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#TeamWXW (Elena Dread, Daughters of Darkness ©, Justice Orton-Cross & Brianna Alvarez) ⦿ versus ⦿ #TeamNCW (Necra Octavian Kane, Denise De'vil, Mira, Joanne Canelli & a partner of their choosing)

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#TeamWXW (Elena Dread, Daughters of Darkness ©, Justice Orton-Cross & Brianna Alvarez) ⦿ versus ⦿ #TeamNCW (Necra Octavian Kane, Denise De'vil, Mira, Joanne Canelli & a partner of their choosing)
Placement: MAIN EVENT
Tournament: Night #1
Stipulations: 5-on-5 WarGames Elimination
Match Description: This is a match featuring superstars from Women's eXtreme Wrestling and one of it's sister promotions Neo Championship Wrestling. Elimination may occur by any means necessary inside the cages.


As the scene opens up that morning we can see Justice Orton-Cross in her baby blue bikini and Brianna Alvarez in her pink bikini each laying in chairs at Brianna's house in Manhattan. With their sunglasses on they watched as Ian was in the pool swimming with his friend Fiona. Closing her eyes a bit Brianna opened them before looking over to Justice then back at the pool. They each had a drink in a glass on the table in between the chairs and Brianna reached for hers taking a drink then placed it back on the table.


Justice: Thank you for letting them both come over to swim!


Brianna: Yeah well I figured that they needed it after being holed up at home for the past few months. Although I have been wondering -pauses smirking as she looked to Justice again- who was worse Ian or Anthony?


Justice: You already know that answer.


Brianna: Of course I do! -both girls laugh- Oh hey I wanted to talk to you about Lockdown.


Justice: What about it?


Brianna: It is our first pay per view in WxW not to mention the first pay per view that I have been in during my career. We are going to be on Team WxW and we are going up against Team NCW.


Justice: Who else is on our team?


Brianna: Charlie said it was going to be me, you, Elena Dredd, and then Lexie and Thea.


Justice: Well then it looks like we don't need to have people wish us good luck. I mean after all we have the best of the best on our team.


Brianna: We are facing Team NCW which consists of Necra, Denise De'vil, Mira, Joanne Canelli, and a partner of their choosing.


Justice: Necra has six wins and two losses while I have three wins and no loses. She may have won three more matches than me but if you think about it I'm undefeated here in WxW.


Brianna: Ok before you go off on one of your tangents what do we really know about Team NCW?


Justice: Nothing.


Brianna: And why is that?


Justice: Because if they actually did something to impress me then I would know what they can do in the ring. Also none of them have ever faced me or beat me in the ring.


Brianna: Ok but this is an elimination style match which means that we get eliminated one by one.


Justice: Look we have been in a war games match before Brie. There is nothing to worry about. Besides it is probably the opening match because Mrs. Feigel hates when Charlie gives me main events.


Brianna: Have you even spoke to Charlie? Or to any of our bosses? They gave us the main event match for the first night of Lockdown.


Justice: If it is a main event match then you know you have nothing to worry about for sure. Besides Brie...that will be your time to shine. Prove your haters wrong.


Brianna: The haters are saying I am going to flake out during the match and that no one really knows for sure if I am ready to be a main eventer.


Justice: A wise person once said if someone tells you that you can't do something you make them eat their words. We will make them eat their words....if they have any.


Brianna: Easy for you to say when you get the main event of night one and the main event of night two.


The girls would continue their conversation a bit before getting up off their chairs. Walking to the edge of the pool they would sit down placing their legs and feet in before both used their hands to push off the side and landing in the water. The scene would end as they swam a bit then got out going inside Brianna's house with Ian and Fiona.

Act 1: Sisterhood of the Darkside


"Blood is always thicker then water, but blood doesn't always mean family. Sometimes family is more then blood."



