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Lexi Havoc & Serenity Hunter • versus • The Russo Dynasty • versus • The Oriental Sisters • versus • Killa Klownz Posse

Promos Pay-Per-View

Lexi Havoc & Serenity Hunter • versus • The Russo Dynasty • versus • The Oriental Sisters • versus • Killa Klownz Posse
Placement: OPENER
Championship[s]: #1 Contenders Match for shot at the IAWL World Tag Team Championships
Stipulations: Halloween Tag Team Gauntlet
Match Description: The ways to win (or eliminate) are by pin falls, submissions -or- knockouts. Falls count anywhere.


Stella Major
Oct 24 2019 06:35 AM

Sorry folks this was our chance to let O Sisters talk. The are hiding for what or for who no clue.

Ok we saw them somewhere safe No the tape start with arriving of O sisters in a room.

Can be a hotel or a house of someone our lips are sealed. Both ladies in  original japanese dresses full maup !


Rena. We are sorry let,s hope after Devil,s Night we can walk were we wanna walk. Yes we did changed after Japan how you ask?

Very simple take more rest and tryed yoga and important we accept when we fail.


Rena(she pour us saje in or whatever is) My sis and I have shared who talk about who.

Let me start with a duo some fear some don,t yes Lexi&Serenity a dangerous duo all tell.

Miss Hunter is a army brat  I heard lovely girl but loose canon too mad girl.

Miss Havok  Lexi from what saw and hear you like kick anybody ass would say try it.


Leila. Before I start yes a american tv station found the report what happend in Japan. Let,s keep simple No we ain,t new charlie angels haha.


Leila. Let,s start with the Russo Dynasty from what saw good but not great. If misuse there mum spot in this company No.

But they ain,t so great as they think they are sorry girls. Your system or whatever I seen before.

The Killer Klownz Posse let,s keep simple need extra pair of eyes  in your back whole time ! Is there a team we fear  KKP but also Lexi Havoc&Serenity Hunter.


Rena need open her mouth. Sis don,t count the Russo Dynasty out they are just so sneaky as the Bloodline.


We drunk our sake the girls left room end yes for you. After meeting had fun enough but don,t tell our boss haha.

Oct 24 2019 10:26 AM

(All three Russo Sisters stand at foot of the graves of their grandparents, they seem somber but a defiant look takes over when they each notice cameras watching their every move. Maeve Russo simply gestures the camera operators to quit spying and come talk to them, which both camera operators oblige. The sisters and camera operators are eventually joined by Patricia Clarke.)


Patricia Clarke

Girls, you have my condolences on the loss of your Grandmother. Would you lie to share a little about her?


Maeve Russo

Our Nonna was the glue that kept us all together after the untimely loss of our Nonno. She was defiant in the face of bankers who tried to take her house, she was as defiant as the day our Bisnonna warned her not to marry our sweet Nonno.


(Elinor begins to cry.)



We don't want to talk anymore about our Nonna it's too soon but, we have other business to attend to at WXW Devil's Night with the tag team battle rumble.


(Elinor sniffles.)


Elinor Russo

The first ladies to speak out are the Oriental Sisters, they said we are sneaky (Elinor starts to laugh). You're damned right! We are sneaky, we are vile, we are sadistic and at the end of the day you will be looking inside the ring from the outside on your asses when Arcangela and I throw your asses over the top onto the hard concrete floor.


(Arcangela and Elinor laugh at the absurdity of the promo made by one of their Devil's Night opponents.)



We know The Oriental Sisters have scouted all the teams in this match, we know they want believe their own hype, believe what you want to believe. You girls can call the kettle black about whose preparedness is better and who is better than whom, all you want. We are The Russo Dynasty, the third generation of an extended wrestling family that includes our godfathers Charlie Feigel, Maxx Morphine and Daniel Greene Jr. and our god brother "The Magnificent" Daniel Greene III. You have the audacity and that is fine by us because we know how good we are, because that is our legacy.


Maeve Russo

Remind me when The Oriental Sisters have won a meaningful match.


Patricia Clarke

I believe they just had a two and one record against The Bloodline.


