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Necra Octavian Kane © • versus • Lightning

Necra Octavian Kane © • versus • Lightning
Championship[s]: IAWL Goddess Championship
Stipulations: Monster's Ball Casket
Match Description:


Act 1: I Dwell in the Darkness


"Hail to you, O Re, guardian of the secrets of the gates which are on his neck of Geb, because of this balance of Re which he weighs out justice daily. Behold, I have hacked up the earth, and I have been permitted to come, having grown old."

Spell 12 - Book of the Dead




The scene opens on the lone countryside of New York. The night had come on fast and the moon casts its glow on the pure white snow below. The fields were once again bare and shimmered brightly, as the long stretch of road seemed to go on for as far as the eye could see. The trees that stood along the road looked like undead creatures with their long fingers stretched to the sky in agony. The camera moves over the long stretch of road and into the town of Dunwich once again. Most of the windows are dark but the smell of fire from the fire places fill the air, and the smoke drifts silently on the air. The camera soon focuses on the old mansion that sat on the hill that over looked the town below. The lights were burning brightly from top to bottom, and it almost seemed like it was a burning beacon against the night sky. The camera moves to the interior of the massive mansion where we see a fountain with a statue of a man with three women at his feet. Red liquid flowed from the fountain and into the pool below. Voices drift from the left side of the house in a massive sitting room. The room was done in a dark cheery wood, with a large red rug in the middle of the room under the Victorian couch and chairs that sat in front of the massive fire place that roared and crackled within the brick walls. We see Necra's mother sitting on the couch with a cup of tea in her hands with Sothren sitting beside her. Necra sits in the big chair with a bright pink tablet in hand.


Cleo: It feels so good to be home.


Soth: Its strange that my brother isn't here with Emily.


Cleo: I have to agree with you it is strange not to see him.


Sothren looks over at Necra and smiles softly.


Soth: You're awfully quiet.


Necra looks up and smiles.


Necra: Just looking over the list for the next few days.


Soth: You're not reaping today?


Necra: No, Mia is filling in for me. I'm going to take over for her when she goes to E3 in June.


Soth: Makes sense.


Cleo: Where's Ex?


Necra: In the building outside. He said he had to get something to take back to the Oasis.


Cleo: Gods knows what is in that building.


Necra's tablet dings and she sighs opening the message and then laughs.


Cleo What is it dearest?


Necra: I have to face off against Lighting again for my title in WXW.


Soth: Again? Didn't you beat her the first time around?


Necra: Yeah I did. I beat the holy hell out of her and yet she thinks she can stand against me now?


Cleo: Dearest she isn't worth your time. You are a Goddess among the rift raft in that company. She wants to be like you but NEVER will be as good as you.


Soth: You're mother is right dearest. Look at the stock you come from. Your mother and I have both been champions. And you uncle is a multiple champion.


Cleo: Your father is right Necra. And you were trained by all of us. You already have his match won. Lighting is just another victim that has come back for more punishment.


Soth: What type of match is it?


Necra moves her finger down the page and smiles a sick smile.


Necra: A Monster Ball Casket match.


Soth: Sounds sexy.


Necra sets her tablet aside and gets to her feet.


Soth: Where are you going?


Necra: I have to get ready for this match. I'll be locked away for a full 24 hours before the match in a dark room... I have to be ready.


Cleo: What do you have in mind?


Necra: I'm going to the only place that can get me ready for this match.


Sothren and Cleo look at each other and then at her.


Both: NO!


Necra: I'll be fine.


Soth: You know what that room can do!


Cleo: Remember what happened to Mia?


Necra: She wasn't ready. I'm not weak willed. I can handle anything that I see in there.


Soth: I know you can, but still it's not something that we wanted you to do.


Cleo: Please don't do this.


Necra: I have to... Lighting is not going to get the upper hand on me, and take my title away from me. She's not worthy of it.


Sothren and Cleo sigh knowing that they weren't going to be able to stop Necra. Necra turns and starts to walk through the house toward the door to the basement.