The scene opens on the beautiful Georgia countryside. The late afternoon sun had risen high over the vast fields that seemed to stretch on as far as the eye could see. The heat of the day was intense even for late spring. The smell of magnolia's mixed with the smell of the wild flowers that drifted from the fields and in and around the vast homes that dotted the countryside. The sound of song birds could be heard coming from the tall trees that hung over the road that wound along the countryside. The camera soon comes to a stop on what appears to be a massive home under repair. Tall scaffolding sits along the exterior of the house, and it looks like new siding had been added along with tall shimmering windows that now over looked the vast grounds. The lawn itself was no where near the bright green that the rest of the grounds were, and the tall trees that had once stood in front of the house had now been pulled up and cut for fire wood for the colder months. The wrap around porch had been redone, and now seemed out of place against the older looking section of the house. The front door opens and Necra steps out into the late afternoon sun. She walks down the steps and heads toward the sound of hammering, and power tools being used. Necra moves across the lawn and soon stops hearing the sound of what could have been a rattle. She looks around, and sees a snake curled up on a pile of wood. The tail rattles as Necra smiles moving toward it. The snake doesn't curl and ready a strike but sits there and watches Necra walking to it. She reaches it, and holds out a hand as it slithers up her arm as Johnny rounds the corner seeing Necra with the snake along her arm.


Johnny: Holy shit! Necra stand very still...


Necra: Why?


Johnny: It's a rattler.


Necra: I know what it is.


Johnny: How come it isn't...


Ex: Striking? Think about it man, she's dead.


Johnny: True. But God damn...


Necra smiles as the snake slowly move up her arm and lays around her neck.


Necra: Hows everything coming?


Ex: It's going good... But we have to go and get a few more supplies!


Necra: Of course...  Just be careful going into town.


Johnny: You have nothing to worry about.


Ex: Have you looked at us?


Necra: Good point, well made... I'll see you later then.


She heads back toward the house as Johnny and Ex watch her walk away. She rounds the corner and heads back into the house. The interior of the house was in between new and the original wood. The walls had been replaced with a light colored wood, along with the massive staircase that lead up to the second floor. Heavy deep blue curtains hug over the windows inside and were pulled back letting the sun in through the tall windows.


Necra: It's so wonderful to be away from the Oasis. A new home in  place that feels like the desert of Egypt...It's dry with hardly any humidity in the air. You see this use to be a plantation that holds dark secrets, and the spirits that still remain here are not pleased with us being here, but I'm not giving up my home, my source of power.


Necra smiles to herself, as she walks toward one of the set of double doors, and opens them onto the wrap around porch.


Necra: I know that in just little under a week I will be facing off against my own tag team partner Elena Dread, along with four others. I know that it's a strange situation, but it's worth it isn't it? My team is representing the now defunct NCW but what a way to be remembered. You see ladies my team is part of a much larger group. The Darkside. Now I know that you will be willing to do everything and anything to stop us from winning this match just as much as we will. Now lets start with my tag partner, Elena... You know I don't have anything against you, but this is a match that I have to win. Don't get me wrong, we are still partners and we will take the tag team titles back eventually. As for the current tag team champions you weren't the ones that took them from us, but just know that we will take them back eventually but this match isn't for that. The way I look at it is, this is the best way for you to prove yourselves against us.


She watches dust fly up from the driveway as Ex and Johnny head into town. She walks along the wooden porch as her high heeled sandals click along the new wood. The smell of the dried varnish filled her senses as she walked along taking in the property.


Necra: As for Justice, and Brianna.. What can I really say? You have no idea what you are walking into. I saw what you head to say and you have no clue about any of my sisters... Which is not a good thing on your part. I was here before but I had to leave for personal reasons. So my records have just started gain. But I've held the Goddess Title, The World Title here and yet you think that I'm not worth your time? That you are going to beat us? You have no clue do you? And that's what makes this all the better for us. You see Denise has held a Women's Title for over two years and was undefeated until something happened that she couldn't control. Joanne Canelli has more experience than any of us under her belt and you should really look into her career before you say that none of them has done anything to impress you. Mira is just starting in her career, but has held Tag Titles in NCW, and Katsa... Well... I'll let you figure that one out. She's not what you call stable. Hell none of us are! This won't be a match... It's going to be a slaughter in the end!


She rounds the corner and she sees a shadow move across the lawn. She smirks as she looks back toward the other buildings that had been used as slave quarters.


