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Lindsey Calaway © • versus • La Cazadora

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Lindsey Calaway © • versus • La Cazadora
Championship[s]: IAWL Goddess Championship
Stipulations: Singles
Match Description:


Act 1: New Beginnings



The scene opens on the beautiful city of Las Vegas. The sun was high in the sky, and the white clouds hung over head as the feel of a gentle breeze moved through the tall palm trees that lined the streets of the city. The beautiful brightly colored flowers sat in beds around the tall lamp posts that lined along the streets, and would soon be lit when the sun set. The tall buildings loomed over the crowded streets, that were filled with people and cars heading this way and that. The sound of birds floating over head as it mixed with the sound of horns, and heavy engines and the sounds of the casino's slot machines that stood outside echoed through the streets. The smell from the buffets and local restaurants drifted on the air, mixing with the smell of burnt diesel and gas from the cars that passed by. The camera moves along the streets and soon we see a young woman running along the sidewalk and flipping off of benches and swinging off of low street signs, as crowds of people seemed to gather near her as she moved quickly among them. She runs along the top of a bench and moves along the top of one of the giant fountains in front of the Mirage. She leaps and flips off of the edge landing on her feet to a roar of a crowd that had gathered She smiles from under the mask that she wore. She bows before running off once again. She soon stops as the sound of a phone ringing is heard. She pulls a brightly colored case out from her pocket and she answers the phone.


Young Woman: Hello?


Voice: Gabriela, where are you?


Gabriela smiles under the mask hearing the all to familiar voice of her boyfriend Hiro. She leans against a wall catching her breath.


Gabriela: I'm on my way to the WXW headquarters. Did you get to the hotel alright?


Hiro: Yes. But I thought you would be here.


Gabriela: I'm sorry Hiro. I left a message for you.


There is silence on the other end, before a laugh is heard.


Hiro: Now I see it. Are you sure you want to do this?


Gabriela: Yes. Our school has gained so much attention and it's well taken care of we can come back to the states and enjoy ourselves.


Hiro: I'll check in on them from time to time.


Gabriela: That we will. But now I have a chance to get back into the ring, and pick up where I left off.


Hiro: I'll be at your side every step of the way.


She smiles once again, as she starts to walk down the street once again.


Gabriela: Thank you Hiro. I'll be back soon. I'm going to go and see what they're going to offer me at WXW.


Hiro: Good luck.


Gabriela smile and hangs up as she reaches the front door of the WXW headquarters. She heads inside, as she looks around and heads toward the front desk. A young woman sat behind the desk and looks up seeing Gabriela coming toward her.


Young Woman: Can I help you Miss?


Gabriela: Yes, I got a call this morning from Mister Feigel about signing a contract. He said it would be here at the desk.


The young woman looks at her, and spots an envelope on the desk.


Young Woman: You must be Miss de Rosa.


Gabriela: I am.


The young woman smiles softly and hands her the envelope.


Gabriela: Thank you. Is there a spot where I can look this over?


Young Woman: Of course. There is a waiting area over there. And welcome to WXW Miss De Rosa!


Gabriela smiles softly as she walks to the waiting area where the over sized leather chairs sat. She sits down and opens the envelope and starts to look everything over. Soon a shadow over comes Gabriela and she looks up seeing Patricia Clarke standing behind the other leather chair smiling.


Gabriela: Can I help you?


Patricia Clarke: I'm sorry, I'm one of the interviewers here in WXW. My name is Patricia Clarke, and you must be Gabriela De Rosa. Or as you are known, La Cazadora.


Gabriela: Si. It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Clarke.


Patricia Clarke: I was wondering if I could get a few words about the upcoming pay per view.


Gabriela: I doubt I'm even booked yet. I haven't even signed yet.


Patricia Clarke: Well there is a gauntlet match for the Goddess Championship and anyone can enter it.


Gabriela looks up at her, and leans back on the couch, and smiles folding her arms in front of her.


Gabriela: Really? Has anyone else decided to enter?


Patricia Clarke: Not yet. the Champion right now is Lindsey Calaway and she is looking for anyone to face her. You have just as much chance as anyone else does.


Gabriela: I guess you're right.


She signs the contract and hands it to Patricia.


Gabriela: Here, hand it back to the main guy. I don't want to lose out on a chance at a title in my first match.


Patrica: Are you sure you want to trust me with something this important?


Gabriela smiles and nods.


Gabriela: I want to make sure it gets to the head man. And I have a feeling that you are closer to them then the lady at the desk.


Patricia Clarke: Sure thing. Good luck Miss De Rosa.


Gabriela smiles softly and gets to her feet heading for the door once again. She takes a deep breath and starts to run along the sidewalk. She leaps up onto a bench and smiles as she comes down and keeps running.


La Cazadora: This is the best day of my life. I have a chance to get my hands on a title in my first match. I've never held a title and now I get a chance... I wonder if the Champion has even said anything? I mean if not, what do I say? What do I do against someone that I've never met, let alone faced? I guess everyone has to start somewhere right?


She smiles as she leaps up and swings off of one of the rounded light posts and flips in the air, before she lands once again. She walks down the street and passes by crowds of people and heads back toward her hotel.


La Cazadora: I know there's going to be others that will be in this match, or at least I think they will. But right now I need to focus on the current Goddess Champion. I wish I knew more about you. I mean it's one thing to come into a company and have a match, but to be thrown into a championship match is amazing and kind of nerve racking. But I always get nervous when I start in new companies. This is going to be a great match even though I don't anything about my opponent. I'll try to find out a bit more about you Lindsey. I'm not going to underestimate you let alone going to brag that I already have this match won. I'm not sure what I am up against. But I will do whatever it takes to win this match, and give you a fight if nothing else. God luck Lindsey!


She smiles and turns running off toward another spot in the city. She soon disappears through the crowd as the scene fades to black.