(Elinor, Maeve and Arcangela start to laugh)


Elinor Russo

Forgive me girls, their history against The Bloodline is a joke. we seen those matches and even we thought The Bloodline were the better team.



Let's move on from these jokers shall we. Let's talk about Lexi Havoc and Serenity Hunter for a moment. When they were announced for this match, I thought about why they were thrust into this match after gaining no wins or losses in Women's eXtreme Wrestling. They aren't the punchline, but they've never teamed up before and their chemistry is nothing but moths as far as we are concerned. You're going into this match facing sisters and the latest running jokes of WXW, and unfortunately also a pair of evil clowns.


Elinor Russo

Yes, as of yet we've been kept from the spotlight we rightfully deserve. But, what makes you girls any better than us? Nothing! We can talk all day but, why not just get ready to whoop some ass and take some names for the back of our t-shirts, like our Godfather Charlie Feigel? Our connections won't get us over, that will take hard work. Something we start with you ass clowns.



Speaking of clowns, The Killa Klownz Posse are not the last team we talk about for any particular reason. But, what have they done in the company to get this opportunity? They look particularly scary and credit where it's due they will be a force to be reckoned with some day, Devil's Night is not the night you girls come out and destroy us all in one swoop. Swoop in, we'll just clip your wings, wipe your face paint and stick you at the back of the line too.


Elinor Russo

The Russo Dynasty is here to walk out with all the gold in the near future, that's not a promise that is a spoiler. See you girls inside the ring at Devil's Night.


(Elinor turns back to her sisters, she puts her arms on their shoulders and they walk away together as the promo fades to black.)

Serenity Hunter
Oct 25 2019 10:58 PM
OOC: Joint RP Between I, Lynn and Lexi. Thank you so much Lexi!!

Here we go:

The scene is seen backstage at the WXW pay per view named Devil's Night where there's a WXW Halloween Battle Rumble match that's due to be taking place inside of the famous The Boneyard (Formerly known as The Pit) in glittery Las Vegas, Nevada where four teams are viying to become the brand new number one contenders to the tag titles that the tag team known as The Fallen is currently holding. One of the four teams that are going after that opportunity to face The Fallen at a later date are the new, and hottest tag team on the WXW fed, Lexi Havoc and her tag team partner, Serenity Hunter, the Havoc Hunters. They are seen talking about the match and get a game plan in their heads. They are suddenly interrupted by a camera crew wanting their thoughts about the match. They looked at the camera and say with ice cold looks seen seeping through their eyes.

"Lady Huntress" Serenity Hunter: Oh wow, you peasants! How dare you ever even come into OUR locker room and interrupt us! That's okay because Devil's Night is going to be OUR night to outshine the other low classed pig idiots like The Oriental Sisters, The Killa Klown Posse and The Russo Dynasty. We are the Havoc Hunters and we are going to wreck havoc and go hunting for heads, am I right, Lexi?

Lexi evilly laughs

Lexi: That is fucking correct!! Where ever we go there will be fuckin Havoc!! You better be fuckin ready for us little bitches cause when we come to play we dont fuckin stop until we are standing over you victorious!!

Serenity starts to evily smile and say again.

Serenity Hunter: The Oriental Sisters, we both..

She pointed to her and Lexi and say.

Serenity Hunter: We both will not be saying Konichiwa to you, that's for damn sure! You both will be saying Sayonara to your chances at being the new number one contenders to the titles that The Fallen is currently holding. You both do very well at um giving out "happy endings" to any guy who ever thinks that you both are that attractive. Lexi,the Russo Dynasty already piped up calling underdogs. Really!! How do you feel about that?

Lexi starts to get all shades of fired up and says with sheer passion into the camera.


Lexi walks over to a wall and you see her grab her infamous baseball bat.


Lexi swings her baseball bat.


Serenity loves what she is hearing from Lexi. The passion. Serenity says about the last tag team that is in the match.

Serenity Hunter: Killa Klown Posse, we hate fucking clowns! Devil's Night might be where you excel at but me and my tag team partner here loves creating chaos. Ooh, what a rush!! You see, we thrive off of dishing pure out pain. When the smoke clears, you are going to be calling us the brand new number one contenders to the tag team titles. Hunting season is going to be in full blown effect and you three teams are our targets! Thumbs up!! Thumbs down!!