Necra: They really don't like us here. They see us just as bad as the former masters. I can sense their fear, their rage, and it fills me as I stand here on the grounds. The sisters of the Darkside are coming, and there is very little that you can do to stop us. We work together as well oiled machine, if nothing else and a team that will not fall that easily. We have the experience on our side, and title reigns that none can compare. I was hoping that this could be a civil match but it looks like I was wrong. But it doesn't matter in the end. This is the match that you will regret ever agreeing too in the end. This will be our night to shine, and to show that we are still the best of any company. You see by the end of this you will be broken, bloodied, bruised, battered, and humiliated and we will be standing over you with our hands held high and leaving to wonder where you went wrong. I am the Goddess of the Dead, The Queen of Death, The Reaper of Souls, The Angel of Death, The Lady in Black, The Crawling Chaos, The Creeping Death, The Child of Heaven and Hell! Fear me; for when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon and good luck. You're going to need it.


She smiles a strange smile as her eyes start to glow red before shifting back to their normal color. Necra turns and rounds the corner, as the scene fades to black.



The scene opens on quiet street somewhere in Salem Massachusetts. The night had come on quickly and the massive old homes loomed over the dimly lit streets below. The sound of a Harley coming up the street is soon heard and appears before stopping in front of a rather large Victorian style home. The lights were on casting their light to the steps below. The rider removes the helmet revealing Denise De'Vil underneath. She hops off of the bike carrying the helmet under her arm as she walks up the steps and rings the bell.  She hears footsteps approaching.  The door opens and it shows a petite woman with raven black hair with purple dyed tips in pigtails and holding a baby in her arms.  The baby has deep black eyes.  The woman has red demonic eyes and her skin is pale.  She is clad in a tight Cradle of Filth t-shirt and a black, red, and white pleated mini skirt and pink and black combat boots.  Her nose, eyebrow, lip, and ears are pierced but they look freshly done.  Her wrist has a strange symbol tattooed on it.  Her eyes light up when she sees the visitor.
Woman:  BESTIE!!!!
She pulls the woman into a one armed hug careful not to squish the baby.  Denise smiles softly as she hugs the young woman back, looking down at the little one in her arms. 
Denise: Hello Katsa. How are you?
Katsa:  Glad to be out of the hospital and out of the coma.  But all my piercings closed up and so I had to get them redone.  How are you doing?
Denise: I'm doing good. Come on, lets head inside, you don't want the little one to catch cold.
Katsa lest Denise inside.  The house is decorated with a mix of gothic, metal, occult, and anime.
The spurs on Denise's boots click along the floor a she walks with Katsa. 
Denise: Where's my brother?
Katsa:  Probably training he has been touring in all sorts of feds lately.  I think he is avoiding diaper duty.
Denise laughs as she sits on of the high backed deep purple velour chairs.
Denise: More than likely. But I'm sure he misses you and the little one. But that's not why I'm here...
Katsa looks at Denise.
Katsa:  Has one of our family been kidnapped... again... and this time not me?
Denise shakes her head.
Denise: No. But Necra asked me to come and ask you something.
Katsa:  I did not take her Death by Chocolate Ice Cream Cupcake, I Swear!
Denise looks at her with a raised eyebrow.
Denise: Okkk.... It's not that.
Katsa:  If Baalzebul thinks I took his credit card... he's right.  But I got hima  big box of dynamite on sale... but I used some of it... most of it....  I think I have a stick or two around here.
Denise: I don't want to know what you did with it... But that's not it either. WXW is having a big show and the girls of NCW are going to face off against five of their own.
Katsa:  Are you leading the NCW team?
Denise: No, Necra is. She's been busy with other stuff and asked me to come and see you. She wants to know if you would be willing to join with us for one match?
Katsa:  Well Im a mother now, I can't go off all willy nilly into a dangerous fight...and I can't keep this up, I'm there!  Who we torturing?
Denise: Elena Dread, Daughters of Darkness, Justice Orton, and Brianna. I'm sure Darkson and Ice Queen would love to spend time with their granddaughter.
Katsa:  They really do even Ambros and Miho check on her quite often, and Baalz keeps sending adorable toys like the Teddy CHainsawpin
Denise shakes her head.
Denise: I'll be sending something to her very soon. I just have to find it. But its just one night... One match... What do you say?
Katsa:  Five on Five?  Whats the rules?
Denise: As far as I know it's elimination. Like the war games matches we've had before. But whatever it is we both know what's going to happen.
Katsa:  Elena has she done anything in WXW?  She has done much in NCW.
Denise: She's been part of the tag team champions with Necra. I think that's all though.
Katsa:  Why is she against Necra then?
Denise: I think this more of a show for both companies... Shame that NCW is closed right now.Or rather mostly.
Katsa:  Someone is running underground shows
Denise: Yeah... Weird isn't it?
Katsa:  Very weird, thinking about having someone snoop around.  What can you tell me about the Daughters of Darkness and how they stole our team name
