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Summer Bliss © ⦿ versus ⦿ Necra Octavian Kane ⦿ versus ⦿ Justice Orton-Cross

Promos Lockdown

Summer Bliss © ⦿ versus ⦿ Necra Octavian Kane ⦿ versus ⦿ Justice Orton-Cross
Placement: MAIN EVENT
Tournament: Night #2
Championship[s]: IAWL World Championship
Stipulations: Triple Jeopardy Pyramid of Death
Match Description: A tripled tiered cage structure shaped like a steppe pyramid with weapons attached in strategic spots all the way up the structure. The object of the match is to start at the very top of the pyramid cage structure and make your way down to the bottom to retrieve the WXW World Championship hanging 15 feet above by means of one ladder attached inside the cage at some point higher in the pyramid cage structure.


Act 1: Getting what is mine!


" I have everything that I could possibly want in my life... But one thing still eludes me... My World Title... This is where I get it back!"



The scene opens on the beautiful Georgia countryside. The night was starting to come on quickly, and the sun had already started to fade for another day, and the stars were starting to appear in the darkening sky. The sound of crickets and frogs soon fill the air, as the smell of fire pits mix with he sweet magnolias that are in full bloom. The camera moves along the long stretch of road that wound itself along the vast countryside until we come across an all to familiar ranch style home. The lights blazed brightly through the windows as the front porch swing gently swayed in a light breeze that moved across the grounds. The camera moves to the interior of the house, we see Ex and Johnny sitting in the living room watching the news. Johnny turns off the tv and shakes his head. 


Johnny: Well shit, that's why we can't get nothing from Atlanta.


Ex: This would be the perfect time to hit the bars... No police.


Johnny: Hell yeah no one is going to stop us.


Necra walks into the room wearing a loose fitting top and a pair of yoga leggings with golden patterns wrapped around the legs. She leans against the arm of the couch and smiles.


Necra: What are you two doing?


Ex: Were heading out. Wanna come?


Necra: Where?


Ex: The bars in Atlanta...


Necra shrugs.


Necra: Sure, why not?


Johnny looks over at Ex and then looks at Necra as he gets to his feet.


Johnny: You know what that might not be such a good idea .


Necra: What? You don't think I could handle myself?


Ex: We know that you can handle yourself.


Johnny: I have no doubt that you could... But you have style and class... And wouldn't really enjoy it....


Necra: You're right, I'll stay here... I didn't really want to go anyway.


Ex gets to his feet, and he and Johnny head to the door, as Necra turns and watches them leave before she realizes she had been had.


Necra: Hey! Wait a minute...


She heads for the door as the monster truck starts heading down the long driveway. Necra sighs and leans against the door frame as the hound dog named "The General" stretches and sits beside her waiting for Necra to pet him.


Necra: Those son of a... Maybe I should follow them...


The General lets out a soft bark before turning and walking into the house with Necra following behind. Necra closes the door behind her, and sits on the couch leaning back enjoying the quiet of the evening.


Necra: I know you're waiting for me to do something spooky, or strange, but right now there is nothing around here like that. You see Johnny's place was actually built on a normal piece of land where no one has died. Now my place... Well.. That's a whole other story now isn't it?


She smiles as The General leaps up beside and lays down with his head on Necra's lap.


Necra: Now I know that Lockdown is a two night show and on the first night I'm in the main event and on the second night I am as well... And the second night it's for a title! MY TITLE! The one I lost to Summer! This time it's a three way dance and I have to admit I'm going to take great joy in taking back what is mine. Now Summer I think you've held my title long enough don't you? You've had your fun and time in the spotlight but I'm afraid your time is up. I know we've done this little song and dance before, and you managed to get the win over me and took what was mine... That's not going to happen again.


She pets the dog at her side, as her eyes glow red before shifting back to their normal color.


Necra: As for Justice... What have you done to even get into this match? Did you promise someone something to get it, or did you kick someone's ass enough that you got tossed into this match? I'm not impressed with what you've done, but then again... It takes a lot to impress me. I could give you shits that you don't have a loss yet. Who cares? You haven't even faced me before and yet you still think that you are going to get lucky and actually win a title? No dear, you can dream... But that dream will be crushed just like you will be by the end of this match.


The General hops up, as Necra look down at her hand seeing that it had turned skeletal. She sighs, and gets to her feet.


