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The Angels of Darkness ⦿ versus ⦿ The Playbox Incorporated

Promos Lockdown

The Angels of Darkness ⦿ versus ⦿ The Playbox Incorporated
Placement: OPENER
Tournament: Night #2
Stipulations: 5-on-5 WarGames Elimination
Match Description: Every competitor from each faction will compete in this match. Eliminations may occur by any means necessary inside the cages.


Stella Major
Jun 09 2020 08:29 AM

Yes we seen Bess topless at pool. But let,s forget it seen more boobs in my life.


Yes bess came to us in black suit  wearing high heels.Ok was outside in the garden. It had rained couple of times.We later went inside let start the tape.


Bess(sat on a chair under the roof)I,m here for the talking. Will come in action but rest do most of walking.

Do we know we are faces Yes we do ! They have the rule no survivors no prisoners.

TAD are here to win not to lose from us we were told ok .No dude Amy broke her arm I substitute for her.


We had no clue what female version of Wargames was. Untill managment told in video message it.

The Angels of Darkness are know to be rough. Are they ready for team out weighting them 80lbs?


We went inside rain was falling we were wet Bess not really.


Bess.Yes seen the Hall sisters in the gym better then Orintal sisters no. But can see not 100% trained from men.

Can see the others got style lend from men. Yes we know you want gold. Don,t care who to beat.

Dudes this is enough I go you will find way out.


Bess walked away we knew time to leave Bye.

Angels of Darkness
Jun 12 2020 10:36 PM
The scene opens in the locker room of the Angels of Darkness.

Amanda Hall: The Hall sisters and Maxine Rush were the dominate team wherever we went but after awhile it got real stale as no one wanted to fight us so we decided to align ourselves with the team of Kimberly McKnight, Tiffany Saints and Kelly Robinson who too was tired of being overlooked. We now form a new version of the Angels of Darkness and we proved just how bad ass we are by eliminating World Elite from WXW.

Melissa Hall: Maxine Rush had taught us a lot of our arsenal in the ring that’s right but after aligning ourselves with McKnight, Saints and Robinson, we have learned a lot more from their husbands Steven, Angellus and Robert Saints so there’s no way that Playbox Inc is going to beat us at all.

Maxine Rush: Myself and the Hall Sisters are known through out the world as the Mean Girls of Professional Wrestling and now that we have aligned ourselves with Kimberly, Tiffany and Kelly we truly have become an unstoppable force here in WXW.

Kimberly McKnight: The Angels of Darkness that being myself, Tiffany Saints and Kelly Robinson have always been on the same page seeing as we’re all family so it was only fitting that we would take Melissa and Amanda Hall as well as Maxine Rush under our wings and bring them to levels of awesomeness that they have never seemed to achieve before.

Tiffany Saints: You really think that by showing your naked body, Bess that you’re going to persuade the wrestling fans to your side but that’s not going to be happening because unlike the five of you that makes up Playbox Incorporated, we are true lesbians that love each other and yes myself, Kimberly, Kelly and Melissa have husbands don’t mean that we don’t have personal feelings for one another.

Kelly Robinson: The match is 5-on-5 War Games match so that means that there will be a coin toss as the team with the winning advantage will have the one woman’s advantage until every women comes out to that ring. It doesn’t matter which one of us starts this match because none of you can hold a candle against us.

Evan Rush leaves the locker room to join the other guys of the Outsiders that’s nearby as the women in the locker room begins to make out together as the scene fades to black.
Stella Major
Jun 15 2020 02:36 AM

yes we had a problem  would meet on time one of ladies of Playbox Inc but not one came. Normally would get message or phone call nothing.

So scene started us waiting for one of girls and a grey hairy guy with a cane coming in.

We know he was and is see as honour a legend  like Tum Tum take time come out to talk with us.


a chair was there we took differt position so his skin didn,t looked so pale. Let,s hear what he had to say?


Tum Tum. My excuse that are waiting on my girls they ain,t coming. Because I told them no intervieuws untill match has happend.

Let one thing be clear AOD ladies got talent but also big mouth. Question is can they back it up?


a waiter brought coffee for us all we let camera rolling saw the room few minutes.


Tum Tum. Girls using term ladies would be wrong. I don,t have a issue some are bi-sexual want a peach and a banana.

My problem is being bi or lesbian would make you better No baby don,t !   (he stopped what is this?)


At that moment Cindy-Louise in dress came in room. Tum Tum eyes were closed. Yes he was out cold .

 yes camera stayed rolling we lay him on ground called 911. They came and took Tum Tum away.


Out side the room heard vioces tum tum would go to hospital amy would go with ambulance.


Cindy-Louise. Sorry uncle had dizzy spells this morning still wanted talk with you.

Back to our match with the Angels of  Darkness who run there mouth. I will do to girls.


Cindy-Louise. Yes we have seen you live and on tape so know a lot. Do you 5 fear us No.

What is ok we know you see us as lower class what,s ok with us. But at this moment other things are more important.


Saying that cindy-louise greet us and went to van outside. In the van thomas mccray ceo playbox inc and some of playbox inc members.

Yes they would go to gym after visit tum tum in hospital.