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Open Invite - Anyone can enter.

Promos Pay-Per-View

Open Invite - Anyone can enter.
Placement: MIDCARD
Stipulations: Open Invitational Trick-or-Treasure Ladder
Match Description: There are 31 briefcases hanging throughout the arena, one for each day of October. The briefcases contain contracts for tricks, title shots, money, other prizes or nothing at all. Competitors may retrieve briefcases to set them aside for themselves, removing those briefcases from the pool. A competitor can pull down briefcases until that competitor is eliminated (by pin fall or submission) or the number of cases run out.


Stella Major
Oct 15 2019 04:45 AM

Yes we did talked with Bess outside. But she went  inside on time her feeling  danger was right. Is a few days later.


It is known what on Devil,s Night will happen something with briefcases. Bess is selent for this 4-way match.

She have never faced any of her opponents. So will be a double challenge the stipulation ?


We sat down with Bess in a not really crowded donut shop was ok.


Bess. Sorry got hungty after my workout yes has be on diet haha. So saw this donut shop need spot to meet.

Men is enough think after this meeting can scip lunch ?


Yes she had cup of coffee and a tray  full of donuts we grab some.


Bess.Let,s talk first the stipulation  briefcases every briefcase is a suprise I lose after pick my five.

That,s a problem and never faced any of my opponents. First know the Russo family but who is Elinor ?

Woa she is kind of woman can relate to but sweetie ain,t your family you are battling but five other girls. And what hear you are here to proven yourself ok.



Bess. Flowers the Klown  never seen you in action but just like Summer Bliss somebody who could be a danger Never know.

Summer Bliss sorry girl when don,t know you but I am sure you can be great ?


Bess. Agent Carter let,s keep simple seen you in the ring. Do know you got a goal and that proven your a Winner !


Coffee was ok not super we ate enough no lunch later haha.


Bess. I got a long way to go. Who knows my history knows had fight myself to top.

Men I need go sit down is on my to pay. Woa forgot nearly Amy she is a friend but sorry not in this battle.

Just like all of us you had to prove belong in this match.


After last words paid our lunch and went to ladder practice yes they say each girl has climb ladder pick her five briefcases.

Oct 24 2019 11:09 AM

11:30 AM on Oct. 24th

McCarran International Airport

Las Vegas, Nevada


{Maeve Russo is just leaving the McCarran International Airport in her rental car when Patricia Clarke pops up and waves to Maeve who seems to be in a mood today after her Grandmother had passed away a few days before.}


Patricia Clarke

Do you have a moment for an interview?


Maeve Russo

Does it look like it {sarcasm}? This airport isn't my favorite place in the world you should know.


Patricia Clarke

We can meet somewhere later.


Maeve Russo

You must be kidding right {sarcasm}?


Patricia Clarke

I'll let you go then, take this camera and just send to me overnight. It has velcro on it to attach to the dashboard.


Maeve Russo

Sure, whatever, bye!


{Maeve pulls away and attaches the camera onto the dashboard, she takes a few minutes to drive away from the airport before speaking.}


Maeve Russo

What do I have to do to get rid of that bitch? Seriously she pops out of nowhere with a camera in my face as if it's my job twenty-four-seven to give her an interview. Well briefly I guess I should talk about the match some. First off listening to Bess' promo on the plane gave me something to pass the time. At Devil's Night we meet in this big ladder match, along with untold numbers of people, this was supposed to be my sister's spot and maybe Bess didn't hear the message that we switched. Bess you may have seen that my Nonna passed away and for some reason I think in the near future you will bring it up, my warning to you is don't.


{Maeve takes a quick break to drive and keep her eyes on the road.}


Maeve Russo

Elinor was supposed to be in this match, she is sorry about that but she wanted to be a tag teamer for awhile. That leaves me and quite frankly that is fine by me, I can beat you all and climb to get as many briefcases as I want to. Hey, a girl can dream can't she? But, its not only a damn dream for gold around my waist, I was born to be a champion. When people were dreaming of dumb plush toys and action figures in their sleep, I had dreams of dancing with gold around my waist wherever I go. See this match puts that Dream into reality, by dropping you all off ladders and that someday may come sooner than we all might think.


{Maeve turns into a driveway, out walks her boyfriend Geoff with a picnic basket and a leather jacket and he opens the backdoor putting the basket on the backseat and pulls his jacket on before jumping into the passenger seat.}


Maeve Russo

Geoff, what is all this?



taking you out for lunch at the park.


Maeve Russo

Oh, how sweet! But, nope I just got home and I'm going to finish this recording and then go take a nice bath.



Oh come on! You work all the time we hardly get to touch base at all. I promise you'll have a great time.


Maeve Russo

Honey, I'll go with you but, you promise of fun is too good to be true. Sorry guys this is the end of this recording. I'll see you gals in the ring.


{Maeve reaches over and turns the camera off. They drive off.}

Oct 26 2019 10:33 AM

Killa Klownz Posse


Devil's Night Promo #1


Raz 666 of the Killa Klownz Posse is walking through the empty Pit Arena by herself when a camera and new WXW interviewer Rudy Battle run up to her.


Rudy Battle

My guest at this time is Raz 666!


Raz 666

Rudy, I'll told you before to get lost.


Rudy Battle

I'm broke, I'm hungry and management isn't going to keep me in this job if I don't get interviews soon.


Raz 666

Rudy, I don't need your stupid poor ass to take my spotlight, like these two-bit hacks in the ladder match. Give me no more excuses and just take a hike just leave the camera chick, I need her.