Necra: Well... It looks like I've been tapped. I was going to stay in tonight, and enjoy the peace and quiet, but I guess now I have other plans. But that's what I get for being a reaper right? Ladies I just hope you two know what you are getting into. This match will not be a pleasant one. I plan on doing everything that I can to get my title back, and making sure that you two walk away with nothing. When I climb up that ladder, and take the title you two will wonder where it all went wrong, and why I stand as the new champion in the end. This is my time to shine! This is the end of the Golden Age of Summer Bliss and the dark reign of the Goddess of the Dead begins! I am the Goddess of the Dead, The Queen of Death, The Reaper of Souls, Angel of Death, The Lady in Black, The Crawling Chaos, The Creeping Death, The Child of Heaven and Hell! Fear me; for when you look upon me you will see your end! See you soon ladies and good luck!


She smiles a strange smile as she turns and heads toward the front door. She opens it and walks out into he night and seems to vanish as the scene fades to black.

As the scene opens up that afternoon Justice Orton-Cross is just arriving at the WxW headquarters for an unannounced visit. Of course she had both her brief cases with her one being held by each of her hands and her outfit that day consisted of a pair of black boots, black Hoxton leather skinny pants by Paige, and a black tank top under a black Virtus V Monogram knit shirt by Versace. Her hair had been fresh black and brown low-lights mixed throughout that blonde hair of hers and was up in a messy bun. Once she stepped inside the building she made her way towards the level that the television studio was on and she spoke to a few people there.


Production guy: What the hell are you doing here?


Justice: I need to have a table in the ring and I need a live mic as well.


Production guy: Excuse me?


Justice: You heard me.


Production guy: I think I am going to call our boss first.


Justice: Sweetheart I am your boss. Now do your damn job and tell someone to set a table up in the ring.


Production guy: If I get in trouble for this its going to be all on you.


Justice: Look all I want to do is talk about my match OK. I want the fans to be able to see and hear it on the live stream. Once I am done I am going to go to my penthouse. I just got here from Manhattan which means I'm tired, cranky, hungry, and I can get pissed off very quick and if that happens I won't be able to be held responsible for my actions.


Production guy: As you wish. Hey Jack and Tim go set up a small table with a cloth over it for her and tell the team to set up.


Justice would smirk as she watched people do as they were told. After a bit she would go to the gorilla position and wait before being walked out to the ring. They would walk her through how the shot would be set up and she gave them her brief cases to position for the shot. Tim took them both and once he had them in position everyone left letting her get in the ring. Going over to that table she looked at the briefcases and then looked right into the camera. She was counted down and then she would get the signal to go ahead. Grabbing the mic off the table she would hold it up to her lips.


Justice: You know whenever I am in front of all of you, the WxW Universe, I am so grateful because without any of you we wouldn't have our jobs. Well we would it would just be on another show -smirks then laughs- and honestly there are a lot of shows out there. I mean I could just walk out those doors right now and show up somewhere else! Why is that you ask? Because of appreciation! Let's talk about the word appreciation shall we? Because I have to tell you that while I have match after match and I do the amazing stuff in them that you all seem to love such as stomping on the throat of Elinor Russo, putting Isabella Winters through a glass plate window, or even breaking Victorious Amy's left arm saying that I feel a bit underappreciated feels like an understatement. Week after week I get zero respect. I promote the hell out of my matches by doing press junkets, meet and greets, photo shoots while all these other girls just sit on their asses doing nothing. I am the one elevating my matches to give you all what you want. I am the one who cares about whether or not this company survives and quite frankly it feels like I am the only one. But then again that is the whole reason I came back to WxW. Because whether you like it or not I am the face of the WxW. You see Charlie asked me to come back here and I told him it had to be on MY terms and no one elses. I told him I was tired of the girls showing up just wanting to be the little barbie doll types and not wanting to give the fans they want. But enough about that because I have something else I need to talk about and that is my match on the second night of Lockdown. My opponents are going to be Summer Bliss and Necra. Now while I will be facing Necra the night before in a Team WxW vs Team NCW war-games match all I am going to say to her or about her is that she fails to realize what I was talking about with Brianna. I never one said that you or your sisters would be a waste of our time. You actually need to listen more carefully when people speak about you because if you did then you would have known what I said was that you never faced me in a ring before and that I didn't know what any member of Team NCW were capable of because I never have seen them in the ring before. If I don't know my opponent or in this case opponents I like to know them so I know what I am going up against. Honestly Necra I have always heard the best things about you since I have made my return to my business and Charlie has even told me occasionally that you are one to keep an eye on as your good at what you do.