Denise: They are the current tag team champions in the company... Maddox sisters... They've won the titles a couple of times before losing them and gaining them back.. There really isn't anything else that I could find about them.
Katsa:  Guess we better show them what the originals do, and that is beat the imitators.
Denise: That sounds like a plan. As for Justice and Brianna, they are best friends. That's about it. They haven't really done anything worthwhile in WXW. I guess they hold the briefcases or something... But they haven't cashed them in yet. You think they would don't you?
Katsa:  Maybe they are afraid of a stand up fight and want to be sneaky.  That's okay, I'll bring my toys and Auntie Hex's yellow bag.  Kidnapped, drugged, put in a coma.  It's about time I dish out the suffering.
Denise: I figured you would be in. I'll let Necra know.
Katsa:  Oh pass this message along to Elena's team.  I can look up their matches and see what they do, but if they try doing that against me, Hell I don't even know what I am going to do before I do it.  They are about to find out what pain I can dish out.
Denise: I'll leave you to do whatever you need to do. I'm going to make a quick phone call.
Katsa:  Ice Mommy and Daddy will grab Nyx, and I'll grab my stuff.
Denise: Perfect. I guess after they pick her up  we'll head out.
Katsa:  Sounds like a plan.
Denise smiles leaning back on the chair.
Scene fades
The camera begins rolling and it shows a raven haired woman.  Her hair in pigtails clad in black shirt, black skirt, spiked bracelets and boots.
Woman:  Well this is my first time stepping into a WXW ring and first time in a long time getting back in the ring.  Hi!  My name is Katsa!
The woman does a little twirl.
Katsa:  So my besty and sis in law Denise recruited me to join Death Mommy in law for a big insane match.  I can’t wait.
Katsa stops and smiles at the camera.
Katsa:  So we are facing two girls named Maddox, my brother beat a guy named Maddox.  This gives me a chance to one up him by beating 2 Maddoxes at once.  Also these two bleach blonde, hot topic posers, wanna be Harley Quinns, will finally face the original and TRUE Daughters of Darkness.
Katsa rolls her eyes and twirls her hair in one finger.  And adds a valley style accent to her voice.
Katsa:  So like Thea… we are like….. So dark and Goth…. I put Kool-Aid in my hair….
Katsa makes her voice more whiny.
Katsa:  Lexieeee…. The whole pack?  I need some for my hair tooo!!!
Katsa reverts back to her “Thea” voice.
Katsa:  No…. just the tips , like raht!  My whole hair?  As if…
Katsa returns her voice to normal.
Katsa:  Insane make up and Kool-Aid cosmetics doesn’t make you a daughter of darkness.
Katsa holds up a baseball bat shining in the light.
Katsa:  I like bats this one I decorated by covering it with itching powder filled glue and shattering bottles over it to give it that nice shiny glassy look.  It bludgeons, it burns, it cuts and I am going to stick this in your holes and turn you into bitchcicles.
Katsa sets the bat down and giggles.
Katsa:  Hi Elena!  Haven’t seen you in a few days.  I hope you are doing well.
Katsa gets a more serious look in her eyes.
Katsa:  Briana and Justice.  I am so proud you can do simple mathematics.  “Necra is 6-3 and I am 3-0, Even though she wrestled more than me I have yet to lose so I win, blah blah blah.”
Katsa shakes her head her earrings making soft jingling noises.
Katsa”  Necra has wrestled more than you, lets see if you can make it 6 more matches without losing… oh wait…  You’re losing this one, guess not.
Katsa does a cartwheel.
Katsa:  You can talk about beating 3 people nobody remembers.  The problem with win streaks is if you put too much into it, then that is what defines you and the first loss will ruin you.  It’s not all about never losing, it is about getting back up after you lose.
Katsa lets a little giggle escape her lips.
Katsa:  We all have wrestled.  But have you suffered a near life ending injury.  Only to be put into a medical coma, and then when you start to wake, you are pregnant and forcing a child out?  Oh and then you have to go under the knife for some surgery?  No?  Oh you think slaps, kicks, punches, chops, slams, splashes, or even weapons are going to scare me?  I’m a mother!
Katsa adjusts her spiked bracelets.  She then smiles and looks at the camera.
Katsa:  Also we have math to bring into things.  You see this as 5 on 5.  That is adorable.  But Elena Dread… she is sister to Leon Dread.  Not sure who that is?  That is Necra’s adopted son.  Making him Mira’s adopted brother.  He also has two sisters.  One is Denise De’Vil.  The other… I hope you guessed it by now… Elena Dread.  My sister in law.
Katsa rolls her eyes and sticks her tongue out at the camera.
Katsa:  So maybe this is a little too vague for you…  Elena is not with you.  Elena is with us.  This is 6 on 4.  There is a reason you guys are never put in the main event.  But also there are reasons Necra has held titles here already.  Necra is smart and sees things in the long run.  Not a short 3 win streak but taking a loss in a battle to achieve gold.  Denise is a stalwart warrior through and through.  Mira is a deceitful little bitch, and I love my sister in law.  I am the psycho.  The odd ball, the unexpected and the unexplained.  I stare into the Abyss and make it blink.  Elena, she is the infiltrator, the knife slipping into your spine and turning….
Katsa starts to giggle insanely.  She then pulls out some brass knuckles and licks them slowly.
Katsa:  Ditzes of Dorkness…  We’re hurting you because you stole our name.  Briana and Justice.  I’m hurting you for fun…  goodnight…
Katsatakes wushu stance and the camera cuts to black.

