we thought was local gym. Was back in time so much wood and looked more danc studio. In corner weights.

We let her talk so listen people.


BS. Sorry men when my english ain,t super. Yes it ain,t really a gym but what is you will find out !

I do know I beat a legend in women wrestling. When I,m correct gonna face her in a match never been in.


BS.I,m asian red is from west and teresa brought us together. Yes the meaning of east meet west connection men.

We are suprised to read that  The Pride and The Bloodline is facing us. Yes hard feelings during contract signing. Security was tight that moment.


We weren,t suprised Bad Suzuki can talk. Yes we know from last time her job as waitress was a mistake better start in a indy promotion.

Did Lelani save her life hard to say listen.


BS. I didn,t feld glorious yes won from Vero. But we all know she didn,t wanna face me.

I,m not on her level neither was she on mine ! Is she over the hill can,t say yes or no ?


We were in a danc studio nothing had happend. Yes bad suzuki in a outfit showing skin.

Red and teresa came in to practice What ? The strut from ramp on there team song. One of us was danc captain  for male cheerleaders.

Yes he shown the girls how to strut. No camera went off sound too let us strut Bye.

Stella Major
Mar 04 2019 10:10 AM

Yes we were there when trio emwc did there strutting. One of them was original Tornado Red. Not the AUW version this red is a mother and a widow next to coach. We all know she give 110% never less.


That last is a problem she need time for her team. So others took her coaching over. Red is ready  to talk.


Red.I know has tell things so fans know us better. But the rudeniss why are still widow?That are wealthy enough get a toy boy or so.


Red. I been in this kind of 3-way match,s so know what do. I know the Pride is good but the Bloodline wanna prove them self !

The fans wanna see a battle they get that. Ain,t love lost between us nine. Do I got beef with Vero No can,t say of Sjy Sxott.

Pride or Bloodline both think we can win we,ll see.


Are we now in old danc studio No. We showered in a motel then would go further. A motel what happend earlier to-day let me tell you ?

A group of male fans brought group in danger so WXW security had split the group.

Yes one part in other hotel and wimen like emwc to a motel near city center. The diner room we let red talk in a three coloured dining room.


Red. Men listen got few minutes before is diner time.We love our fans but they went to far. Some tryed get in showers to see us naked.


Red. Last words about the up coming match. Pride,Bloodline we go for gold and try to stop us. Sorry I need food can stay or go.


We put our stuff still and joined red on table Bye.

The Bloodline
Mar 17 2019 07:55 PM

"We Are One" By 12 Stones blasts through the arena....Sky Scott,Maeve Russo & Harmony LeBlanc walk out on to the stage as the crowd erupts....Sky Scott,Maeve Russo & Harmony LeBlanc walk down the ramp and they climb into the ring as they each get a microphone 


Sky Scott:What's up Las Vegas 


Fans erupt 


Sky Scott:Tonight the three of us are taking on two other trios and determine who will be the number one contenders to Freaks and Geeks 


Maeve Russo:Now people are wondering why i joined The Bloodline and i joined because they are in this business for the passion not for the money and fame like some factions we know 


Harmony LeBlanc:Now me and my sisters joined The Bloodline for the same reasons..We joined because they are passionate about the business while others want fame and fortune and power


Sky Scott:We are facing the teams of the East Meets West Connection which is Bad Suzuki, Tornado Red II & Teresa and we have seen their promos and they are more worried about the next shopping spree 


Maeve Russo:Let's not forget we have our allies The Pride in this match and the six of us are going to tear the house down and it don't matter which trio wins because they represent The Bloodline 


The Bloodline drops their microphones


"We Are One" By 12 Stones blasts through the arena....Sky Scott,Maeve Russo & Harmony LeBlanc walk out of to the ring and they walk up the ramp 


Scene Fades