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Hannah Stanton • versus • Danielle Scott • versus • Jennifer Enigma

Promos Pay-Per-View

Hannah Stanton • versus • Danielle Scott • versus • Jennifer Enigma
Championship[s]: IAWL Pure Championship
Stipulations: Triple Jeopardy Lumberjills
Match Description:


Oct 30 2019 11:23 PM



Enigma RP click link above  to view the rp entitle Enigma goes Pure.

Hannah Stanton
Oct 31 2019 12:28 AM

As the camera came up we see Hannah Stanton laying on a bed in a hospital stareing off into the distance. There was redness in her eyes as it was clear she had been crying as she laid on her side. Just then the sound of a door opening could be heard and moments later Doctor Gina Riggs appeared next to the bed.


Dr Gina Riggs: I got good news Hannah you will be released later today. I talked to the doctors and they said your fine to come back with me.


Dr Riggs spoke in a upbeat tone clearly trying to be positive but Hannah just carried on stareing ahead not even registering Doctor Riggs speaking to her.


Dr Gina Riggs: Since we got this good news I felt we could go out and get some pizza. You know top with a bit of chicken, bacon and pineapple. Just how you like it Hannah.


Again Doctor Riggs smiled clearly trying to get Hannah to turn towards her but Hannah didn’t move and because of this Doctor Riggs sighed.


Dr Gina Riggs: Look Hannah I know you think that I’m upset with you because you lost to Summer but I am proud of you. I mean you have been so good with your treatment and to me that the biggest victory and you need to carry on that work. Not worry about impressing me with victories in the ring.


Hannah finally turned over at this point fully sitting up in the bed before lifting her legs up pulling the bed sheet up as she did this and wrapping her arms around her.


Hannah Stanton: But the voices get weaker when I do well like when I do that pin thing they are not so loud and it’s a nice feeling. That’s why I want it Doctor Riggs. To me that shows I’m doing well that I’m getting better. I know you told me that the treatment is working it’s making me feel right.


Hannah feel her eyes welling up once more and soon tears rolled down her face.


Hannah Stanton: I’m not doing that. I’m not doing that and the voices are now screaming at me.


Hannah face started to turn red as she spoke clearly angry.


Hannah Stanton: They screaming that I’m wasting your time, that I’m just a fuck-up and that my momma was right when she should I be better off dead. I want them to stop but I’m not doing the things I need to do this!


Hannah then grabbed her hair and started to pull at it.


Hannah Stanton: They won’t shut up, they won’t shut up THEY WON’T SHUT UP!


Hannah was now screaming at this point and yanking her hair looking like she was going to pull lumps out of it. Doctor Riggs then walked over and looked at her.


Doctor Gina Riggs: Hannah stop that it’s not helping.


Hannah however didn’t seem to be paying attention as she did this. Dr Riggs repeated herself once more a little louder this time but Hannah was seemingly too busy to announce. All of a sudden Dr Riggs yelled out.


Doctor Gina Riggs: Hannah STOP!


Dr Riggs then lifted up her hand and slapped Hannah in the face. Hannah just looked at Doctor Riggs in shock as she lifted her hand up to the right slap of her face where Dr Riggs had slapped her. Hannah just looked on stunned that this had happened. Dr Riggs however didn’t seemed overly sorry she had done it.


Doctor Gina Riggs: Hannah I did that for your own good. You are punishing yourself for things that we are working on. I told you before this is a process that takes time and you are simply making it much harder for things we can fix. You understand!


Hannah just looked on confused by the situation. It was clear she had no idea about what was happening.


Hannah Stanton: I don’t understand…


Doctor Gina Riggs: Hannah you have to stop questioning yourself in terms of your treatment. You are good enough and you are sorting things out so from now on if I feel that you are doing harm to yourself in terms of your treatment I will give you that sort of respond to simply tell you that you are good enough and that you are getting better because I’m not going to let those damn demons win Hannah. I won’t let them win.


Doctor Riggs stared at Hannah as she said this. Hannah looked at Doctor Riggs and placed her head on her chest. She sniffed before she softly spoke.


Hannah Stanton: I understand Doctor Riggs. I understand I can’t let those demons win and I will not give up I promise.