Act 1: The Death Bringer Arrives


The scene opens on the beautiful small town of Sleepy Hollow. The early morning sun had just started to peek over the horizon, as the sound of the birds started to fill the silent day. The smell of fresh flowers coming out in bloom mixed with the smell from the local bakery in the town drifted on the air, mixing with the smell of the ozone from the rain that had fallen earlier that morning. The camera moves to one of the older sections of the town, where massive homes sat from the Victorian era and earlier. The camera settles on an all to familiar one that had black shingles, and matching siding. The camera moves to the interior that was darkened, but a few sun beams had started to come through the heavy set curtains, and showed the grandeur of the home. The polished floors were in pristine condition, and the walls were lined with pictures and shelves of knick knacks from eras gone by. The camera moves up the staircase and into the master bedroom, where we see Denise lying int he massive four poster bed. The sound of footsteps against the floor can be heard as a figure turns the corner clad in a silk button down shirt with dragons emblazoned on it and traditional hakama pants enters the room hair long, dark, and unruly. Denise's hair was fanned out around her, framing her face as she slept. She slowly opens her deep blue eyes and smiles softly seeing the figure standing over her. The figure smiles back his green eyes shimmer.


Ambros: Morning


Denise: Morning...


She slowly sits up, as we see that she is wearing a loose fitting top with a rose on the front of it. Ambros sets down a tray with a rose in a small glass vase and a plate of eggs, bacon, toast, fresh fruit and a glass of milk and a glass of juice. Denise smiles looking up at him.


Denise: What's all this?


Ambros: Breakfast in bed.


Denise: You are too good to me.


Ambros: You deserve it my love.


Denise blushes softly as she pops a piece of bacon in her mouth.


Denise: Thank you. I have to admit this has been wonderful... I mean both of us are retired, no worries about anything.


Ambros: Congratulations for retiring on top.


Denise: Thank you love. It felt great to take two titles away. They pushed me to far and look where it got them...


Ambros: Shows the world you are the best. So now what are you going to do?


Denise: I'm not sure. I mean I could keep training, keep myself in shape and maybe just relax until I have nothing left to do.


Ambros: Training is always good, but now we can have fun and have time for our injuries namely mine to finally heal


Denise: Indeed. What gets me is that they didn't even help you heal your injuries the whole time that you were with them... Necra gave me something that will help.