Lexi finished the promo by saying.


Lexi swings her baseball bat at the camera. The camera crew quickly gets out of their way as the show went to a commercial break.
Oct 26 2019 07:36 AM

Killa Klownz Posse


Devil's Night Promo #1


Raz 666, Jasmine X and The Voodoo Klown are walking through the empty Pit Arena when a camera and new WXW interviewer Rudy Battle run up to them, Voodoo Klown yells at them and scares the cameraman enough to make him fall on his ass.


Rudy Battle

My guests at this time are The Killa Klownz Posse!


Raz 666

Let me be the first to tell you to get lost, Rudy.


Jasmine X roughs up Rudy and kicks him in the ass to get him away from the KKP.


Raz 666

Since I'm the most prolific with words, let's talk about that Halloween Battle Rumble for a moment. We're not here to be underdogs, we're not here to be favorites to win either. What we are here for is maximum destruction of every tag team in this company. Let's start with the big named team The Russo Dynasty, sure you have three or four generations in your wrestling family, it doesn't matter what your name is when you're left lying on the mat looking up at the lights. Russo Dynasty we're not your typical cookie cutter tag teams, we can go in any match, in any combination and come out dominant because each of us are on the same page. Last I checked you bozos were in-fighting with your mother Mia, and Grandma and Grandpa Russo are six feet under.


The Voodoo Klown

Yeah, you tell 'em!


Jasmine X

Russo Dynasty aren't our only concern.


Raz 666

Then we shalt not forget about the so-called Oriental Sisters or Havoc Hunters. Maybe I should speak about The Oriental Sisters for a moment.


The Voodoo Klown

Yeah, good idea.


Raz 666

What we want to know is where you learned English? When we have to listen to promos and decode them first, it makes us real angry and when we're all angry you better be ready to feel the wrath of the KKP. We're not really sure why you are even in this match, it seems like one for WXW rookies, not teams that have been here for awhile.


The Voodoo Klown

Yeah, you tell 'em!


Raz 666

What can we say to the morons that make up Havoc Hunters? We collectively love the classic promo style of you yelling at your opposition like the Ultimate Warrior. We didn't particularly like the one you did, it made about as much sense as the ramblings of the jobber tag team known as The Oriental Sisters. Ramble on all you dare to do and we'll answer it with destroying you all with reckless aggression, bloodlust and methodical precision. Surely you've heard we are coming to WXW from successful wrestling careers all around the globe, you'll know when we face off that we don't lie about what we do in that ring. Enough chatting through television screens, it will be our honor to kick your asses. See ya'll in the ring!


Raz 666 drops the cameraman with a hard superkick and through the static you see KKP walk away.

Stella Major
Oct 26 2019 12:10 PM

We had hoped see the Oriental Sisters what had say about the thoughts of other teams about them.

But we couldn,t find them  we saw there mother Leilani Thomas signal her Wait. A corner  was created to talk roll the tape.


Leilani Thomas(she stand there not really easy) No me daughters will be back in time for what see as a very dangerous match.

Yes ladders  and there opponents see them as not very talented to keep simple.


She is afraid somebody will attack her so she do a step to left were a wall is.


LT. I can talk just like any other trash but been around awhile. I was around in AWF when got used as prey to let my husband lose any match.

But that was a other time when somebody word was gold not bronze like to-day.


LT. The Russo Dynasty sorry let your mum wash your mouth with soap. The language coming out them was rude.

I will be nearby be sure when my daughters got there briefcases we leave for dressingroom. No minute longer with you.


LT.The clowns with bad humor the KKP what must say? Let,s keep simple you think are good show us.

What seen  don,t impress me at all you try do the talking but can do the walking ? I ain,t so sure you can be the overall winner.


Leilani took sip off her diet coke she is afraid for who or what no clue ? Would we take the risk get between her and the attackers never know.


LT. Last two young ladies last word I use loosely. The Havoc Hunters Lexi&Serenity girls listen.

