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La Cazadora © ⦿ versus ⦿ Hannah Stanton (w/ Dr. Anna Riggs)

Promos Lockdown

La Cazadora © ⦿ versus ⦿ Hannah Stanton (w/ Dr. Anna Riggs)
Placement: MIDCARD
Tournament: Night #1
Championship[s]: IAWL Goddess Championship
Stipulations: House of Glass
Match Description: This is a match featuring superstars from Women's eXtreme Wrestling and one of it's sister promotions Neo Championship Wrestling. Elimination may occur by any means necessary inside the cages.


Hannah Stanton
Jun 21 2020 09:19 AM




Unknown location


As the camera came up we see Doctor Gina Riggs looked out of the place her and Hannah seemed to be staying during the current climate of the world. Doctor Riggs was wearing a black suits as she did this she let out a sigh.


Doctor Gina Riggs: Injustice! It just seems like everytime you look at anything right now all you see is injustice. The world were the good have finally seen that the bad people in the world are just burying everyone in shit but making sure that they are just high enough to avoid it. I’m not new to this hell it’s how I have been seeing things for the longest time. I mean it why I pulled Hannah out of the pit she had been thrown in because she was someone who needed help but it didn’t suit them to give it to her so they simply just try bury deep but I got her out because I couldn’t allow her to be the victim of an injustice that she didn’t deserve.


Doctor Riggs then turned back and started to walk into a hall soon. Her eyes were scanning left and right as she did this she seemed nervous. Soon however she approached a door and pushed it open. As the camera moved to the middle of the door frame to show the inside of the room where on a bed fall asleep was Hannah Stanton. Doctor Riggs then walked into the room and took a seat on a chair that was next to the bed.


Doctor Gina Riggs: The problem is sometimes the injustice is burned into a person and it takes them a long time to get that out of the system. That’s the fight I have been doing for several years with Hannah. Having to unroot the bad habits to build new ones. So far it has worked but now…


Doctor Riggs leaned back in the chair and rubbed her fingers between her eyes.


Doctor Gina Riggs: Now it’s seems we have hit a wall in the treatment. She feel like there is no sight she is getting better and I can’t get her to see that she has come so far which bring us to Lockdown 2020. Now we were not on the last show so did not get to hear it in person but we watched as Charlie Feigel told the world that Hannah was going to be competing for the Goddess title a chance she won several weeks back. Glad to see that this was remembered.

A smile came across the face of Doctor Riggs as she said that and the camera managed to catch a glimpse of a smile on Hannah face like she had overheard the conversation.


Doctor Gina Riggs: A fight against the champion La Cazadora where we will compete inside of a building of glass with only a pin or submission leading to victory. Now I can say that I’m not exactly secure sending Hannah into a place like this. After all it’s not exactly what you call safe but at this stage of her treatment we have to take risks to make sure the final result is gained and to have Hannah finally silent the voices.


Doctor Riggs then turned to look at the camera.


Doctor Gina Riggs: La Cazadora I will say that I don’t know much about your wrestling talent inside of the ring I was unable to find footage of you competing here in WXW but I did managed to get some information regarding you. Seems you have quite the life and that you look to honour your past. That is something to be respected after all if you have reason to be proud of your past then celebrate it but the one thing I know is that reading is you will seemingly give Hannah a fair shake at the title. I know it doesn’t exactly seem to be the style here but I believe you will do that. I will do my best to make sure Hannah does the same but like I say she is still a work in progess and with the current situation I will not be at ringside to fully control her. But know that at the end of the day we have but one goal. To claim that title and show Hannah the treatment is working.


Doctor Riggs then stood up and walked over to Hannah. She looked at her for a moment and push some hair that had fallen on her face.


Doctor Gina Riggs: That the treatment is working and soon she can be just normal.

With that Doctor Riggs smiled at Hannah as she walked her sleep and as she did this the screen turned black.

Act 1: A Woman of few words!