Ambros: My wounds are quite... stubborn


Denise smiles as she finishes off the eggs.


Denise: She said it was something that she used on Ex after matches. It helps people like us. It's not for mortals as she put it.


Ambros: Or weirdos like me. But it is all good. How's the food?


Denise laughs.


Denise: Do you see anything left? It was amazing as always.


Ambros: I am glad, so what do you have planned for today?


Denise: Nothing as far as...


Her cell phone rings and she looks over at it and sighs seeing that it was Necra's number. She soon answers it.


Denise: Hello?


Necra: Hey I didn't wake you did I?


Denise: No, why?


Necra: I need to ask you a favor...


Denise: Of course...


Necra: Can you meet me at the house?


Denise: You mean the old man's place?


Necra: Yeah...


Denise sighs.


Denise: Yeah.. Let me get dressed and I'll be right there.


Necra: Thanks.


Denise hangs up and downs the last bit of orange juice and sighs.


Ambros: Whats the matter?


Denise: Necra needs a favor fro me... Not sure what but I have to meet her at the Old Man's place...


She moves the tray over to the other side of the bed, and slips from under the covers.


Ambros: Well call me when you are on your way back I'll draw you a bath


Denise: Thank you love. I'm going to get ready and head out.


Ambros: I can get the keys for you and put them by the door


Denise: Thank you. I think my Harley will do this morning. I have to do so work on the Bentley and the BMW...


Ambros: Alright, I'll work on fixing up some stuff around the place put up new fence posts


Denise kisses him and smiles softly.


Denise: Thank you love. I'll be back as soon as I can.


Ambros kisses her and moves so she can stand offering a hand to help her up. She takes his hand and smiles. She heads to the closet and starts pulling out an outfit. Ambros watches her.


Denise: I'll be done in a minute.


She slips behind one of the oriental silk changing curtains in the room and soon we see a pair of what appear to be black leggings appear over the top followed by the t-shirt. Ambros nods and goes to get her the keys for her bike as he leaves the door slightly ajar. She soon steps out from behind the changing curtain and is now dressed in a tight pair of black leather pants, and a t-shirt that had her picture on it on the back of her horse on the front and on the back it read the Death Bringer Cometh's. The long black riding boots that were on her feet clicked along the wooden floor as she moved quickly toward the door, and heads out into the hallway and down the stairs, as the spurs jingle with each step toward the front door. Ambros meets her after she walks down the stairs and gives her an appreciative whistle.


Ambros: Looking beautiful as always.


Denise: Thank you. I'll be back soon. I'll let you know when I'm on my way back.


Ambros: Stay safe


Denise: I will.


She kisses him once again, and heads out the door and to the the garage. A few minutes later the door opens and she speeds out on the back of it and heads along the long stretch of road, as the scene fades to black.




Voice Over: Favors are not something that I like. But when you are a part of a group like this you have to answer the call!



The scene reopens on the a long stretch of road somewhere in the New York countryside. The tall tree were now green and lush, and the vast fields were full of wild flowers, and grazing farm animals. The sound of birds echoed in the trees, as almost quiet day was suddenly broken by the sound of a Harley moving along the long stretch of road. We see it and the ride is wearing a strange looking helmet that looks like a blood red skull. We soon see a sign that read "WELCOME TO DUNWICH" HELL." She drives past the sign and heads into the quiet town. There on the hill over looking the town sat a massive estate that seemed to be out of place. She continues to head toward the manor passing by a strange looking general store and a few homes that looked empty. A few curtains are moved to see the new comer to the town, before closing them back as the rider heads toward the house. The rider soon arrives at the massive estate and turns off the bike. They remove the helmet and we see that it is Denise underneath. She gets off of the bike, and starts to head up the stairs, and soon goes to knock on the door. The door opens slowly as she sighs.


Denise: That still creeps me out.


Voice: I know!


As the door opens there stood Sothren. She sighs, and hits him with the back of the door.  He stumbles back as laughter is heard. Denise looks up at the stairs and smiles seeing Necra walking down them.


Denise: Sorry about that Sothren...


Soth: D-D-Don't be... I'll be fine.


With that Sothren hits the floor as Denise closes the door behind her.


Necra: I'm glad to see you got here alright.