Necra: Lighting, what didn't you learn the first time that you faced me for my title? I tore you apart and I walked away with the Goddess title once again. Do you think you are going to stop me? You are going to die. This match isn't for the weak let alone someone like you. You play your games and think you can be like me, but like my mother said, you will never be like me. I've been in this business a long time, and held title after title and yet you have to even prove yourself. You failed the first time, and this time will be no different.


Necra moves through the house and into the kitchen. The kitchen was more modern than the rest of the house. The appliances were all done in stainless steel and the floor was done in a black and white marble. The walls were done in a light cherry wood color with the cupboard door handles done in a silver color to match the appliances. Necra passes by the island in the middle of the kitchen, and toward and old wooden door. She opens it and turns on a light revealing a set of old wooden steps that seemed to be beyond repair. The steps creak under her feet as she starts to move down the steps.


Necra: Lighting I'm not sure what else I can say to you that I haven't already said to you the first time around. I beat the holy hell out of Lindsey Flare and that was just another warm up for the next fight, and that next fight is you... Again. This is the perfect match for me. The monster ball... And I am a monster no matter how you look at it. People fear me for they never know where or when  I will strike You are just like everyone else that think they have no fear of what is it to come.  Do you know what it's like to always linger in darkness, wander the other side of the world knowing that there is no room for the broken in the light. I have a plan and when all is said and done I will be even more powerful then I could even imagine.


She soon reaches the bottom of the stairs, and steps into the large room where racks of wine or another dark liquid sat. An open door is open revealing a room with an old fashion dentist chair with what appears to be black leather straps attached to it. A table filled with old rusted surgical tools sat on a dented tray.  She smiles and walks by it, and stops in front of a door that was covered in heavy chains, and locks. The door seems to come to life, with heavy bangs, against the chains. She stands in front of it, watching it, as the bangs get louder, and louder.


Necra: Pure evil is real. Darkness seeps into the world from beyond this door, and I will face whatever is behind it. I'm not the first one of course, but those that have come before have never managed to come out the same way. Those with weak wills or are willing to believe what they see they never last. But me... I will come back out just the same way as I go in. Lighting there is nothing that you can do to stop me. You've tried once before and failed. This time won't be any different. This time there will be no rules, no disqualifications. Anything is aloud and I will use everything to my advantage. I'm sure you will as well, but once again it will not be enough and I will walk away with the Goddess Title once again, leaving you with nothing in the middle of the ring. When all is said and done, you will be broken, battered, beaten, bloodied, bruised and humiliated. I am the Goddess of Death, Queen of the Dead, the lady in black, the Angel of Death, the Reaper of Souls, and the child of heaven and hell; fear me! For when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon, and good luck, you're going to need it.


The door soon rips from underneath the heavy chains and locks. Necra stands unphased and walks to the doorway. She looks in and takes a breath. She closes her eyes and opens them, and they are glowing a bright blue. She walks through the door and turns facing the camera.


Necra: Nothing is going to stop me...


The door slams shut in front of her, as the scene fades to black.

"Wind up toy" by Alice Cooper is heard in the background as the WXW live stream comes to life. The wind howls in the darkness. A thick fog rising up, covering the area. Thunder echoes through the dark skies as the storm is coming near. A sudden lightning flash, a face appears quickly into the view, woman with dark hair, a cracked mask covering her face, then disappears back into the darkness. Moments pass as humming is heard along with the music playing. Thunder clashes once again, as another lightning flash follows soon after. This time the woman's face appears again, but without the mask, then disappears again.


A woman's voice interupts the music playing, "Who do you think you will face? Masked or unmasked? Does it really matter?"


The  woman , dressed in black, hoists a pile of dirt with an old shovel, and tosses it to the side. Shoving the shovel back into the ground, hoisting the dirt once again to the side.


Lightning: " It doesn't matter what side, or sides of me you are going to face this time around. When all is said and done, this is where you will remain. I have chose a nice resting place for you to spend the rest of your life at. You claim to be the Goddess of Death. You can and shall have a permanent resting place in death. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to reflect on your life, and it's decisions that will get you to this place."