Doctor Gina Riggs: Good you too special to be lost Hannah! Now go get cleaned up so we can get that pizza.


Hannah nodded before she got off the bed and walked over to a nearby door. She pushed the handle of the door down and walked through it but the camera cut back to Dr Riggs who was muttering to herself.


Doctor Gina Riggs: You can fix her Gina. Just remember that and remember Hannah has that title match at the upcoming show.


With that Doctor Riggs left the room to take Hannah out knowing that with Hannah back in a positive frame of mind she could get ready for her Pure title match at the upcoming Flashpoint but the match she was meant to be apart of never happened. Jezebel the former Pure champion quit the company before the show. Hannah was awarded the win by default however the company held up the title. So Doctor Riggs was assured Hannah would be facing with a woman by the name of Danielle Storm in a Lumberjill match. Doctor Riggs had to look it up what this was. It seemed that they would face off with people around the ring to make sure they couldn’t escape. Doctor Riggs wasn’t exactly thrilled by this but she had to admit having a title for Hannah could really help her. But as they sighed a third woman someone call Jennifer who Doctor Riggs later found out was called Jennifer Enigma inserted herself into the match as well to mean that on top of having to teach Hannah about what to expect from the ladies outside the ring. She had to get her ready for two people in it. We see Doctor Riggs looking on at the Boneyard Arena in Vegas as she let out a sigh.


Doctor Gina Riggs: Sometimes I wonder if this company had an enjoyment the mental torture it employee go through. I mean I was told we would be facing a lady called Jezebel that Hannah could win a championship and for the first time in her life have something that was hers. Oh I’m not talking about the title itself. I sadly know at some point it would be lost to time but the fact she could be able to look back at a moment when she on top of the world to help her through those dark moments would be so important in helping her get out of this negative cycle of emotional torture she suffers from.


Doctor Riggs then turned and looked at the camera.


Doctor Gina Riggs: Jennifer Enigma you are a former world champion and you have an impressive record in WXW of that their is no doubt but I understand you have been recently suffering from concussion issues. I hope you are medically cleared to compete tonight like you said because I for one don’t want Hannah hands to be stained with blood so to speak if you are not. See personally I don’t care if your brains are spread across Vegas but I know that if Hannah was to hurt you cause of this it would just make the voices more vicious. As for Danielle Scott seems you stayed quite since we slid that contract for this match over to you can’t work out if that’s good or bad either way it doesn’t matter you will be removed from the path to recovery by Hannah as she claims victory and the title.


Doctor Riggs then got a smile on her face.


Doctor Gina Riggs: Ahhh the title something that Hannah can hold and find inner peace with it. The next step in helping cure Hannah and that is the most important thing to come out of this. So please understand Jennifer Danielle this is not personal it’s just therapy.


With that Doctor Riggs walked away as she did this the screen turned black. 

The Bloodline
Oct 31 2019 01:21 AM

"Riot" By Three Days Grace blasts through the arena..Danielle Scott is seen walking out on to the stage as the fans erupt then she runs down the ramp and she slides in under the bottom rope then she stands up on the middle turnbuckle then she raises her arms then gets down and gets the microphone from the ring announcer 



Danielle Scott:Sin City...Tonight it's on like motherfucking Donkey Kong






Danielle Scott:Sin City...Tonight I was supposed to be in a one on match against Hannah Stanton for the vacated Pure Championship but WXW's biggest egotistical tramp Jennifer Enigma...The Former World Champion...You would think she would actually want her belt that she handed over because of "injury" 



Danielle Scott:Jenny...You weren't injured at all were you...I know you weren't hell the roster knows it...Hell these fans know it 



Fans:No She wasn't...No She wasn't 



Danielle Scott:I agree...She wasn't and to prove my point...You went through all of your accolades and one of them wasn't that you were a former Pure Champion...So that's why you decided to enter my match is to try and win...See you didn't want the world title back because you knew would lose and you were scared you so opted to drop down a division because you got scared of the world champion



Danielle Scott:Tonight i am going to make your regret making the decision that you did 



Danielle Scott drops the microphone 



"Riot" By Three Days Grace blasts through the arena..Danielle Scott exits the ring then she walks up the ramp and walks backstage 



Scene Fades