Rudy leaves the camerawomen on her own and walks away.


Raz 666

While my sisters in arms are facing the three teams in the battle rumble, I'm going to be in this ladder match I've been hearing so much about. Let's talk about Maeve Russo for a moment, see I don't really like her much; actually I don't like much of anyone for that matter. Maeve you can go on a picnic with your boyfriend all you wants but being relaxed with me and my sisters around is a fatal mistake. You know full well people in this business have shorter lives and in a ladder match their life expectancy is changed so much more.


Raz 666 enters a dressing room, she walks over to a medium sized black and gold hard case and rummages through it for a moment. She then pulls a Groucho Marx ventriloquist dummy that's about 30 inches in height from the case and puts her hand up it's ass.




Groucho Marx

While other girls concentrate on generalities of joining this match, Raz 666 is preparing to go to war with everyone. She is a one woman war machine and she's ready to rearrange some faces along the way. When the third generation wrestler Maeve Russo was talking out of her ass, Raz 666 was in the squared circle beating some jobber's ass from pillar to post.


Raz 666

That's right!


Groucho Marx

Don't interrupt me! Pretty faced Pandora has entered the ladder match and I must say while she was talking about getting signing bonuses, Raz 666 was again in the Raz 666 was in the squared circle beating some other jobber's ass from pillar to post.


Raz 666

I'm not sure what your point is Groucho.


Groucho Marx

Don't interrupt me! My point is this, you have more talent in your body than any of these girls who enter this ladder match. You are the queen of ladder matches, any place you've gone you've been put into tons of ladder matches and been very successful. Your success, granted is all my doing. And our answer to Pandora is that you don't deserve to challenge a champion, you've been in WXW less than a day (maybe more) and the champions are busy with other challengers with far more significant credentials than you.


Raz 666

Part of my name is the sign of the devil and at Devil's Night the devil comes out to play. See you soon!


Raz 666 walks over to the medium sized black and gold hard case, slides Groucho off her hand and places him in the box and closes the lid as the promo fades to black.

Stella Major
Oct 27 2019 04:00 AM

We had luck Bess had time to share her thoughts. This time no pancakes shop but crowdy was for sure.

We know she will be gone after got her briefcases but will that happen time will tell ?


Yes we went to a gym were Bess had invited us. Possibly the wrong place to be that time of the day ?

Was to much loud noise so we took our crew moved to coffee corner.

Will she tell ? why she ain,t care who she face or how many opponent will see.


Bess. Yes sorry boys thought this time off day would not be so much people.

You come to hear my thoughts about the match and my opponents.

Did counted so far three a member of Russo Dynasty,a evil clown,a girl who has proven herself.


Bess. Let,s start with Maeve Russo what hear a ok fighter only running her mouth.

When is true you like short cuts to be sure to win let me handed you the briefcases when go.


Bess.Pandora girl don,t be afraid. It will be tough you will survive. Maybe not debute you wanted ?


Bess. Last Razz666 girl you are freaky and nutcase. Do need get afraid off you don,t think so. Yes you like pain we,ll see if we had duck it out ?


Bess being a thomas girl don,t know how game works. Will she protect Pandora or go for suitcases ?

And do she get gold in her hands or a cholate bar haha we will see.


Bess. Yes it,s true I don,t care who I need face. I has to battle my own battles nobody is there back me up.

Will luck be on my side don,t know. What know has face opponents who don,t care who I am.

I ain,t the queen of ladder match but this queen still can knock you to tomorrow. Girls be sure be ready whoever you be.


We stopped coffeecorner got  taken over everybody need coffee. Bess started pouring coffee in if she was working there bye.

Christianna Tiger
Oct 30 2019 06:49 PM
(We see Christianna and her father Dark Tiger coming to the Pit and they both smile. Christianna had seen the card for Devil's Night and she saw an opportunity for her to debut in WXW.)

[Christianna Tiger]

An open invitational. What better way to debut in a company dad.

[Dark Tiger]


[Christianna Tiger]

I know you had debuted in some companies like this. I won my first title in a ladder match too but not like this.

[Dark Tiger]

I havCe been in my fair share of them. Not my favorite but I have won some.

[Christianna Tiger]

I know dad. Ladder matches intrigue me though and I cant wait to get started in WXW.

(Then a cameraman comes to them)

[Dark Tiger]

Hello WXW fans. I am Dark Tiger and I am taking a break from wrestling to support my amazing daughter as she wrestles for WXW.

She has the bloodline to succeed in any company she wrestles for. To all the others in the open invitational be prepared to fight because she is known to fight.

(Christianna smiles)

[Christianna Tiger]

That's right. Whether or not I grab a briefcase I will make each and every one of you earn it. Do not underestimate me because if you do you will pay for it.

I leave you with this thought. I might be tall but I am not one of those who is here just to destroy others. I am not like that. I know I am going to be in for a fight myself and I love it. I want it and I will give it as well.

(They leave as Making Moves by Oh the Larceny plays to commercial)

End Rp.
The Bloodline
Oct 31 2019 01:46 AM

Kylie Scott and Coast 2 Coast are seen standing in the backstage area 


Kylie Scott:Tonight Jasmine Sky and Myself are entering the Open Invitational Trick -or-Treasure Ladder Match


Sky Scott:For too long we have sat back and watched others get ahead and tonight we are going to kick some ass and pull some briefcases down 


Jasmine Rodriguez:Tonight Sky Kylie and myself are going to kick ass all over the ring then we are going to pull the briefcases down and hopefully they are title matches 


They walk away 


Scene Fades