She would stop talking after that last sentence and stepped away from the table.


Justice: Do you see where I was going with my conversation between myself and Brie? It wasn't to do what you girls all call it now which is talk shit about our opponents. I just truthfully have never seen you in this business or in the ring until I came back which I never retired by the way. I took time away to take care of my son and step-daughter. But hey people want to assume I retired when I never did. -shrugs- We should be working together in this match Necra because there is someone else in this match besides us. And that's Summer Bliss. Necra have you ever asked yourself where the World champion is or what she is doing that is supposed to make her the face of WxW? Well I have and it is about time that she shuts up and steps into the ring with me or in this case us. Summer Bliss where the hell are you? Because the last time I checked I'm here in Vegas and your not. The last time I checked your the WxW World champion and I'm not. The last time I checked -pauses smirking- I was the face of WxW and your not! And why is that Summer? Why is it that the girl with two briefcases is the face of WxW and its own champion isn't? I'll tell you why. Because your nothing but a little bitch who sits at home instead of promoting matches, showing up to events, and all that other stuff that some of us put the work into doing. It is people like you that some of us don't get opportunities that we should. You see Summer when we had the tag match at Flashpoint I said a few things and I know it got to you. You know how I realized that it did? Because you called me a turd. Really? The WxW World champion goes around calling the face of WxW a turd? And you think I was just going to let you get away with that? Your quite mistaken if you feel or think that because at the end of the day I am still here in Vegas and your not you stupid little yellow bellied delusional gremlin bitch.


Taking a few deep breaths she walked to the ropes holding onto the top on with the hand that didn't have the mic in it.


Justice: You see Summer while you just sit on your ass trying to hide from me you failed to realize I was going to do what I promised you. Only I didn't wait to see if you were going to defend your title and I took it upon myself to get what I want and we all know that what Justice wants...Justice gets. And how exactly did I get this match? Oh I don't know I guess probably because I did the other thing I said I would do. I went to Charlie...and then I went to the board of directors. You should be glad I didn't go to Mrs. Feigel because she would have flat out denied me this opportunity. Now all that is left for me to do is hunt you down like the pathetic piece of pond scum that you are but -smirks- I don't have to do that part since I'm in the match at Lockdown. But let's talk about what else I told you Summer because I am going to make good on those threats when it is time for our match because your going to get hurt. You are going to bleed and you are going to get stitches. I will end your career here in WxW just like I did to Elinor Russo. -smirks- You know what Summer all my anger towards you is being pushed to the side right now because I know the real reason your hiding. The reason your hiding and not showing up to things is because your scared. Your scared that I am going to take that title from you. Your scared that I am going to be the fighting champion that the WxW should have. And your scared because you know and I know that if I get that title at Lockdown I will never let you have a rematch or a title match as long as I have that title. But let's talk about the other option in this match and that option is what if I don't win and I don't become the new champion! You see Summer if I don't win things are still going to be alright. I know that things will be alright because I will still have the briefcase that allows me to cash in on your title whenever I want. Do you understand that? I really want to know if you do. Because if I were to lose to you then I would just take your title from you after you've been broken, bloodied, and beat down. Oh and you know what the best part is Summer? If I cash in and I fail to get the title then I still have a second briefcase which allows me to enter myself in ANY match I want to be in as long as it is not a pay per view match. Oh and I know there are going to be people that want to bring up how Necra is in this match and what if she wins the title. You see Necra is someone I wouldn't cash in on and it isn't because I am scared of her. I will only cash in on those I feel are unfit to be the World champion of WxW. So girls, Charlie, and even the devil himself Luke Diamond, who by the way must still be on a Cheetos eating binge or whatever it is gremlins do, I will keep on being the face of WxW and when the time is right I will become the WxW World champion.


As she smirked a bit she picked up the handles of those brief cases she walked to the side of the ring closet to her. Handing them down to one of the ring crew members they held onto them. Stepping through the ropes she hopped down off the apron taking her cases once more. The scene would end as she went to the backstage area where her son was hanging out with some of the security team.

Summer Bliss
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