You are good but this is a ladder match to get each team 7 suitcases. I know just like KKP you feel you gonna win.

Ok you run your mouth would say know how to play the game !


Leilani coke bottle was emphty she left the location Bye.

Serenity Hunter
Oct 30 2019 11:38 PM
The first scene is seen taking place in cold London, England where there is many people are seen having a cup of coffee to warm themselves up due to the blistering weather. One of the people who was seen having a cup of coffee and trying to keep herself warm is the beautiful woman who is known in the World eXtreme Wrestling as "Lady Huntress" Serenity Hunter. She was seen wearing a pair of black jeans, a blue turtleneck and blue shoes. She was also seen wearing a black jacket to keep herself warm. Suddenly, she heard her cell phone buzzing so she looked and was so happy to see that it was her sister, Destiny. The blue haired woman was heard saying into the phone.

Serenity Hunter: Hello there, my equally amazing sister of mine! How have you been doing?

The red haired woman was heard saying right back to her younger sister.

Destiny Hunter: Baby sister of mine, I have been doing really good. I am the reigning and defending Women's Champion and I am dating a guy named Dean. You would love him. What about you, baby sister?

The blue haired woman was heard saying right back to her sister.

Serenity Hunter: I'm doing really good. I won my WXW debut match and now I am teaming up with a amazing woman named Lexi Havoc. We both are teaming up with each other and we are making our tag team debut at the upcoming WXW pay per view named Devil's Night. We are known as the Havoc Hunters. Plus, I got a boyfriend of my own. You might have heard of this particular guy.

Destiny's ears perked up and she asked her baby sister.

Destiny Hunter: Really!!?? Who is this special guy who has my sister's heart?

Serenity was seen getting up from the chair that she was seen sitting on and said as she was walking out of the coffee shop.

Serenity Hunter; His name is Jon Moxley. We met through Lexi and her husband/Havoc Hunters manager, Blaze. Jon has been treating me great. He already knows that if he breaks my heart, his body will get crushed by me. I hate to cut this conversation short but I got to go. Jon's meeting over at my flat to make me dinner. We will chat with each other later.

They finished having their conversation and she was seen walking to her flat where Jon was seen waiting on his punk rock princess. He gave her a kiss and held her hand as the happy couple was seen walking inside of Serenity's London, England flat so he can make them dinner.

The next day, she was seen waking up by the great smells of breakfast and coffee being brought to her in bed by her sexy boyfriend. He said right back to her.

Jon Moxley: Good morning love! I just heard from some of your and Lexi's opponents for the WXW pay per view tag team gauntlet match. Here are some snippets.

He pulled out his phone and played what the Havoc Hunters opponents was heard saying about the match. She said right back to her man as she was seen eating some breakfast.

Serenity Hunter: Killa Klown Posse, I don't really like clowns at all. Me and Lexi do take wrestling very much seriously. Let me take back what I said. The only clown that I would like is Captain Spaulding from the movies The Devil's Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses and Three from Hell. Sid Haig who played that character died and I am still a fan of his. Please don't try your voodoo tricks on me or Lexi because I do have ways of fending off the voodoo tricks that your gang might want to do.

He took a few sips of coffee and asked his lady love.

Jon Moxley: How about The Oriental Sisters?

She was seen finishing having her breakfast and was heard saying as she was seen getting out of bed.

Serenity Hunter: Who gives a bloody damn about them! They will not get a happy ending after the Havoc Hunters victimize and murder their sorry asses. I do like Oriental food but that's as far as it will go. Before I came to the flat to meet up with you, I heard from the pampered so called princess, The Russo Dynasty. Ha! Cry me up a bloody river. They only get what they want because their family is one of the owners of the WXW fed, Charlie Feigel. They never ever had to get their hands dirty. They was born with a few silver spoons in their mouths. When the match begins, the Havoc Hunters will be wrecking havoc and go straight into hunting season. Havoc Hunters will fuck up the rest of the opponents chances at being called the new number one contenders to the tag team titles. Enough of the talking. Come here?

She motioned for him to join her in bed for a shag. The sweet sounds of pleasure was heard as the scene was fading into black.