Denise: Yeah, it's not as far away as if I had been in the city. So what's up?


Necra: Well... I know that you and Ambros are retired, but...


Denise looks at Necra and sighs folding her arms in front of her.


Denise: I should have known... Where is it? And for what?


Necra smiles as the two of them walk into the living room.


Necra: WXW and it's a five on five War Games match...


Denise: I see...  Who's it against?


Necra: Well... That's the funny thing... One is my tag team partner there, and the others are fodder ready to be put down and out. The Maddox sisters, the blond bimbos or rather Daughters of Darkness as most know them... And then there's the other two blond bimbos... Justice and Brianna.


Denise: Any real threat to us?


Necra: Not really. I mean the Daughters of Darkness are the current Tag Team Champions but Justice and Brianna... No. They don't stand a chance against us. I mean Justice has a few wins and hasn't lost a match yet, but her streak is ending. As for Brianna... I have no clue and I really don't care.


Denise: Is that all or do you need me for something else? And why couldn't we do this over the phone?


Necra: I knew my father would be waiting for you... I wanted to see what would happen.


Denise laughs.


Denise: You're taking after your mother more than you know. Fine... I'm going to head back then...


Necra nods as Denise heads back out into the foyer and toward the front door. Sothren was now lying in front of the door. Denise steps on him as she walks out the door and back down the steps towards her bike. As she looks back up at the top most windows she saw him. The silver hair was a give away. And his piercing green eyes stared down at her, but gives a nod and turns from the window as Denise hops on her bike and soon heads off into the morning.


Denise: Why did I agree to this? I'm retired! This is my time to relax and not worry about wannabes... Champions, former champions... Whatever... From what Necra told me you have no clue who we are, have never seen us in the ring... You should really do your research ladies. I've held a title for over two years, lost it to a fluke, only to pick it up again, lost it again to another little wannabe and gained it back, and the biggest title of them all before NCW closed their doors. I was crowned the Pinnacle Champion! Do you know what means? I was... Or rather am the best of the best. Tell me Justice what have you done to make me want to even take notice of you? Anything? You haven't lost a match yet... Is that it? That's not really an achievement... That's just luck. Nothing more, nothing less. But then again, I've stood against people like you before and you are nothing more than wannabes that like to pretend they are better than others. At least I've proven it more than once!


Denise speeds along the road, and heads toward Sleepy Hollow once again.


Denise: As for Brianna... I don't really know what to say about you. Even Necra doesn't know that much about you, so that should tell me something. You're not worth my time. As for the Daughters of Darkness... Really? What's dark about you? Are you supernatural in any shape or form? Are you goth? Or are you like the little Hot Topic Vampire Kids? The ones that think they are dark and so tragic in every sense of the word. You have it good. You have the tag titles in this company but I'm sure that can be easily changed.


She soon comes to a fork in the road, and turns down one of the long stretches of road and speeds down it heading past long stretches of fields once again.


Denise: As for Elena... Who do you side with? Are you siding with the blonds or do you side with your partner and true sisters of the Darkside? If you do side with us it'll be 6 on 4 and what a match it will be. No matter what the outcome we will win this match. We are the best of the best, and there is nothing that you can do to stop us. The Deathbringer comes and she comes for thee... See you soon and good luck, you're going to need it!


She laughs as she looks toward the camera over her shoulder, before speeding off down the long stretch of road, and soon disappears around a bend as the scene fades to black.







Act 1: Child of Darkness



"It's hard to get to use to this new life. It's strange and yet it is excitin'. I don't fear anything anymore... But the world should fear me and my found gifts of the dark."



The scene opens on the beautiful Jersey Shore. The night had come on fast and the sound of the waves hitting the shore echo through the night against the sound of silence that was now the boardwalk that ran along the outer edge of the long stretch of the beach. The lights that had once glowed through the night were now dark, and had faded into nothingness and the sounds of the music from the bars, and clubs were silenced. The smells from the restaurants had stopped drifting on the air, at least for the evening once again. The moon was bright and cast its face to the world below Shadows moved across the ground, as the the sound of sirens from further off in the city echoed through the night. The sound of high heeled shoes clicking on the wood of the boardwalk is soon heard and we see a slender yet built figure come out of the shadows. It was Joanne Canelli. The Godfather of Jersey Shore. She look down at the watch on her wrist and sighs.


