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Ms. McJames • versus • Justice Orton • versus • TBD (Winner of Bess • versus • Victoria Scott)

Promos Pay-Per-View

Ms. McJames • versus • Justice Orton • versus • TBD (Winner of Bess • versus • Victoria Scott)
Placement: MAIN EVENT
Tournament: For the Vacated WXW World Championship Briefcase
Stipulations: Triple Jeopardy Ladder
Match Description:


As Justice Orton would be sitting in the living room of her home it was clear that the phone was up to her ear. Talking to someone she got rather heated and hung up in the middle of the conversation. Tossing her phone down on the couch she would get up making her way towards an office that had its door shut. Taking a few deep breaths she reached for that knob and let herself in looking at her husband who was sitting in the chair with a glass of Johnny Walker in front of him as well as a box of cigars sitting there.


Justice: I told you before not to call me when we are in the same house.


Enforcer: You want some of my stupid scotch or stupid cigars?


Justice: What? -gets a confused look on her face- Anthony....why do I put up with you?


Enforcer: Because you love me.


Justice: I'll give you that one. -smirks shutting the door behind her and sits in the chair near her- Hey I know you were busy when I made my return to the ring but than you for making time to meet up with me to check on me that night.


Enforcer: Did you enjoy the dinner I had waiting in your room for you when you got to the back?


Justice: I did. It was very thoughtful of you. Lord knows Charlie doesn't do anything but gives up crap food in catering. I mean hes a billionaire...he can get us some real food.


Enforcer: How did it feel to go back out in the ring?


Justice: Honestly?


Enforcer: Honestly.


Justice: It felt really damn good. I mean the fans and all their excitement....the pop I got!


Enforcer: You know the part I loved? How you said you were going to beat Bess in the ring for a 3 count and you did.


Justice: I know right! But then again you know me and you know that I always do what I say I will.


Enforcer: Speaking of doing what you say you will I'm pretty sure you have a match coming up soon.


Justice: Uh yeah...at Hell Has Frozen over I will be in a four way ladder match for the WXW World Championship briefcase.


Enforcer: You've been in a ladder match once or twice before.


Justice: I know. My opponents are suppose to be Rachel Storm, Ms. McJames, and the winner of the Bess and Victoria Scott match. They have all been really quiet since I made my return. If I didn't know any better I would say Rachel and Ms. McJames are too scared to step foot into the ring with me. And as far as whoever wins that match between Bess and Victoria...it doesn't even matter because the fact is that neither one of them can lace my boots. I've been in this business for thirteen years.


Enforcer: Hell yeah.


Justice: Aw your so cute when you get excited. But like I said baby I have been in this business for thirteen years. Not to mention that I am an Orton. I'm pretty sure I know my way around the squared circle. But come Valentine's day....that briefcase...will be mine. And you know why that is?


Enforcer: Why?


Justice: Because I said so. And what Justice wants...Justice gets.


The two of them talk a few more seconds then Justice walks out of the office. Once she is in the hall she looks at her son Ian who is standing in his doorway with a confused look on his face and trying to figure out why his mom was in the office. She then walks over to the stairs and the scene ends when she goes up to get ready for her dinner date with her husband and son.

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Feb 12 2020 07:41 PM

The scene opens up with Justice Orton at the front desk of a hotel checking in for the night. After everything was set she would make her way to a glass elevator and waited for it to arrive on her floor. When she stepped in she pressed the button to take her to the penthouse suite and soon found herself staring at a door she hadn't seen in a while. Justice got out and looked around then placed her key in the lock and walked into the room only to toss her bag on the floor and shut the door. Closing those eyes of hers she would open them looking around. She would walk over to the balcony door and look out just before going out to stand on it.


Justice: Thirteen years ago I stood on this very same balcony the very next night after I signed my first contract. While I stood on this balcony that night I watched the man known to all as Enforcer sleeping in my bed. They all told me to stay away from him and just sign my contract and do my job but like always if you tell me not to do something I do it anyway. He made me promises that night and he has been pretty good at making good on them but you know what he promised to never do? Anthony promised that if he was ever in the position of power he would never give me special treatment.


She would place her hands onto the balcony rail looking out at the skyline.


Justice: Twelve years ago I stood on this very balcony when I had a match in Ottw for the Women's title. You want to know what kind of match it was? It was a ladder match. I was the one who climbed that ladder and I was the one who took down that title. While I was at the top of that ladder I lost my balance and I fell hard to the ground when it feel towards the ropes. It knocked me out cold and when I woke up in the trainers room I had this pain in my leg. You want to know what that pain was from? It was from getting a corkscrew fracture on my tibia. They made Anthony do the one thing he hated the most and that was to tell me I had to go home to St. Louis to let it heal. When I returned to St. Louis I made everyone's life a living hell. I ended up at my grandfathers grave most of the time because that was the one place I could get away from everyone telling me what I needed to do and how certain things were best for me.


She would sit in a chair now and place her feet up on the balcony rail one foot over the top of the other.


Justice: After my leg healed I made my return to the business. I found things had changed and that Sebastian Kane had began to follow me to every place that both my husband and I worked at. The last place he followed us to was Joey's. Sebastian Kane was the one guy that I thought was a true good person but I was wrong. He couldn't stand the fact that I was better than him. He couldn't stand the fact that I had a title and he didn't. He couldn't stand the fact that I earned things and he expected to just be given them. Sebastian Kane was a whiny little bitch. -stops thinking for a moment- You know who reminds of that whiny little bitch? Ms. McJames.


Getting up she makes her way back into the room lounging on the bed.


Justice: You see Ms. McJames I let you do you and let you run your mouth but sweetheart you seem to forget one thing. Your nothing more than a lesbian nerd and you will never be anything more than that. I am going to do to you what I did to Sebastian Kane time and time again. I will annihilate you in a way you have never seen because well quite frankly...I'm an Orton and this is my life. You can go around and run your mouth about how I m just making a debut but honey what your forgetting is that I never retired when I stepped away five years ago and I worked for Charlie when I stepped away. So go ahead sweetheart...think your going to run me out of this company...however if you really want to know about me to make sure you get things right I suggest doing your due diligence and find out about me before running your mouth. So I'll see you at our match Ms. McJames. But just remember one thing...your just a lesbian nerd and sooner or later...I'll put your ass through a glass plate window. What's that you don't think I can do that? Ask my husband. I'm sure he would more than school you on what I did to Sebastian Kane. Now if you'll excuse me I have a press junct to attend.


She would get up and make her way to the door. Walking out into the hall she waited for the elevator and when the door opened she stepped in. The scene would end once the elevator door shut.

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Feb 24 2020 11:34 AM