The scene opens on the the beautiful city of Las Vegas. The sun was shinning brightly over the vast expanse of the city. The traffic had started to flow once again, and the crowds had started to come back but a little more sparse then it had once been. The camera moves over the city and we see that there was a line in front of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and once again people were lined up from the front door and around the corner toward the back lot.  The smell from the local restaurants filled the air mixing with the smell of the burning gas and diesel from the cars and trucks that ran along the Strip. The sound of the slot machines that stood outside the casinos rang out loudly, as music drifted from the Mirage's fountain show every hour.   The camera moves over the city and soon comes to the WXW Pit. The building seemed to be teeming with life and movement from the staff and stage hands getting ready for the first night of Lockdown. We soon see a familiar face or rather mask moving through the backstage area with a bag slung over her shoulder with the Goddess Title draped over the other. It was La Cazadora. She walks past a few of the stage hands, and heads toward her locker room. The mask she wore glistened in the bright lights over head and her sneakers squeaked along the polished floor. She reaches the door and opens it seeing a bouquet of red and pink roses sitting on a table. She smiles softly as she reads the card. "Good Luck tonight. No matter what happens you are still a champion to me. Hiro." She smiles softly and sets her bag down along with the title.


La Cazadora: Oh Hiro.... That was so sweet.


She smiles as she turns and grabs the title and heads out of the locker room and starts to head toward the main part of the arena. She soon reaches the loading bay and sees the glass cage. She stares up at it, as she hears footsteps behind her. She sees the reflection of Callie Norris coming up behind her. La Cazadora smiles softly as she turns to face Callie.


Callie Norris: La Cazadora... I'm not disturbing you am I?


La Cazadora: Of course not I was just heading toward the main part of the arena. What can I help you with?


Callie Norris: I was wondering if I could get a few words about your match tonight? I know it's a strange match and something is out in left field...


La Cazadora: Sure. What do you want to know?


Callie Norris: How do you feel about your match? I mean this is for your title after all.


La Cazadora: I'm not worried. I know I have a chance of losing my title, and walking away with nothing, but so does Hannah. I've never been in a match like this but I've been in a lot worse and lot move violent in Japan.


Callie Norris: Really? Is that because you were deported with your boyfriend Hiro?


La Cazadora: It was all a mistake Miss Norris. You see the man that called immigration didn't realize that I was born in the US. They couldn't really do anything about me. Hiro's work visa was still good, but he decided that it would be better if he left... So I left with him... We opened our own school and we even went into  competition in an indy company. We did really well but we left before we could gain any titles. But it was alright. We came back and I joined this company.


Callie Norris: Wow. That is amazing. You must be proud of what you've done in your life. You took something bad and turned it around.


La Cazadora: Yes, I am. I've always been one of those people that see both sides of the fence. Good things happen and bad things happen, but I've always been prepared for anything that happened to me. I had to grow up quickly in my life, and learn a lot of things. And they've helped me in my matches. And this one isn't going to be any different really. I'm ready for anything that Hannah can throw at me. I've went back and watched some of her other matches and I have to admit she's good.


Callie smiles as La Cazadora turns away from the massive glass cage. The two of them start to head into the main part of the arena and to the floor where the ring now sat empty.


Callie Norris: Now her manager said she couldn't find any footage of your matches in WXW why do you think that?


La Cazadora: I'm not sure, but it sounds like she didn't look hard enough. But what gets me is why did Hannah's manager speak for her? I've heard her speak before and there is nothing wrong with her in that sense. It puzzles me so... I mean I would rather hear from Hannah then her manager. It would have made more sense to me.


Callie Norris: Maybe she was unavailable...


La Cazadora shakes her head as she sighs as they reach the stage area.


La Cazadora: I'm not sure what to think. On one hand Hannah is unstable and needs help... On the other hand she is a competitor, not Miss Riggs. I've been training for this match day and night to make sure that I keep my title in my hands. I mean what has Hannah been doing? Is she training for this match or is she just hoping that I just hand the title over to her in the end? I'm going to defend my title against her. I'm not going to give up that easy no matter how much she pushes against me.


Callie Norris: Is there anything else that you wanted to say to your opponent before your match?


La Cazadora looks down at the ring, and looks back at the camera.


La Cazadora: Hannah I'm not sure what to really say to you, since you weren't the one that addressed me about our match. Miss Riggs you didn't have to speak for her. Do you have any idea what she is even up against? I am not one to back down from a challenge and this will be no different then any other match that you have been in. The only difference is the stipulation and nothing else. I've been through worse and still managed to come out on top against my opponents. I took the title away from a few others on my first match in this company and you really think that you are going to stop me? I'm not afraid of you, and I'm not going to underestimate you because that would be stupid of me. That's just over confidence, and sometimes that's not a good thing. I'll be ready for our match no matter what I have to go through to keep the title that I have now held for almost half a year already. If that's everything Callie, I have to finish getting ready for my match.


Callie Norris: Of course. Good luck tonight La Cazadora.


La Cazadora: I don't need luck... Luck is always on my side.


With that she turns and heads back toward her locker room as the scene fades to black.