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Christianna Tiger • versus • TBD (Loser of Bess • versus • Victoria Scott)

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Christianna Tiger • versus • TBD (Loser of Bess • versus • Victoria Scott)
Placement: OPENER
Stipulations: Strap
Match Description:


Stella Major
Feb 28 2020 12:00 PM

bess talked not knowing she will face Christianna Tiger losing her match ?



On a emphty school yard stand a woman looking to the school. It is Bess why is here and why wanna talk listen.


Bess. Ok I ask you come here  I never been much to school  yes can read and write.

Learned to survive and accept no schit from anybody. Do know lost contract for some shoots because came up for myself.


She look be in one kind of mood let,s hear more.


Bess. Christianna  you and I have battled each other and I won. Yes there ain,t a re-match clause ain,t for a title.

Do I want face you when has to Yes. I wanna proof it wasn,t luck. I do know what you can do and you do too !


Bess still don,t stand still she walk to school but all is locked why do she want in no clue?


Bess. Christianna say I face you sure I,m tired but the fire is there still. Be sure I don,t take you lightly like one before.

I may not have a dad but know he would be proud just like yours is.


Bess. Do I think I can win twice No. Do I fear christianna tiger no. I know she will do what need to do.

Girl tired or not I give 100% to. If lose to you  you were lucky !


We had to run back to bus . Somebody had called the police. They wanted confront Bess. But she took her rented bike and was gone.

Yes we were lucky police was at school yard so we drove away. End all good for bess and us.