Lightning continues to dig the grave as she quietly hums along to her favorite music. The thunder and lightning continues on and off as the wind begins to become very strong.


Another familiar voice beckons through the wind.


Mr. Green :"The casket was prepared to your exact specifications.I will personally see to it that it arrives at the arena safely, and undamaged."


The followers of Lightning, dressed in hooded robes, appear out of the fog and darkness, carrying the casket. Upon reaching the new gravesite, they set it down gently and disappear once again into the darkness.


Lightning: "Fit for a Queen." Lightning looks over the casket.. Quietly opens it. Inside it is decorated in dark red velvet, lined with gold jewels.


Lightning:" Take a look Miss Necra. Designed specially for the Queen of Darkness, Angel of Death and whatever monickers you choose to believe yourself to be. For the inside of this casket, shall be your new home for some time to come. Hope you will be pleased when you get to see it first hand, and you get to feel  what your new home will be like. When we meet for this time, you will be placed in this casket willing or unwillingly. Would you like to get a first hand view of what you will be seeing?"


Lightning closes the casket lid. A small dimly lit light glows inside the casket as a camera mounted inside  springs to life. Lightning's voice echoes inside the casket, as she had a receiver mounted in the casket as well.


Lightning:" Savor this view Miss Necra. Do you like it? Hope it is to your demands in life. You want to be the Queen of Death. here you can rest like the death that you claim to be."


The sound of thunder and the beginning down pour of rain is heard from inside the casket. 


Lightning: "You want the darkness. I will bring you the darkness, and pain, and your death. Enjoy your time will it lasts."


The darkness of the new gravesite is shown once again, as the rain pours down. lightning flashes across the sky. Lightning's face appears out of the darkness, once again with the broken mask covering her face then disappears for the final time.

Act 1: Darkness Within


"My cavern is opened, the spirits fall within the darkness. The Eye of Horus makes me holy, Wepwawet has caressed me; O Imperishable Stars, hide me among you.


My neck is Re, my vision is cleared, my heart is in its proper place, my speech is known.


I am Re who himself protects himself, I do not know you, I do not look after you, your father the son of Nut lives for you.


I am your eldest son who sees your secrets. I have appeared as King of the Gods, and I will not die again in the realm of the dead.

Spell 44 - Book of the Dead





The scene opens on darkness, and the sound of nothing. The darkness soon gives way to what appears to be a crossroad out in the middle of nowhere. There are fields as far as the eye could see, We see a figure walking down one of the long roads and soon we see that it is Necra. The dust from the road covered her bare feet, as she walked along the road. There was no sounds of birds, crickets, nothing. She stops at the crossroads in front of a giant tree that seemed lush and green, while everything else was dried and frail in the fields. She looks around and soon she sees it. Another figure dressed in strange robes appears across from her. The robes that they wore hid the figures face but spoke in a a deep voice.


Figure: The Goddess of the Dead... What  surprise. Why are you here? What do you seek in this place?


Necra: I come seeking the darkness.


Figure: You have seen it, you have touched it by stepping through the door. If you follow this road you will see what you want to see, if you take the other you will be defeated by the darkness around you instead of being a part of it.


Necra:  I will never let it defeat me. I was born in the darkness.


The figure laughs, and starts to walk away.


Figure: I have been in both, I am the messenger between the spheres...


The figure walks off as Necra stares at the figure realizing who she had been speaking to. The Crawling Chaos, the Faceless One... Nyarlathotep.She shivers as she turns and starts to walk down the long stretch of road once again.


Necra: Lighting you do realize that you can't kill what is already dead right? I welcome going to the Underworld, each and every time that I take a soul to the depths I am home, and I will always return to the surface world to walk among the mortal realm no matter how many times I come back to the darkness. You think you have the match won, but no you don't. I've been thinking about our last match and you managed to come close but stumbled when it really counted. I'm not going to go easy on you by any means. The last time we met I nearly killed you and this time I will finish what I started.


