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Rachel Storm • versus • Mia Russo

Rachel Storm • versus • Mia Russo
Placement: MIDCARD
Stipulations: Cage
Match Description: Two legendary women in their own rights do battle to see who is the best woman in the company. Who'll prevail?


Society of Destruction
May 26 2019 09:21 PM
Scene One

Fade in to the backstage area of the HCW Arena where Rachel is seen helping them plan for their return. She moves a couple of boxes and notices the typing on them SOW? What's going on here? She goes to the office of Eric Herrera and notices Charlie Feigel there instead. She looks shocked, Charlie smiles at her.

Charlie: Expecting someone else?

Rachel: Hey, dad. Yeah, I wanted to ask what's with all the merchandise saying SOW?

Charlie: Oh yeah, HCW and AUW have decided to join together to form SOW. Me and Eric agreed to it. And he also will be promoted to CEO of WXW. We have wanted to work together for a while. So this is our chance.

Rachel: AUW is coming back? Cool! I have wanted that to happen for a long time. I'm still pissed at NCW for how they treated us. As if nothing we did means anything. Fuck you for telling me not to reference a company I had no fucking say in merging. And fuck you for taking my home.

Charlie: I understand. That is why I brought it back. And with Eric working with me, I have the financial backing I was missing before. It helps I don't have to do all the work anymore.

Rachel: Definitely. Well, I hope that works out better. Because most of my employers aren't even using me properly, including you.

Charlie: Really?

Rachel: RC Stacks, really? You call that competition? Jade Justice, a slut that keeps leaving feds any time shit doesn't go her way? Come on, I want real competition.

Charlie: I don't know who to give you.

Rachel: Well you better make up your mind soon because I am tired of being overlooked. I didn't join here to be an afterthought.

Charlie: You won't be, I promise that.

She storms out of the office. She then looks at the advertisement for WXW Lockdown. Mia Russo vs Rachel Storm. She laughs and rolls her eyes.

Rachel: Dad still didn't get the memo I guess.

She takes the advertisement and makes her way towards the ringside area.

Scene Two

Rachel sits beside the ring and has changed into her in ring attire. She is wearing her MMA fingerless gloves and a mouthguard that she flashes with a smirk upon the camera's arrival. She nods and cracks her knuckles.

“Flashpoint is right around the corner and I just found out about my opponent. I have been begging for competition for ages and these fuckees won't give it to me. I guess I will do like my step brother Eric says and actually take it. Mia Russo. I vaguely remember her being a staff member in AUW, if I am thinking of the right one. I think she was an interviewer or announcer. Either way, she has made her return to wrestling. She just finished beating one of our students last week. So she's not run of the mill rookie. This girl can fight. But I don't understand the purpose of this match. If this is my father's view of earning it, I guess I'll have to tolerate this for the sake of entertainment.”

She chuckles and leans forward.

“Let's get something straight here. This is not the Rachel you saw the past few years in AUW. I'm not here to be a nerd or take it easy on people. That obviously got me nowhere. I'm here to knock people out and to distribute as much pain as possible.”

She pauses as an evil grin forms on her face.

“Yes, the crazy bitch is back. I'm done holding back. I am done trying to be PC with people. Fuck it. I am ready to unleash my inner demons and take what's mine and it starts on this card.”

“Me and you may have been friends before but when you walk across that ring you're my enemy. I'm not about to let personal alliances stop me from getting what I want. I have watched people beneath me rise up the ranks, winning championship opportunities left and right. Meanwhile, I am stuck being a welcoming committee. Fuck that shit. That's over. That's the last time you fucking ignore me, I guarantee it.”

She spits at the ground and shakes her head.

“I have been quiet for too long. The longer I stay quiet, the more rage piles up. And trust me, you don't want me when I'm mad. Difference between the Rachel and now is I went to MMA and learned how to fight more aggressively. No stupid pin falls, disqualifications, or countouts. You either tapped or got knocked out. No ref to save you from the pain. Several ounces of blood lost there. It made me realize what it took to survive.”

She snickers and grins at the camera.

“I am not out here to talk about my past accomplishments. I am here to let the unconscious pile of bodies do the talking. I won't stop for anyone or anything. I don't care if you're family or friend. I'm gonna snap you in half any chance I get and Lockdown is no fucking exception!”

She grits her teeth as one fist hits the other hands open palm closing shortly after.

“So Pops, if you're listening, thank you. Thank you for sending me a victim, because I am not gonna be held responsible for what I do to her. Her blood is on YOUR hands. Bleeding is a Luxury, motherfuckers, never forget that!”

Fade to black.
May 27 2019 12:18 PM

Here you go, my Mia Russo promo, may the best person win.