Joanne: Where in the hell is she?


Voice: Sorry I'm late... I was finishing up with a... Never mind. I'm glad you could make it.


Necra walks out of the shadows with her eyes glowing bright blue in color.


Joanne: It's fine... What's up?


Necra: I need your help with something.  Denise, Katsa and Mira are all on board for it. I just need to see if you would be willing to come out of retirement for one night...


A smirk forms on Joanne's ruby red lips as she turns and looks at Necra. The two of them start to walk down the long boardwalk.


Joanne: Just one night? I guess I could. I mean I really don't have anythin' else to do anyway. So who's it against?


Necra hands her a folder.


Necra: That is everything that you need. All of them are in there, and it is a five on five so be ready for anything that they can throw at you.


Joanne: Whenever I have ever been unprepared for any match? Trust me I'll be ready for it.


Necra: That's good. Tell me are you enjoying your new life? Or should I say unlife?


Joanne smiles flashing a set of small fangs that could be seen flashing in the moonlight over head.


Joanne: I am. It's different. I can see so much more, and feel... Like when I was 18 and in the prime of my life.


Necra smiles and nods as she her hands starts to turn skeletal once again. She sighs as she stops in her tracks.


Necra: I have to go. I'll see you in a few days time then?


Joanne: Oh don't worry I'll be there.


With that Necra fades leaving Joanne alone on the boardwalk She continues along looking at the files that Necra had let her. She looks through them and sighs.


Joanne: Champions, former champion, and most of them are blond... Why does that not sit well with me? Maybe it's because they remind me of someone... Or i it because I don't know what to really expect from any of you. But I've never let that stop me before. Now as for Elena I have to ask where does your loyalty lie? Does it lay with Necra or are you goin' to stand with those that stand against your own partner? Are you willin' to betray her? Or are you will' to stay no to those you team with? You have some big decisions to make don't you? That is one thin' that most of you don't understand. When you stand with the Darkside you are Darkside for life no matter what you do or who you're friends are. I couldn't have refused even if I wanted to... But the funny thin' is that I didn't. This is my chance to show you and the rest of the locker room in WXW what I have accomplished in my career.


She continues to walk along passing by the now closed stores, but there isn't any reflection being cast.


Joanne: As for the Daughters of Darkness... I can't help but laugh. You two are the farthest thin' from being Dark, or supernatural in any sense of the word! I don't know where you get off callin' yourself that. So what if you're the current tag team champions? You know how quick that can change? All it takes is one small move or a sudden change in momentum! I've held titles in every company that I have ever been in. I know all about it. Now girls you have to stand against us and you have no idea what you are gettin' into do you? You're blond, you're beautiful, you're young and that is never a good combination. You can't see the outcome in this match because you have never faced anyone like me before. Bring you're pretty little asses into the ring and see how long you can stand against us.


She flips through the folder and pulls out a piece of paper with neat handwriting on it, and bursts out in laughter.


Joanne: I'm sorry... But... But that is perfect... Justice, Brianna... You two... You two make me laugh. You've never heard of us because you've never faced us? Wow! Do you have your heads up each others asses? I mean you must if you've never head of any of us besides Necra. My name is on the lips of a lot of people in the world. But tell me are yours? What have you done that I should be afraid of? What titles have you had in your hands? Any? No? Then why are in the hell are you in this match? Lets see... All of us are former or current champions... Elena is a former, and the Daughters of Darkness are the current Tag champions... But you two... Are nothin'! You are the odd ones out in this match and it makes me wonder if someone just had pity on you and decided to give you a chance to prove yourselves... Of course, it really doesn't matter to me. I'm here just as a favor to my niece. In the end the Sisters of the Darkside will walk away the winners and show you little wannabes why we are the best of the best. We are the Mafioso, and we get paid to kick your ass. See you soon and good luck you're goin' to need it.


Joanne smiles to herself as her eyes flash red, and go back to normal as her cell phone rings.


Joanne: Hey... I'll be home in a few minutes... Don't worry about dinner.. I've already had a bite.


She rounds the corner and heads toward a parking lot as the scene fades to black.