She smiles as she soon reaches what appears to be the end of the road, but at the end was a door. She opens it revealing a vast palace. The white pillars stood on either side of her, as she looks out seeing the palace grounds below. Tall palm trees swayed gently in the wind that moved through the silky  deep blue curtains that lined either side of the balcony. Necra moves forward as she hears the clinking of golden anklets from around her feet. She was adorned in a long black and silver toga with bracelets that matched the anklets. Her long raven hair was pulled back from her face and wrapped in golden thread. Her make up was done in the ancient Egyptian method, and a crown sat upon her head. A set of heavy doors somewhere behind her opens and in steps in a young woman. She bows to Necra and smiles never lifting her eyes to the Goddess that stood behind in front of her.


Necra: Where am I?


Young Woman: Are you're not feeling well my Goddess? You are in Egypt my Goddess in your palace.


Necra looks around and sees that the room was done in glistening sand stone, with black marble floors. Furniture made from ivory and precious metals sat around the room, and the four poster bed was made of ivory and held pillows of different colors and sizes. Incense floated on the air from the burner that sat in the corner of the room as music drifted from somewhere in the palace walls.


Necra: My palace? Oh... Right. Where is my father?


Young Woman: He is with Isis my Goddess.


Necra: Good. Where's Ex?


Young Woman: Who? Oh you must mean the God of the Underworld. He's outside.


Necra turns back to the balcony seeing Ex outside working on an old Harley. She smiles as she leans against the railing.


Necra: This is amazing. Lets pretend that I have lost my memory... How did this happen?


The young woman smiles bust still does not lift her eyes to Necra.


Young Woman: The following of the child of darkness brought light and love to the world. Bu your power remains my Goddess, as does the others. The whole cosmos was rewritten.


Necra folds her arms in fron of her as she looks down at the grounds below her. She saw her statue, and one of Ex but two more had appeared. As she turns to say something the room goes dark once again.


Necra: A vision of what is to come? But who were those other two statues of? Two new gods? A new Pantheon?


She walks through the darkness in hopes of finding a way out. Soon she hits something face first and feels a wooden door in front of her. She feels for the door knob and it soon opens. She steps out into what appears to be a crypt where a large sarcophagus sat.


Necra: My mother's tomb... Or at least one of them. You want to put me in a casket... Please that's nothing. If I would have had a choice for a match, I would have made it one that you wouldn't forget, but then again if you lived you wouldn't forget it. I mean asp venom does move rather quickly. Lighting I know you will do everything in your power to stop me but we both know what is going to happen in the end. I will walk away with my title once again, leaving you in the casket trying to figure out what went wrong. I'm not afraid of you but you should fear me. I will not stop until there is nothing left of you in the end you will be broken, battered, bruised, bloodied, and humiliated.  Time is drawing closer and there isn't anything that you can do to stop me. Death can never be stopped and soon you will learn that the hard way. I am the Goddess of Death, Queen of the Dead, the Angel of Death, The Reaper of Souls, The Lady in Black, The Child of Heaven and Hell. Fear me for when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon, and good luck, you're going to need it.


She smiles as her eyes flash red before going back to their normal color. She stands in the middle of the tomb staring up at the glass ceiling with the sun streaming through it as the scene fades to black.



The scene reopens on the beautiful city of Las Vegas. The night had come on and the bright lights of the city had come to life once again. The line that had wound itself from the front door of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop was now gone, and the shows along the strip were now in full swing. The camera moves over the city and soon comes to a stop on the Boneyard where it was still silent except for the stage hands that moved around finishing the last few adjustments for the show the next day. The camera moves to the long hallways and we see Necra walking along with the Goddess title slung over her shoulder with guards on either side of her. She stops in front of the doors where her and Lighting would be put before their match.


Necra: This is it then.


She turns to one of the guards as one of them unlocks the door. Necra stares into the darkness and smiles.


Guard 1: Is there something wrong Miss Kane?


Necra: Nothing at all. Has Lighting shown yet?


Guard 2: No Miss Kane. She's going to be here later today.


Necra: I see...


Guard 1: Are you ready Miss Kane?


Necra: Yes I am.


Necra walks into the darkness and turns to face them as her eyes glow red as they close the door as the scene fades to black.